Dandelion root: useful properties, recipes and contraindications

In the middle of spring and before the beginning of summer many people notice such beautiful and brightly yellow flowers as dandelions. At first they please us with their bright yellow, and then with air fluff. But in addition to their beauty and aroma, they have a high level of nutrients.

Often the root of dandelions is used in folk medicine for the treatment of many diseases. In addition, it is used in cooking for cooking a huge number of dishes. Therefore, we should take a closer look at the properties of this unique plant.

Useful Properties

Most likely, due to ignorance, many summer residents and truck farmers, while they are cleaning up on their site, pull out the dandelion and throw it away. But this plant has a wide range of useful and medicinal properties.

Many connoisseurs of traditional medicine, healers, healers call dandelions Russian ginseng, and it's no accident. Especially, because the roots of this beautiful plant contain a whole storehouse of useful components.

So, the root of the dandelion:

  1. Cleans vessels of cholesterol plaques and returns them to their former youth, restores their elasticity and strength;
  2. Cleans from the blood harmful substances, toxins, and also dilutes its composition;
  3. It is recommended to drink decoctions from it during cholelithiasis. During the admission, stones and stagnant bile from the liver and gall bladder are removed;
  4. Has a stimulating effect on the formation and excretion of gastric juice, and also improves digestion;
  5. It normalizes the metabolism and stabilizes the activity of the digestive system;
  6. The inulin contained in it normalizes the level of sugar in the blood. Therefore, the root is an excellent food supplement for patients with diabetes mellitus;
  7. The organic acids included in the composition maintain the acid-base balance in the body;
  8. Vitamins B and C are necessary aids in the fight against many colds;
  9. Thanks to the root of the dandelion, the work of the endocrine system comes to normal and the immune system rises;
  10. Has a beneficial effect on the quality of the skin, removes acne, freckles, pigment spots;
  11. It removes helminths and other parasitic organisms from the intestine;
  12. It is recommended to take broths for nursing mothers. The components that make up the dandelion root cause a large amount of milk and improve its quality.

How to properly store and store raw materials

If the root is collected and harvested independently, and not bought at the pharmacy, then it should be done correctly:

  • In the spring period by the end of May or in the autumn time in October, the plants need to be excavated;
  • Roots should be cut off, shaken and thoroughly rinsed from the ground. They must be clean;
  • Next, the roots are cut into small slices and laid out on a clean cloth or paper;
  • We put everything in a dark well-ventilated place and leave to dry for several days;
  • After that, dry to the desired state in the dryer or oven at a temperature of not more than 40 degrees Celsius;
  • Then determine the degree of dried roots. To do this, take the root and break it – if it crunches, then the root is ready for use;
  • In the end completely dried roots are ground. You can grind them in a coffee grinder, combine or manually with a pistil. It is desirable to grind, due to this it will be easier from the root to prepare medicinal products or use it for preparing dishes in cooking.

Dandelion root in folk medicine: recipes

Many healers and folk practitioners advise taking the dry root of a dandelion in grinded form to those who have obesity or vice versa anorexia, as well as diabetes and cholelithiasis.

Drink Health

If you use dry dandelion in its pure form it will be difficult enough, then it is fashionable to brew it in the form of coffee or tea:

  1. In the cup should fall asleep 1 ch.lozhku milled dry roots of dandelion;
  2. Fill all with hot water;
  3. We mix everything well and give time, so that everything settles to the bottom;
  4. Cover the cup on top with a plate or lid, and leave to infuse for a while;
  5. Approximately in 10-15 minutes, the drink will cool down to 80-70 degrees. It can already be consumed.

If there is a desire, then the drink can be filtered from the root particles and add honey or syrup.

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The tincture is prepared in the same way as the drink:

  1. In the middle container we fall asleep 1 a large spoonful of milled dry dandelion roots;
  2. All pour hot water, about half a liter;
  3. Stir and cover with a lid or a plate;
  4. Leave to insist for 2 hours;
  5. Once the tincture has cooled, it can be consumed.

