Cottage cheese diet of the magga, what are its advantages?

The classic diet of Maggi is based on the use of a significant amount of protein food, namely, chicken eggs. However, vegetarians can not eat eggs, in addition, they can not be eaten by people with high cholesterol levels in the blood. Therefore, nutritionists offer an alternative method of weight loss, which involves the replacement of eggs with curd. This product is rich in calcium, well absorbed by the body and very tasty, especially in combination with fruits.

Choose the cottage cheese should be right. As a rule, all diets suggest eating a low-fat product. However, if the body does not receive enough fat from the food, then the risk of developing a problem with the skin increases. Moreover, the body can react to the lack of fat in such a way that it will begin to transform all the incoming substances into its own fat stores. This will lead to the fact that the process of losing weight will be slowed down. Therefore, the cottage cheese diet Maggie proposes to build a ration on curd 3-5% fat.

Principles of dietary nutrition are as follows:

Do not change meals in places.

During breakfast, meat on the table should be absent.

In addition to grapefruits, it is allowed to eat oranges.

Food can not be fried.

Allowed vegetables: zucchini, zucchini, squash, eggplant, carrot, beet, green peas. They need to boil.

Permitted ways of cooking: steaming, cooking, baking.

You can not use sugar during the process of losing weight. The ban includes mayonnaise and all desserts.

In a day you need to drink at least 2 liters of clean water.

A hunger strike is unacceptable, as this provokes a slowdown in metabolic processes.

Allowed snacks: fresh greens, small size cucumber or carrots.

Prepare the body for the upcoming changes in the menu can be with the help of a kefir unloading day.

To speed up the loss of extra pounds, you can take special baths for weight loss, do wraps, visit the massage room.

While dieting, you need to exercise, but the load should be moderate.

How many can you lose weight on the curd diet of the magga? The Maggi diet allows people with 2 degree of obesity to lose weight by 10-15 kg. If the initial weight is impressive, the results will be less noticeable. In general, it all depends on what the weight of a person's body is at the moment when he sits on a diet.

Prohibited and Authorized Products

Having decided to lose weight with the help of the curd diet Maggie wrong to believe that you have to eat only cottage cheese, but this product will occupy a leading place in the diet. To be able to correctly draw up a menu, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the list of products that are allowed and forbidden to eat.

Eating is forbidden

Products containing protein

Cheese is hard, the fat content of which does not exceed 20%;

Cottage cheese, maximum fat content 5%;

Starting from the 4 week of weight loss, you can enter kefir and yogurt.

Cottage cheese is low fat or one that has a fat content higher than five.

Cheese, the fat content of which exceeds 20%.

Apricots and peaches;

Cherry and grapes;

Avocado and mango;

Before preparing a bird, it is necessary to remove the skin from it.

Meat of ducks and geese.

Beef and rabbit.

Tomatoes and cucumbers.

Greenery and leaf salads.

Beans and all legumes.

All canned vegetables.

Crackers related to dietary.

Bread made from cereal flour.

A day is allowed to eat no more than 1 a piece of bread.

Tea based on herbs.

Sugar and milk can not be added to drinks.

Spices and condiments

As for the spices, you need to be careful with them. Otherwise, there is a risk of damaging the gastrointestinal mucosa.

All products must be properly prepared. They can be baked, stewed, boiled. As for frying, then it is not forbidden, then it is forbidden to add oil during frying. Cottage cheese can be cooked independently, at home.

Menu on 4 of the week of the mage's curd diet

Every week a new menu awaits the slimming. It is forbidden to change weeks or days in places.

Every morning, you should eat 200 g of cottage cheese with allowed fruits

Beef fried in a dry frying pan, greens salad

Boiled chicken fillet

Boiled fish, salad from vegetables (pepper, cucumber, tomatoes), bread, orange

Cottage cheese, bread, tomatoes

Beef, green salad

2 eggs, boiled vegetables

Boiled shrimp, vegetable salad, grapefruit

Beef, green salad

Chicken fillet, tomatoes, orange

Every morning, you should eat 200 g of cottage cheese with allowed fruits

Cottage cheese and boiled vegetables

Alaska pollack, grapefruit, vegetable salad

Beef fried, fresh vegetable salad

Cottage cheese with fruit

Haddock and vegetable salad

Shrimp and green salad

Cottage cheese with fruit

Tomatoes, fried beef, grapefruit

Chicken fillet, tomatoes, grapefruit, steamed vegetables

Chicken fillet, tomatoes, grapefruit, steamed vegetables

The third week differs from the first two in that the division of meals for breakfast lunch and dinner disappears:

First day: fruits from the list of allowed products.

