Coffee diet on 3 and 7 days

For people whose rhythm of life does not differ by calmness and does not leave time for rest, for those who are accustomed to cheering up the body of a cup of hot coffee and can not afford to follow complex diets, the coffee diet will be an ideal option.

Features of the coffee diet

Coffee diet for weight loss lasts seven days. During this time, you can lose about 7 kg of excess weight. To the peculiarities of this diet is to minimize salt and complete rejection of sugar and alcohol.

Coffee contains a minimum number of calories, which is determined by the effectiveness of the diet based on it. Under the influence of caffeine, appetite decreases, and excessive calories are burned.

The coffee contains useful organic acids and antioxidants, which contribute to the preservation of youth. In one cup of coffee is 20% of the daily norm of vitamins from group R. Daily consumption of coffee at breakfast helps to wake up and cheer up the body.

Contraindications to the coffee diet

Despite all the useful properties of coffee, too much of it can turn out to be unpleasant consequences for the body. According to doctors, one should not drink more than three cups of coffee a day, since the excess of caffeine negatively affects the nervous system. As a result, dizziness and headaches may occur. In addition, coffee with excessive use is addictive, which is quite difficult to get rid of.

Since ingestion of caffeine in the body can cause dehydration, it is necessary to include a liter of water in the daily diet of 1,5-2. When you use coffee on your teeth, a yellow coating appears. Therefore it is advisable to brush your teeth after every cup of coffee.

For some diseases, drinking coffee is strictly prohibited:

  • heart and vascular disease;
  • hypertension and blood pressure changes;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

It is undesirable to use the coffee diet and people of a certain age category. Doubtful use of coffee will bring people up to 18 years and after 35 years.

Menu of coffee diet

The menu of the coffee diet has different options, for example, a three-day diet for coffee or a coffee diet for 7 days. But an indispensable condition of any method is the use of only natural coffee. Soluble coffee will not bring any positive effect. In addition, the coffee beans should be grinded immediately before the preparation of the drink.

Coffee three-day diet

This type of diet is one of the most rigid mono-diet. Within three days the entire diet is presented only coffee without milk and sugar and still water. Because of the rather strong strain on the body, this method of losing weight is not recommended for longer than three days. During the three-day diet, about 3 kg of weight will disappear.

Coffee seven-day diet

This version of the coffee diet, although longer, but less severe. The diet menu for coffee 7 days can vary based on personal preferences. The approximate version of the menu looks something like this:

Dinner – several eggs or cabbage-tomato salad, coffee.

Dinner – vegetable salad, baked or steam fish.

Dinner – salad from vegetables, fish, steam or baked, coffee.

Dinner – lean beef, grapefruit or apple, a glass of yogurt.

Dinner – a pair of green apples, vegetable salad, coffee.

Dinner – 2 boiled eggs, boiled beef.

Dinner – a glass of tomato juice, a salad of vegetables, coffee.

Dinner – One grapefruit or several apples.

Dinner – Boiled chicken breast, vegetable salad, coffee.

Dinner – cabbage or carrot salad, 2-3 boiled eggs.

Dinner – Boiled beef, several apples, coffee.

Reviews about the coffee diet note its unquestionable effectiveness. But it can be used only in the absence of contraindications, otherwise health problems are guaranteed.

Video about the benefits of coffee

Video with myths about coffee

Reviews about coffee diet

Girls, I've tried a lot of methods and diets. And I was engaged in Gillian McLess (but it's hard for me to give such big loads) and did not eat at all after 6. My husband bought a chala hoop, and it twisted. All this helped, but not very much. With a coffee diet, everything is different) For 2 weeks I dropped 6 kg. Naturally, I still do, but I think that this diet is the key result. So – go for it)

Several years ago I was sitting on a coffee diet. Tried variants and on 3 days, and on 7. The three-day option was a bit tough for me. But effective. Although by the end of the third day I could not look at coffee, but with 2.5 kg said goodbye, and this can not but rejoice!

After a couple of months I tried a seven-day variant of this diet. Withstood it without failures and said goodbye to 5 kg.

So the coffee diet works. The main thing is that you do not have any contraindications to drinking coffee!

Ha) Very funny. My friend once quit drinking coffee and within a few weeks gained weight. I'm sure that the coffee diet is quite effective. Coffee is a biologically active drink and can not only give cheerfulness, but also affect the internal organs. Proper diets, such as this, always eliminate the cause, not the consequences. Super! In addition, the drink has a magical flavor)

This diet was tried by my mother, she managed to lose 6 kg per month, and she is already 50 years old!

1. no feeling of hunger.

2. the stomach works well, there is no sense of heaviness.

The only thing I recommend is to read the recommendations carefully, or consult a doctor.

The diet is coffee, it really works and my mother has declined. And now, under her supervision, I decided on such an experiment.

The constitution of my body is that I gain weight very easily. We'll eat a few sweet days, I will not restrain myself, and here's a couple of pounds for you. They say the metabolism is bad. I decided to try the coffee diet on 3 and 7 days. Since I love coffee only with cream and sugar, this diet was given to me hard. 3 day I immediately rejected and sat down on the seven-day option. I should say at first it was hard, but then I got involved. The result is really pleased, -3 kg, and most importantly so far they do not return.

A year ago my weight was 75 kg, my friends laughed behind my back, the young man started to cool down to me = (I decided to pull myself together and finally lose weight.) This attempt to lose weight was far from the first – which I just did not try! diet, proper nutrition, sports, but still my kg returned back ((Then I found a coffee diet.) Girls, it's just super! Being a lover of coffee she calmly transferred it and combined with sports (fitness club 3 times a week) dropped 15 kg PS guy threw))

Diet specially for me – I love coffee! Therefore, it was not difficult for me and 3, and 7 days to sit out. A kilo of hateful left. Not all at once, but gradually. But I still gave small loads to the body. As for me, this diet is a great option, if you need to look good at some near event or an important holiday for you. For a short period the volumes will go away, and you will be able to put on your favorite holiday dress 🙂

So, as I am a great coffee lover, I think the coffee diet would suit me. An, no . I can not give up sugar. Yes, and from boiled eggs I have a reaction . Ambiguous. But I can say that, for example, my aunt – this diet helped. For six months, she took off twenty kilograms. Now she is happy. Here, of course, still, willpower decides. I just can not make myself.


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