Corn Diet: universal weight loss without contraindications

Almost all diets for weight loss have some contraindications. However, there is a diet that can be used by everyone without exception, regardless of health status. This is a corn diet or a diet on corn porridge.

The benefits of corn porridge

Corn porridge is prepared from corn cereal, which is rich in vitamins A, B, E, PP. In addition, the croup contains many useful micronutrients and fiber.

The use of corn porridge helps to improve digestion, normalization of the digestive tract and cardiovascular system, the removal of toxins and radionuclides. Regular feeding of porridge from corn normalizes metabolism and speeds up metabolism. In addition, the processes of decay of undigested food in the intestine are prevented. Weight loss on corn porridge is due to the withdrawal of fat and a decrease in the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Corn is one of the few products that does not cause allergic reactions. Due to the lack of contra-indications, corn porridge can be eaten by both adults and children.

Preparation of corn porridge

To make porridge from corn, you can take grits, both fine and coarse grinding. Preparing the porridge on the water, and the water should be four times more than the cereals, because the finished dish is greatly increased in volume. Cook porridge should be quite long, about an hour. During the whole cooking process, the muffin should be stirred constantly so that it does not burn out. If you want the dish can be a little podsolit.

Diet on corn porridge for weight loss

Corn diet for weight loss provides food only porridge from corn. Cooked corn porridge should be divided into five meals, while the amount of porridge is not strictly limited. In between meals, you should drink water without gas or green tea. The total amount of liquid must be at least two liters per day.

Reviews of the corn diet claim that three days of its compliance can lose about five extra pounds. And besides excess weight, too much fluid is removed from the body. Within a few days of eating porridge from corn, the condition of the skin, hair and nails will improve significantly.

Porridge from corn perfectly combines high nutritional value with low caloric content. In the opinion of nutritionists, it is useful several times a week to eat corn porridge for breakfast.


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