The second day: boiled vegetables, green salad.

The third day: you can eat the foods of the first and second day.

Fourth day: fish, shrimp, cabbage, boiled vegetables.

Fifth day: beef, boiled vegetables.

The sixth and seventh day: fruit.

The fourth week also involves eating certain foods that need to be divided for the whole day:

First day: 4 slice of chicken fillet, 2 tomato and 2 cucumber, canned tuna in its own juice, fruit, 1 slice of bread.

Second day. The volume of chicken fillet is increased to 0,2 kg, otherwise the menu of the second day repeats the menu of the first day.

Third day: 0,4 kg of cottage cheese, boiled vegetables (large plate), 2 cucumber, 2 tomato, grain toast, fruit.

Fourth day: any chicken fillet, 1 cucumber, 3 tomato, a piece of bread, fruit.

Fifth day: 1 egg, salad greens, fruit.

Saturday: chicken fillet, cottage cheese in the volume of 125 g, two cucumbers and a tomato, a glass of curdled milk, fruit.

Seventh day: 0,4 kg of cottage cheese, can of tinned tuna in its own juice, a plate of boiled vegetables, 2 cucumber, 2 tomato, grain toast.

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Interesting recipes for the cottage cheese diet of the magga

For its preparation, the following products will be required:

2 l milk, fat content up to 1,5%:

Milk is heated to 120 degrees, cleaned from fire, pour vinegar into it and mix thoroughly. After 30 minutes, the resulting mass is passed through a colander covered with gauze. Cottage cheese is washed with water and kneaded with a fork, after which it is squeezed. Salt is added to cottage cheese at will.

For their preparation, the following products will be required:

Cottage cheese kneaded, mixed with the rest of the ingredients, formed from the resulting mass of cottage cheese balls and fry in a dry frying pan.

Cottage cheese with herbs

For its preparation, the following products will be required:

The green of parsley is 80.

Cottage cheese kneaded, mixed with chopped parsley and salt. Cottage cheese can be eaten with grain loaves.

The preparation of the dish will require the following products:

0,4 kg of chicken fillet;

Tablespoon soy sauce;

Orange and pepper are passed through a blender. Cook the chicken in a dry frying pan, then pour it with a mass of blender, add soy sauce and cook until ready.

Protein casserole with orange

For its preparation, the following products will be required:

Proteins are separated from the yolks, whisked until the foam forms. The orange is cut into cubes, spread on a baking sheet and poured with a protein mass. Bake the dish in a preheated oven for 15 minutes.

Muffins from chicken fillet

For their preparation, the following products will be required:

0,4 kg fillet of chicken.

Protein of one chicken egg.

Twist the onion and chicken fillet through a meat grinder, mix the mincemeat with the rest of the ingredients. Spread the mass on the molds and bake in the oven until cooked.

Pros and cons of the cottage cheese diet of the magga

Pros of the Maggi diet:

Cottage cheese, which builds a diet, is a useful product. It contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin A, B, C, D, E, as well as other micro and macro elements. Regular inclusion of cottage cheese in the menu positively affects the condition of bones, helps to strengthen hair, nails and teeth.

If there are no contraindications, then the diet can be practiced at any age.

The menu is arranged in such a way that a person will not feel hungry. However, it is quite diverse.

The result is stable in time.

Hard power mode.

Necessity of strict observance of the menu.

Contraindications to diet:

The period of gestation and the period of breastfeeding.

Allergy to products included in the menu.

Increased acidity of gastric juice.

Diseases of the digestive tract.

Diseases of the liver and kidneys.

If there is any doubt, then before you start to practice the Maggi diet, you should visit a doctor. It can be a therapist, or a doctor of a narrower specialization (depending on which body the person is concerned about). It's also good if you can consult with a nutritionist. When there are no contraindications to the diet, you can start implementing it.

The Maggi diet is one of the varieties of the egg diet. It refers to protein low-carbohydrate diets. The popularity of this system of losing weight brought a departure from the constant counting of calories and starvation, present in almost all other diets. In addition to the fact that for four weeks of compliance with the diet of Maggie can.

The Maggi diet is a method of losing weight, based on eating eggs. The diet is called its developer. Losing weight occurs due to the start-up in the body of a number of biochemical processes that occur when you consume a significant amount of protein.

There are many reviews of the Maggi diet on the Internet. There are even separate forums that are completely devoted to this method of nutrition. In people, the diet Maggi called "minus 25 kg per month." And the name of the diet was not without reason, because there are real people who have achieved such stunning indicators for a month.

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