Complex exercises with dumbbells, weights and barbells for men, women and beginners at home

Strength training plays a huge role in building a beautiful body. It is a mistake to believe that it is possible to strengthen the muscles, increase their mass or round off individual parts of the body without burdening them. Dumbbells, weights and dumbbells are indispensable helpers. The result will be, regardless of where the classes take place – at home or in the gym. Employment with weights will not take much time, but the result will not be immediately, the muscles must adapt to the load.

Why are weights and dumbbells mandatory for training?

Weaker sex owners are afraid to gain too much muscle, so do not add dumbbells and barbells in training. In fact, power tools will help achieve elastic and beautiful forms for both women and men. Here, the number of repetitions and the weight of the equipment will play a role.

If girls want elastic and tight muscles, then they need to perform exercises over fifteen repetitions, with a low weight. Men for muscle mass should reduce the number of repetitions from eight to twelve, choosing a large weight for such a number of times.

Training with dumbbells at home for beginners

Training for beginners at home should not be difficult, since the body is not yet prepared, and there is no one to follow the technique. Therefore, the exercises will be simple in technique and include only one muscle.

Bending of hands on biceps standing

  1. We put the feet on the width of the pelvis, slightly bent the knees, hands with dumbbells along the trunk;
  2. Without turning the brush, we exhale the dumbbells to the shoulders, bending the elbows, cutting the biceps. Do not swing the casing;
  3. On the breath, we lower and relax our hands. To simplify the load, you can raise your hands in turn.

We perform on 15-20 repetitions, three approaches.

Lifting dumbbells from behind the head

  1. Standing or sitting on a chair, keep the case smoothly;
  2. In both hands we take one dumbbell and straighten the straight arms above the head, the elbows are pressed to the head;
  3. On the breath we start dumbbells or light weight behind the head, leaving the elbows motionless;
  4. On the way out, we unbend our elbows from behind the head, including the triceps.

For complication, you can take two dumbbells at the same time. Run 15-20 times in three approaches.

  1. The body is held straight, knees slightly bent, we keep dumbbells above the shoulders at the level of the chin;
  2. For exhalation we squeeze dumbbells upwards at the expense of the muscles of the shoulder, straightening the elbows over the head;
  3. On the inspiration we relax the shoulders and lower the dumbbells to the starting position.

The most important part of the female body, and difficult to burn extra inches, are the thighs and buttocks. To find slender legs, it is important to train your legs with a little burden.


  1. Feet on the width of the pelvis parallel to each other, in the hands hold dumbbells of the necessary weight for the load;
  2. With a straight back, we lower the pelvis to the level of the knees, the coccyx extends backwards, without twisting the pelvis. Knees at right angles, do not extend beyond the toes;
  3. At the exhalation, the effort of the buttocks push the body up into its original position.

Repeat from 15 to 25 repetitions to fatigue in the muscles and also three approaches.

  1. Standing in front of the bench, in the hands of dumbbells or small weights;
  2. With the right foot we stand on the bench, pushing towards the exhalation, buttock and thigh, we rise to the bench, we put the left foot to the right;
  3. From the left leg we become on the floor, on the inhalation we lower the right to the initial position;
  4. We repeat lifting on the left foot. Alternating legs, we perform on 20-30 times, three approaches.
  1. Feet over the width of the pelvis, knees slightly bent, dumbbells in the hands;
  2. On the breath slowly lower the straight body, stretching the hamstrings, the arms with the dumbbells relaxed, along the thigh slide to the feet;
  3. At the bottom point, we shorten the gluteal muscles and exhale the body.

According to 15-25 repetitions, three approaches.

Men prefer training to increase strength and muscle mass. Especially the upper body: back, chest, shoulders. Therefore, from the training methods for women, they are significantly different.

  1. Performed on a special bench bench. Lying on the bench, located under the bar at eye level, we take the bar with a wide grip;
  2. We remove the bar from the posts, the upper point is above the shoulders;
  3. On the breath, we lower the bar to the middle of the chest, as if we are inflating the chest;
  4. With an exhalation push the bar at the expense of the pectoral muscles to the starting point.

The breast press can be performed from 8 to 12 repetitions, three to four approaches.

  1. It is carried out standing in a slope.
  2. Feet on the width of the pelvis, in the hands of a dumbbell;
  3. We lower the straight body parallel to the floor, but the shoulders remain just above the pelvis. It is important to follow the direct spine! Hands are free.
  4. Remaining motionless, for exhalation we perform pulling dumbbells to the belt due to the information of the blades, working the muscles of the back;
  5. On the breath, we lower and relax our hands, not rounding our backs.

We repeat 8-12 times, for three or four approaches.

Press the bar from behind the head

  1. We have the neck on the shoulders, without pressing the cervical spine, the palms are placed in a wide grip;
  2. On exhalation we squeeze the bar upwards, straightening elbows, a bar above a head;
  3. Gently weigh the rod down to the middle of the neck, repeat the press 8-12 times for three or four approaches.

The technique of crossfit is to perform all the exercises of the complex in the shortest possible time. Thus, without stopping, we move from one exercise to another, without interruptions between approaches. We perform in a comfortable pace, each exercise is performed for one minute, from three to five laps. It is necessary to mark the time with a stopwatch.

Squats with thrust weights to the chin

  1. The feet are slightly wider than the pelvis, the socks are slightly turned outward, in the hands of the weights 16 kg;
  2. On inhalation, we remove the pelvis as far back as possible to the level of the knees, hands hang freely, touching the weights of the floor;
  3. To exhale, pull up the pelvis and simultaneously pull the weight to the chin, elbows stretch across the sides to the ceiling;
  4. Also on the breath down, touching the weights of the floor. Execute 1 minute, go to the next exercise.
  1. In the hands of a dumbbell in 10 kg, feet together;
  2. On inhaling, lunge one leg forward, bending the knee at a right angle;
  3. With an exhalation, push the body upward, and move the other leg to the lunge.
  4. Within a minute we walk around the room, returning to the inventory, we move on to another exercise.
  1. Performed standing. We take the bar with an average grip on the width of the shoulder, place it on the level of the clavicles in front of him, with the elbows down;
  2. For exhalation, push the bar over your head;
  3. We lower the breath without touching the collarbone.

We perform one minute, so it's better to take a light bar. After this exercise, we return to the second circle to the first.

A detailed video lesson of exercises with weights and dumbbells:

Training with dumbbells, weights, bars are very effective. These complexes are suitable for everyone, of course, if there are no problems with the knees or spine, then the exercises are performed slowly and without burdening.

With power equipment you can achieve any goal, gain muscle mass or lose weight. The main thing is to correctly follow the technique and recommendations on the number of repetitions. You can study everywhere: at home, in the gym, even in the park, there is always a free bench. You need to have dumbbells of different weights or collapsible, depending on the level of preparation. Do not start immediately with a lot of weight for yourself, start small. Train with pleasure anywhere!

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