Craig Kapurso – follow his program!

He's big, muscular and smart. Craig is not only a professional IFBB Federation, but also a successful Wall Street trader with a golden heart and professional ethics champion.

"I was one of those smart guys," says Kapurso, "which is why I ended up in the trading arena. I do fitness, but I'm also busy in business. "

Craig's first attempt to enter professional fitness began with the victory in 2009 in the Fitness Atlantic competition in Connecticut. He won 6 from 11 of his first competition.

Recently, this sports businessman won the 2012 site of in the body search contest BodySpace.

"I always want to make myself even better," says Kapurso. "I wanted to make a better 2010 man than I was then. I wanted to make a better person 2011 year (then I just won in IFBB Pro), what would I do in 2012? ".

We are not predictors. We can not say whether Craig will be the winner this year at a professional level. We dare not appoint him the winner of the next big event. But we will be for him, and not only because of his physical condition. Kapurso has charisma. He understands that the scene is much larger than one person.

"I'm always ready to return," says Kapurso. "I always answer my fans. If you write to me on Twitter, Facebook or BodySpace or on any other social resource where I am, I will always answer you. I'm not hiding behind a pseudonym. I exist on all these sites. It's all about feedback. You should inspire those who surround you. You must spread and promote a sport lifestyle. "

What is more important for you at the moment? Bodybuilding or finance?

I have always been the most disciplined, proactive (far-sighted) person. As stock traders, we are waiting for the market to dictate our next step. Many can say that we are more reactive rather than proactive. I find that it contradicts me as a person. I also notice that in my current situation, the only way for me to make money is to take risks.

With the introduction of electronic trading and over-the-counter markets, profit from risk has never been worse. I work a lot to be ahead and climb the career ladder and in terms of my physical shape. As an exchange trader, you can work hard, and the profit from risk will not change, so I'm starting to think about changing my next career step.

The reason why I mention all these facts, because the question was raised: Is there a direction in which I can move and leave the trading arena? The answer is yes! I found a balance between my passion for fitness and stock trading.

However, I was thinking about what it would be like to be engaged exclusively in a career in fitness and act with the same pressure as when achieving other goals.

I attended acting classes at T Schreiber's Studio. I think my next stop will be improvisation classes and additional classes and schools for acting in the city.

I very strongly believe that the foundation is laid from the very beginning. I always advocate for training in terms of fitness and I believe that these principles can be applied to any area of ​​life. Therefore, I will always go through the training before I jump into the unknown. As a professional businessman, I will not leave without having organized a financial launching pad in advance.

Was the transition to non-primary sports difficult?

I do not like competition where there can not be an obvious winner. I like football because at the end of the game there is a winner and a loser. I have always played competitive sports for this very reason. Boxing is also excellent, because there are only two of you.

However, I saw a larger picture and moved my pride to the background when I entered the arena of competitions. Now I'm competing, and you can argue with almost every participant to win. This should get used to, but I was able to go to the side of the winner. You can call it luck or maybe I look like the judges want it. It does not matter what I'm talking about, but I'm grateful for what I've already achieved.

I also know that I will not be the best sportsman of the month, so I will undoubtedly expand my boundaries behind the competition scene.

A good schedule for the athlete, that's how it is written that the fitness cycle Craig lasts approximately 6 months from spring to autumn. The tactic is correctly chosen, and the fact that during a period when there are no permanent competitions, tries to increase the mass, which is subsequently subjected to drying before the competition, speaks of its motivation to be better and achieve high results. And, as you can see from the article, he reached the pinnacle of glory, and he is proud of it. Although it can not be said that he was greatly offended, as he writes that he is ready to communicate with his fans in social networks.


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