Circuit training "400-repetitions"

The unique circular training of Mike Vasquez from a hardy person will turn you into a real robot. Exercises with body weight and dumbbells are multiplied by the beyond limit intensity!

Representative of the company Perfomix Mike Vazquez is truly unique. In the world of guys who either look good or are endurance endearers, he manages to do everything at once – and does it damn cool. His strength and athleticism are unmatched, and his endurance training is so good that even just looking at them is a pleasure!

The training proposed by Vasquez in this video is called the Juggernaut cycle of 400 repetitions, but as he effortlessly performs eight exercises one by one, you have a creeping thought, and who is the real Juggernaut: training, or Vasquez himself?

Training is named in honor of 400 total repetitions in eight exercises that are performed without pauses. Each approach consists of 50 repetitions. It's very simple, but it does not mean that it's easy. Exercise tests for muscle strength, heart and lungs, which makes it ideal for those wishing to test themselves in a competition like the Spartan Race or other endurance match.

"You will feel like the heart is jumping out of your chest," Vasquez says of training. "It feels like you're about to be upset." But the nausea that comes to the throat is not so bad. Vazquez considers it to be something of a brand name, warning the faint-hearted that this training is not for everyone in the teeth.

Regardless of the level of your functional preparation, Vazquez considers it critical to raise the bar and always try to improve your time. "This is the most interesting part," he says. – If you have a partner, compete and try to beat each other's time. "

"The main difficulty of training is that you do not have the right to rest," Vasquez adds. – In each exercise, you need to perform all 50 repetitions, and then go straight to the next exercise. "

If in fitness you are a relative beginner, even 15 pushups can be a serious test, not to mention fifty, but do not let these 50 repetitions scare you away! Divide them into several approaches. With short rest pauses, do as many approaches as necessary to achieve the goal, and you will cope with the task, improve the functional state and develop muscle strength.

If you are not going to do all 50 repetitions at once, in weight-lifting exercises, select the weight with which you can technically perform at least 15 repetitions. With this approach, everyone will be able to complete the Juggernaut circuit training, and not just the athlete in excellent physical form. Vazquez notes that you can even train at home if you have a pair of dumbbells, a bench and a crossbar for pull-ups, located at the level of the belt. He recommends doing 1-2 once a week and adding a Juggernaut to the workouts that you are currently using.

Circle training from the 1 circle? Then I would rather call it training by the method of one approach to relief .

Hypertension is contraindicated?

Yes, high-intensity training is not recommended for hypertension.

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