Cod Liver: Origin, Benefits, Harm and Recipes

If you ask any person who grew up in the Soviet Union or who lives now in the territory of the post-Soviet space to continue the logical series: "Riga Sprats", "Sprat in Tomato", "Mackerel in Oil", you can be sure that the next link in this cannery will certainly be adored all delicacy – "Cod Liver".

Few people know that the technology of the Atlantic cod cod is supposed to be preserved immediately after catching fish from the ocean in order to preserve everything useful in it.

In pre-perestroika times there were so-called "floating" conservation factories, which extracted the liver from freshly caught cod fish right in the middle of the ocean, placed them in cans, marinated in their own fat and spices (salt, bay leaves, peppercorns) and sent to grateful consumers .

To date, times have changed. The profitability of such factories does not justify itself, and who, buying canned food, knows in what way its contents are extracted?

Therefore, in our days, the most common practice is the conservation of liver cod after its thawing, because fish are delivered after the catch is frozen. Naturally, with this method of conservation, some of the useful properties are lost, but the lion's share still remains.

Fish oil or delicacy?

Which of the kids in the childhood was not fed with fish oil! It is not surprising that after hearing this phrase any adequate person reflexively twists and clenches his teeth.

But the fish oil so unloved in childhood is contained in such yummy as the cod liver, in high concentration – as much as 67 percent! That is, 100 grams of product have as many as 67 grams of priceless vitamin.

The cod liver is a high-calorie product. To some it will seem a dignity, but for someone sooner it will be a side effect with all its undeniable advantages.

The nutritional value of this delicacy is about 600 kcal per 100 gram.

Undoubtedly, fats are prevalent in the composition – the same 67 grams per 100 gram, proteins and carbohydrates 4,4 grams and 1,3 grams, respectively.

Let's consider what is the benefit and harm of the cod liver.

Liver of cod – a panacea from a tin can

Benefits of cod liver for pregnant women.

Why at all times this conservancy enjoyed unprecedented demand, why the price for it was always high enough, why this product is forged more often than caviar of sturgeon?

Yes, because in addition to the fact that it is just very tasty, the list of medicinal properties of the cod liver is certainly not yet known to specialists to the fullest extent and it will show itself. The benefit of the cod liver is obvious.

For example, the first item in the diet of patients who have had myocardial infarction and suffering from ischemic heart disease, it is she who is the heroine of the narrative – the cod liver.

Diabetes mellitus, hepatitis, bronchial asthma, arthritis, rheumatism, hypertensive crisis – this is only a list of diseases for which a diet is prescribed, which includes its regular use.

And prevention? It is proved that a woman who doses during pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding is a delicacy, a child with a high level of intelligence and strong health will grow up.

This product will help those who "sham nerves" and those who need "food for the mind". For example, when an important reporting period or diploma protection is on the nose.

The acids that are in the composition of this canned fish will reduce the ever-over-scale level of cholesterol to the normative level, thereby preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Big to feed belly hurts or more is not always better

Allergy to seafood.

And is the cod liver all the same, is it useful to everyone or is it worth it to figure out who should not eat it at all or consume it in a very limited quantity so as not to cause harm to health?

Contra-indications at this product though take away. From its diet should be excluded from people with an allergy to seafood, and even with intolerance to fish oil.

Holders of such "wealth" as sand in the gallbladder or kidney stones, too, should pass by a canned delicacy.

Hypotonics – people with low blood pressure – have a clear contraindication to the use of liver cod and this is entirely logical, since it was said above that it lowers blood pressure and prevents hypertensive crisis.

Due to its high calorie content, this natural delicacy is contraindicated in obese people. So, apparently, even a mega-useful product can not be useful to everyone indiscriminately.

But this does not mean that its use is strictly forbidden to the listed categories of persons. You need to treat the cod liver with caution and use it not in its pure form, but in various dishes to pamper yourself with its unique taste, the benefit of recipes that include this glorious delicacy is more than enough.

