Correct squats for weight loss: the types and techniques of performing

Girls who want to lose weight can include squats in their training program.

After all, there are many reviews of how effectively squats cope with the problem of excess weight.

The effectiveness of squats for weight loss

Squats are an exercise that is considered basic. Their advantage is that this load applies to both power and aerobic loads.

This can be proved by the fact that with squats there are two factors:

  1. Lifting your body, why you can call the squats a power load.
  2. Strain in the muscles of the back, buttocks and the press, which can be called an aerobic load.

This can prove the effectiveness of squats. During the exercise, fats begin to be burned, as oxygen enters the muscle tissue, which is necessary for lipids.

And the body requires a lot of energy, which he draws from fat.

Depending on the weight and pace of training, a different number of calories can burn. For example, a person whose weight is 60 kg, with 100 squats for one approach, can burn approximately 45 kcal.

Therefore, we can come to the following conclusion: the greater the total body weight, the greater the burden is on the body when squats, and therefore, the more calories burned.

Also, various fitness trainers notice that this exercise is effective in activating the metabolic processes of the body, which makes it possible to lose weight both before and after training.

The effectiveness of squats for the body and body can only appear if you perform this exercise in accordance with all the rules and recommendations. They will help to eliminate mistakes, as well as increase the final result.

After all, sit-ups in fact only seemingly very simple, but in fact, they have a number of nuances when they are performed. Regardless of the technique or program of the selected squats, there are always basic general rules for their performance.

    1. Regularity of the exercise. When practicing 1 once a week, the effect will not be achieved, since calories lost after exercise can return.

    This exercise requires daily execution, only then it will be possible to notice a positive result;

  1. Holding a warm-up before squats. If you do not do warm-up before any power load, this can lead not only to muscle pain, but also to unnecessary strain on individual parts of the body.

This, in turn, sometimes leads to injury. Therefore, you should warm up the muscles, and only then start to squat.

When warming up, special attention should be paid to the ankle joints and knees, since a large load during the exercise is accounted for by them;

  • When squatting, the thighs should drop to the position that gives 90º to the calves. Lower the buttocks lower.

    If you admit this mistake, then on the back and knees will solely exaggerate load.

    Thus, there will be no benefit from squats, but the tension and pain in the muscles will continue for some time;

  • Correct position. When performing this exercise, the body must adhere to the following position of the body: the back should be flat, and the head should look forward, the legs in relation to the body should be located along the width of the shoulders (although at first you can set wider for ease).
  • There is also a myth that when squats are necessary to keep the heel strictly on the floor and in no case can it be torn off. This rule is applicable only when the squats are performed to tighten the buttocks.

    The fact is that during such squats with a fixed heel all the load is on the ass and on the upper part of the legs. But sometimes people purposely want to pump their calves, and in this case they can squat, tearing the heel off the floor.

    Then the main load will fall on the lower part of the legs.

    Squats really are an effective way to lose weight, but for a visible result, you should spare no time, and also put all your efforts.

    The technique and types of correct squats for weight loss

    There are many types of this exercise that can help in losing weight. Among them, you can choose the option that you like best, not focusing on their effectiveness, since they lead to the same result.

    So you can both choose one kind, and do alternations in exercises. It depends only on the person's preferences, as well as on his preparation.

    After all, any of the numerous options for squats involves a different load. Therefore, someone will think the exercise is easy, and someone will take time to get used to.

    Among the main varieties of squats can be listed:

    The second name of this kind is classic squats. Such squats are familiar to every person since childhood.

    They are able to strengthen absolutely every muscle group, for example, muscles of the back, torso, buttocks, legs.

    The starting position for performing the basic sit-ups is the following: arms stretched parallel to the floor, or folded at the waist, legs at the width of the shoulders.

    It is necessary to crouch slowly, not hurrying. What is very important, the head should keep in a level position, that is not to drop.

    Also, when lifting the body, you can push the body up slightly, which will make the base squats more unusual.

    "Prison" type of squats got its name for its original position, as the hands are removed from the head when it is performed.

    It should, as usual, place your legs across the width of your shoulders, and your hands to close behind your head with a lock.

    The goal in performing this type of squats is to ensure that the hips are in a position parallel to the floor. Once this position is reached, you can lift the body up.

