Correct Motivation: 20 Tips

To keep enthusiasm and motivation for doing sports is not the simplest thing. That's why most bodybuilders stop training – all the blame for the loss of motivation.

Remember the student years. Surely there was someone at the senior courses who could get it easier, the grades were better, and the girls hovered around like crazy people. Imagine that you are standing side by side, it is slightly ahead, your muscles are still bigger than yours, but now you have every chance to wipe his nose. Use its image as motivation, and you will succeed. If you were the most popular undergraduate, then imagine that you are going to show the class to Arnie himself.

Do you have someone you hate to tremble? Chief, your ex-wife, postman or an honest traffic policeman who stopped you today for speeding? It is time for this person to benefit you. Imagine that a loaded barbell or heavy dumbbell is he, she or something that belongs to him, well, for example, your favorite dog. Squeeze the weight with all the power of hatred that you are capable of.

If you really worked hard, nobody canceled the carrot method. Reward yourself for success with a new t-shirt or gloves for training. As a small present, a new shaker, movie tickets, washing and polishing of the machine are also suitable. We recommend to abstain from alcoholic libations and from feasts in McDonald's.

Monotonous healthy and healthy food tires. Enter a couple of new dishes in your regular diet. No, we do not mean to replace cottage cheese with cakes, but to eat steak instead of disgusting chicken breasts – easily. By the way, look for recipes on the Internet, and chicken fillet can be cooked deliciously.

Try a new taste of protein, for example, apple instead of biting chocolate, or vice versa. Pamper yourself with protein bars. It's tasty and useful. Alternatively, use the old, proven Kachkovo recipe: mix cottage cheese, egg whites, skimmed milk in the blender, seasonal fruits or berries. Bon Appetit!

Watch a movie. "Rocky" – a very motivating film, but five parts will last for a long time. Evaluate to what a great result resulted in exhausting training. And what an amazing form Sly supports in his years now. Do you want to look like this in 40 years? Go ahead, and do not forget to upload the soundtrack to the mp3 player.

Formulate for yourself the goal. But without scope, for one or two trainings. Having formulated, it is worth making sure that it is quite real. Of course, "resetting 10 kg for 3 days" sounds attractive, but unrealistic. But "I want to increase my strength" or even "see cubes on the press by the summer" sounds more mundane. If, of course, you did not want a "dice" at the end of May on a beer belly.

Choose the most optimistic and driving songs and listen to them during training. If the teammates do not share your musical tastes, get an mp3 player and listen to Rammstein or Robbie Williams for your own pleasure, no one will even say a word to you. Meanwhile, the correct playlist is a great encouragement, distracting from fatigue.

Every two months (8 weeks) you are vacationed. You can rest without restraint from training for a week. It is necessary to make a clarification: a week without cardio and without strength training. All you need is to rest morally and keep to a diet. Indeed, rest helps to gain strength and begin to train with renewed enthusiasm.

In fact, there is no other sport than bodybuilding, which would require you to eat so properly. So train, eat useful, and encourage yourself with the thought that if now I'm nothing, then on the fifth dozen I'll be all of a sudden!

Motivation "and what, weakly?" Works great and in bodybuilding. If someone doubts your ability to beat your own record of a week ago, let him boldly tell you about it in person! The ability to literally playfully squeeze the weight, which recently seemed unbearable, significantly increases after such kind of malicious upsets.

Learn the old and effective saying experienced: "Willpower plus character . " The continuation depends on the situation. Willpower is a very effective thing: you did not know what your inner self is capable of.

First, it's more fun, and secondly, there is someone to hedge the heavy bar and on time to cheer "come on!", Thirdly, no one canceled male solidarity in observing the diet and training schedule. Well, in general, two mountains of muscles look more impressive than one.

Listen to advice, share experiences, learn useful, remember the information you need. Bodybuilders, despite their menacing appearance, the people are sociable and like to discuss the latest news or the know-how peeped at Kachkova forums.

You can chant like a mantra, thirty times a day, that you train solely for yourself, but that bodybuilder who does not like admiring glances is bad. Therefore, impress: parents, his grandmother, beautiful girls, no matter who, it's great motivating not to throw the sport.

A huge field for imagination! If you've already grown out of the posters on the wall, then download to the phone and put on the screensaver class photos: yourself under the winning light and in a successful pose, Ronnie Coleman, Terminator, or make a collage of all three.

You, of course, do not consider yourself a newcomer, because he seems to have just come into the hall, but it's too early to register in pitching. But a pleasant surprise: the newcomer asks for advice and is wondering what is better: a simulator or free weight, how many repetitions it is better to perform to increase strength. Do not hesitate to share your experience, this will give you more confidence and encouragement.

Routine tightens and plunges into despair. From time to time, change the daily routine, train in the morning, instead of the evening or vice versa. Do a press before training, not after or vice versa. Do not forget about the vacation week (see paragraph 9)

Nobody suggests that you look at your brethren in all eyes, but imperceptible evaluative views will help you find someone you'd like to be equal to. Shameful in this there is nothing, healthy competition is a great thing.

It is not necessary, of course, to come to the hall to drink protein, discuss the latest news, sluggishly pull dumbbells and go to the shower. Pleasure from doing nothing, of course, you will get. But it is much more pleasant and effective to enjoy the exhausting workout, after which you can squeeze the shirt, from the diet, because the interested girlish views on the beach will bring with nothing incomparable satisfaction!

The article shows only 20 ways to motivate yourself to do your own body. Look for your own methods and secrets, do not despair and do not stop half way! Good luck!

Vacation, for sure! And I forgot about him))) Already five months without a break in the gym. Foolish, as they say, you can . and break)))

Super tips especially for beginners.

Yeah, interesting advice. It's still easier to practice in the gym, when you set yourself a goal and imagine someone or something that can irritate you and do it for evil to everyone. As a girl, only a mistress can become a girl before my eyes, and then I will squeeze all the juices out of myself, in order to be better in imagination than her. And then really, what can stop you already? When you aspire to be better and more beautiful than someone else and you are engaged in your figure, then you will certainly get the result – an effective result!

2-th advice I was very pleased. You need to advise your man. And the nerves are intact and the mountain of muscles in addition))) a miracle;


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