Even more interesting information about this canned fish product you can find out by watching the video below:

Salad "My Fish"

The exact recipe for this classic salad is not known by anybody, each hostess carefully keeps his secret of cooking in his cookbook, but the basic ingredients remain unchanged and if in the strategic kitchen stock have a can of other cod liver, then to the arrival of unexpected guests you can always be fully armed .

So, for the salad "My Fish" on 6 portions will be needed:

  • Eggs quail – 20 pcs. (you can replace 5 with chicken, this is not important, it all depends on personal preferences and what is in the refrigerator at the time of salad cooking);
  • Canned liver of cod – 2 cans in 230 grams;
  • Any seasonal greens – coriander, parsley, dill, lettuce, onion green, arugula – a lot, each kind of a bun;
  • Ground black pepper.

From two cans put in the dishes for salad liver and gently stretch it with a fork. You do not need to hurry to pour the oil left in the jar, it will be needed for dressing the salad.

Cook hard-boiled eggs chopped on a fine grater and add to the liver. Chop the greens – coriander, parsley, onions, rukola, lettuce – everything that is at hand, everything will come in handy in this salad.

Seasoning with pepper and filling the salad with the remaining oil, it can be considered ready. However, this version of the salad – "hastily" and so to say its basis.

In this universal salad, in the mood, taste and presence in the refrigerator, you can successfully add olives, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, canned corn, cheese, rice and everything that fantasy tells every hostess.

Well, for those who are tired of salads, gatherings at the table, who is a supporter of a buffet table, a classic salad from a canned fish liver with an egg, cheese and greens should be laid on a sheet of thin Armenian lavash, wrapped with a tight roll, cut into several pieces. Get a great snack for any company.

And in the next video story you will learn the recipe for another snack in the form of balls:

Cod liver soup "Atlantic"

In our latitudes there has long been a stereotype: conservative – cold appetizer, cod liver – salad. And everything is not so simple.

The range of culinary uses of this delicacy is so extensive that it can be used to prepare great first courses.

Ingredients for the soup recipe:

  • Liver of cod – 230 gram (1 bank);
  • Water – 2 liters;
  • Bulb – 2 pcs .;
  • Carrots – 1 pcs;
  • Noodles – 200 gram;
  • Vegetable oil for roasting;
  • Parsley, dill – one beam;
  • Salt and pepper – to taste.

In the boiling salted water to lower cooked noodles.

Onion cut into rings and send the paste to warmed up oil in a frying pan.

When the noodles are almost ready, dip the fried onion into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Add the carrots, cut into small cubes.

In boiling soup carefully lower the contents of canned food, pepper if necessary, after boiling turn off the soup and remove the pan with the prepared dish from the fire.

Add the greens already in the plates with the ready soup, pre-chopping it.

On how to pickle herring at home, so that it was delicious, read in this culinary article. We have chosen for you easy ways of making this popular snack.

About all the features of nutrition of the nursing mother in the first month of life of the baby you will learn here. Information for those who are preparing to become a mother, and for newly-made young mothers.

Some tips for choosing canned food

The canned cod liver is by far the most expensive product. Taking advantage of the fact that the people are always flattered at least a little cheaper products, dishonest producers put fish cans in cans instead of the declared cod cod, the market value of which is several times lower than the delicacy liver.

Therefore, it is necessary to comply with a number of simple requirements, so as not to run into a fake and not cause further harm to your body: to purchase the product only from a trusted manufacturer; at visual inspection it is visible, that milk have more smooth structure, unlike loose structure of a liver, and it is much larger, than milk, on it there is no film.

The content of the liver in the bank should be at least 85% of the declared weight.

Choose high-quality canned food, prepare from them various recipes and observe the measure in their use. Then this delicacy will only benefit your health.

A little more about the rules of choosing your favorite canned food in video:

No matter how useful the cod liver, but still it's an amateur. When I first heard what it was useful, I immediately decided to try it. The first desire was after the tasting – throw in the trash. But I decided that she could open herself in a salad. Did not help. Since then I pass by this delicacy. I do not know if someone will be able to convince me that it is very tasty .

It is useful and tasty – the taste familiar from childhood.

I hypotonic, a third of the jar I eat without consequences, by the way.

And more and more undesirable.

It is a pity that the author did not write how much you can eat a day)


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