    The name Hindu has Indian etymology, and therefore this type of squats refers to the Indian.

    Unfortunately, this species has a threat to the joints.

    To do this, you should stretch your arms forward or fold them at the waist, and put your feet back into their normal starting position when squatting.

    At the time of performing Hindu-type sit-ups, you should make movements that resemble a moving wave, as well as raise the heels from the floor.

    This kind of sit-ups originates in ballet dances.

    They perfectly handle fat, and are also able to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks, legs and hands due to the use of weight. As a load, you can use dumbbells.

    You should first put your feet on a fairly large width, and the heels should look apart.

    Doing such squats should be very slow, gradually lowering the pelvis down.

    Such squats help not only to lose weight, but also to tighten the buttocks as much as possible and to give the hips a beautiful relief.

    For the starting position, you need to take any comfortable position, hands between the legs, and legs, as usual, put parallel to the shoulders.

    Crouch down slowly. This exercise is most effective with the use of dumbbells.

    This exercise for a fairly quick time tightens the buttocks.

    It is necessary to stand up straight and make a lunge with your left foot for yourself. When attacking, you should bend both legs in the knee.

    Then you need to return to the starting position and do the same with the second leg. The number of times for each leg is not less than 15.

    It is worth considering that such squats have a rather large load on the body, so they can be performed only with good physical preparation. It is better to first do the previous exercises for a long period, and then just take it.

    Perform such squats should be, gradually increasing the load.

    When squatting with dumbbells you need to take the basic starting position, picking up the "load", and then slowly crouch. Weight dumbbells can also increase with time.

    When squatting with the bar, you must again take the classic starting position, with this putting the bar on your shoulders.

    Exercise again must be performed at a slow pace, and the legs must necessarily reach 90 in relation to the buttocks.

    You should lean against the wall with your back, and then move on to the basic squats.

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    Squats by the method "1000 time per day"

    From the title it becomes clear that this exercise is in 1000 squats for one day. This means that all exercises should be divided into approaches and perform at least 15 at a time.

    The result in 1000 times is optional. It is better for the beginner to set a goal to sit down 100 times, and then lift the load.

    Beginners can also stick to the following table for doing weight loss exercises.

    On the correct technique of performing squats you can learn from the video.

    Despite the fact that squats are a very effective way to lose weight, their implementation has a number of limitations.

    To contra-indications of squats it is possible to carry:

    1. Pregnancy.
    2. Inadequate flexibility of the body.
    3. Injuries to the ankles, legs, hip joint.
    4. Chronic load on the body.
    5. The course of recovery of joints after fractures.
    6. The body mass index for 33 units.

    I started my program with 30 sit-ups a day, after which I began to increase. If before I was hard enough to force myself to squat every day without exception, then after a day of 4 it became my addiction. The legs seemed to require a load, and I began crouching every time I had free time, for example, while I was boiling the kettle. So the result is amazing! My goal was just to pull up my ass, but I did not expect that I could drop it in a month. My weight has changed slightly, only lost 2 kg, however, judging by the form, all these kilograms have gone only from my feet! With pleasure I will continue training, maybe I can lose more.

    Years at 17 I went to summer camp. So there was the following rule: the guilty child (for a mate or just hooliganism) should perform 30 squats in front of the whole squad. Honestly, I often fell under this rule, and very glad to see it! Due to the fact that the camps also take a fractional 5 one-time meal, I came home, dropping 3 a week for 3 weeks! Now I try to perform various squats at home, for which I have specially studied many sources. The most favorite form is plie, the result is more effective.

    Based on the studied, we can draw the following conclusions:

    • sit-ups do affect weight loss;
    • There are several types of this exercise, which facilitates the choice;
    • squats do not require high physical fitness;
    • it is necessary to adhere to the rules of implementation and contraindications of this exercise.

    The technique of squats with a bar for girls learn from the video.

    All the same, the main thing in my opinion is to use less fluid, and there will be no swelling, but spices to edema.

    I could not stand it on one water. Tried a diet, but I was only up until the evening. Although feel.

    Slacker diets here are given, I was hoping to find here something like abc, ad and similar diets From the summer I.

    A good drug, most importantly – do not overdo it with a dosage, which seems to have been a couple of times.


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