Citrus Diet

Thanks to citrus in the human body receives a huge amount of vitamins and trace elements, which are necessary for the proper functioning of all internal systems. Citrus diet for weight loss includes not only fruits, but also other healthy foods, whole grain bread, eggs, lean chicken meat, turkeys, beef, nuts and copious amounts of liquid.

The diet has no special restrictions, the main thing is to drink every day one orange or grapefruit, drink 2 liters of water and cook lunch for lean meat and proteins. The process of losing weight will effectively combine with physical exercises, strengthening the abdominal muscles and other problem areas. Consider the useful properties of the main ingredient of the citrus diet – orange!

Orange colored vitamin C

The orange consists of water in a ratio of seven to eight, where exactly seven is a particle of the water content. The liquid content of the product is a natural sweet juice, overcrowded with an extremely high concentration of vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is great for fighting free radicals and strengthening the immune system, and as part of the citrus diet these antioxidants help to fill the body with useful vitamins and microelements.

Free radicals are related to stress in the body, and they, as a rule, cause damage to everything. For those who adhere to a diet, an orange is the most popular source of vitamin C in the fruit world, although many citrus fruits, at times, are saturated with them in even greater quantities.

Various vitamins and minerals

Oranges have different contents of other vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A helps in physical growth and improves eyesight. Vitamin E, just like vitamin C, is good for fighting free radicals. Thiamine prevents the premature aging process, slowing it down.

Riboflavin is needed to take energy from carbohydrates and help in the reproduction of red blood cells. Vitamin B-12 helps keep you healthy by strengthening when you stick to a diet, the immune system and increasing the total amount of energy.

Filled fibers

It is said that regular consumption of oranges makes your skin glow. Whether this is true or just beautiful words is unknown, but in any case, oranges do help with digestion. These fruits are full of sweet juices, it is natural and does not cause jumps in blood sugar.

In fact, a citrus diet with oranges can reduce people's high blood pressure. Pieces of orange are surrounded by white skin, which is filled with coarse dietary fiber. When you eat these fruits, the digestive system is generally strengthened, and some of the toxins are attached to the fibers and removed naturally.

Recommendations for a citrus diet for 7 days

  1. Dinner for 5 hours before sleep, you can drink a glass of kefir low fat, eat 100 g lean meat.
  2. After lunch, be sure to move, in the menu you can add one tomato and protein.
  3. Before starting a diet, cleanse the body.
  4. Take multivitamin complexes.
  5. Avoid prolonged feasts, so as not to break with dietary nutrition.
  6. Drink purified water or green tea.

Citrus diet for weight loss brings amazing results, for a week can be reset to 6-9 kg. The main thing is not to get involved, because citrus contains acid, which can harm the digestive system.

Reviews about the citrus diet

I was sitting on such a diet 4 days, I could not stand it anymore, I lost weight on 3 kg, but soon I got them safely. Such a diet is designed for lightning effect, but, unfortunately, the obtained parameters of the figure are not preserved.

And I liked the diet. Citrus fruits I like, every day I changed one to the second, then orange, then grapefruit, then tangerines, made juice from lemon, but at the same time I ate meat and egg protein. The result I'm happy, for a week minus 6 kg. I try every week to do such unloading days, so as not to lose the acquired forms.

All good health and good mood!

Let the citrus diet help you acquire the desired forms and fill the body with useful radicals!

Video about citrus diet

Video about the orange diet

Video with citrus diet

Reviews about citrus diet

Hello everybody! My wife recovered after XIII. We were very confused and did not know what to do. In the hall there was no time to walk, and the child needed supervision. And this decision was found in the search for a solution. Citrus diet for weight loss real helped! My wife began to lose pounds quickly. And just a couple of weeks she was already a slender beauty!) I am very pleased with this result! I advise everyone as a loving husband of my wife!) You will not regret the result.

Citrus diet for weight loss really helps. For a month, she dropped five extra pounds, a little, but the weight finally moved, until this half a year, stable only gained weight

I have been a housewife for a year already, and this affected my weight. I gained an extra 12 kg. And then our friends decided to come to visit us, who did not see us for a year. To not shock them it was necessary to quickly lose weight. I began to look for ways and caught me a citrus diet for weight loss.

It came to me that the result is quick, and I like citrus.

She spent 2 weeks on it. The truth added more green and bran to the stomach to fill. The first week was difficult, but the second is much easier! The main thing is to occupy yourself with something! Has thrown off 4 kg for this time! Gone are the cheeks and stomach! That's what I needed.

Now, once a week, I sit this week to maintain results. I do not dial the weight.

I am grateful to the citrus diet that I once found it.

After the divorce from her husband, I began just without stopping to EAT and eventually looked like a swine Potolstela at 10 kg. It was a disaster. I did not know how to deal with my weight, because, in principle, I can not stand the sport. Found information about the citrus diet. And you know what? Already after 3 days I lost 3 kg. I was encouraged and I continued. After a month and a half, I threw off those hateful pounds and became prettier again. By the way, in a week I have a wedding with a beautiful man

For all the time the school has never thought about its shape or weight, everything about studying and studying . But then, having entered the institute, I realized that I needed a guy to support, etc. And, apparently, outwardly I'm pretty simpotichna, but it's worth a little look – and see the real cow! I tried a bunch of diets, but I always broke down, and I finally found it. It was the citrus diet for weight loss that helped me get rid of excess kilograms, because it does not need to be particularly limited, but to citrus I have a passion since childhood. Of course, I combined all this with frequent physical exercises and within a couple of months dropped 10 kg, noticeably slender, found the guy and everything became wonderful)

Hello, I want to share my experience with the use of the citrus diet. This was in the summer when, after winter vitamin deficiency, I became fatigued and inhibited. I read about the benefits of citrus and oranges in particular and decided to follow the diet for seven days. In combination with green tea or kefir, citrus on hurray, the body cleared of harmful substances, and I felt much better. It passed in travels and after the citrus diet I did not recall past ill health.

Greetings to all losing weight! As I read about the citrus diet, I decided to try to throw off five kilograms on it. And you know I want to say that this is a cool thing! In three weeks I lost almost five kilograms. Now I feel easy, and in my opinion it's even better, and the skin has become better! In general I recommend. .Check on myself.

Girls, the citrus diet for weight loss really works! After the birth, I had 7 kg of excess weight, which persistently did not want to go anywhere. I dropped them in three weeks somewhere. Of course, it's hard to sit on it, but it's real, if you set a goal.

I want to share with you my story. Of course, every woman, after pregnancy, wants to quickly get into shape, and I wanted to. During pregnancy I recovered at 18 kg. After the birth I decided to seriously tackle my figure. First I started doing some physical exercises, running and stuff, but it only took away all the forces that I did not have, and there was no result. And then, my friend told me, I advised this diet, I said that I read about her in the magazine. I certainly decided to try. And she did not regret it. Every week, I effortlessly dumped about 2 kg. I continue to grow thin until now. I like this diet.


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