Use tincture from the roots of dandelion should be ¼ cup for half an hour before meals 3-4 times a day. It is recommended to take it with heart and vascular diseases, during gastritis, liver diseases and acne.

Decoction from allergies

The roots of dandelion together with dry burdock roots are effective for various allergic reactions. To prepare the decoction, use the following instructions:

  1. In the middle container, you need to pour 1 a large spoonful of dry dandelion roots and 1 a large spoonful of dry burdock roots;
  2. Everything is mixed;
  3. Fill a dry mixture with three glasses of hot water;
  4. The container is closed and left to infuse for 24 hours;
  5. Then everything should be filtered from the particles of plants;
  6. Ready to boil should be taken on a glass half a glass of 5 once a day.

How to use a plant in cooking: recipes

For preparation it will be required:

  • Dandelion flowers – 350 gram;
  • Sugar sand – 1 kilogram;
  • Lemon – 1 thing.
  1. Flowers should be thoroughly rinsed. It is best to sleep them in a colander and shake well during the washing process;
  2. After washing, the flowers should be spread on a dry towel so that they dry out;
  3. Next, put the flowers in a saucepan, pour water and put on the stove. We cook everything for an hour;
  4. After that, filter the broth. We throw out the whole cake, it will not be needed;
  5. Further we fall asleep in broth granulated sugar and again we boil during 50 minutes;
  6. Then rinse the lemon and let it through a meat grinder or in a food processor along with the zest;
  7. Spread the lemon into the syrup and boil for another 15 minutes;
  8. As a result, receives a transparent, fragrant honey. It is useful to use for colds, for inflammation of joints, for liver diseases. Due to its medicinal properties, it is in no way inferior to honey bee.

We suggest watching a video in which you will learn how to make coffee from the roots of a dandelion:

4,5 liter requires the following components:

  • 700-800 grams of dandelion flower heads;
  • Sugar – 1 kilogram;
  • Wine yeast;
  • Nutrients for yeast;
  • 2 oranges.
  1. Heads of flowers put in a bucket and fill them with boiling water at the rate of 2,3 liters;
  2. We mix everything well and leave it infused for 3 days;
  3. Then we filter everything through the gauze material and pour it into a glass container with a water seal;
  4. Then pour in a pan of 1 liter of water and put it on the fire, fill the sugar and cook until the sugar dissolves completely;
  5. Then add the juice of oranges, grated zest, dry yeast and nutrients to the syrup. Everything is mixed;
  6. The mixture is poured into a container with a hydraulic seal, if necessary top up the water;
  7. We close all the water seal and leave to wander for a few weeks;
  8. When the bubbles stop flowing through the sealed gate, we pour the wine without sediment and leave to infuse for 3 months. After that, you can drink it.


For preparation it will be necessary:

  • 200 gram of dandelion roots in fresh form;
  • Carrot – 1-2 pieces;
  • A bunch of greenery;
  • Vegetable oil;
  • Salt.
  1. Carrots and dandelions should be rubbed with a large grater;
  2. Greens rinse and finely chopped with a knife;
  3. All components are put in a bowl, refuel with oil, add salt, mix and serve.

Contraindications to the use of dandelion root

It is undesirable to use dandelion roots and flowers under the following conditions:

  • The presence of large stones in the bile duct and bladder;
  • Gastric and duodenal ulcers;
  • Gastritis in acute forms;
  • Propensity to diarrhea or the presence of a dysentery disease.

The root of a dandelion is a unique creation of nature. He is able to rid himself of many ailments, improve the condition of the body and strengthen health.

In addition, it beneficially affects the skin, eliminates acne, age spots, freckles, which often spoil the appearance of the face.

In addition, it can be used in cooking, preparing a variety of delicious and healthy dishes. And most importantly, it is not so difficult to procure, this is something everyone can do.

The article mentions that the dandelion root removes pigment spots and acne. Tell me, please, how to use the dandelion root to treat acne?

Can I give a decoction of dandelions to children? If so, in what proportion? The answer is very important.

The grandmother as that cooked and drank the decoction from dandelions, but whether she has improperly prepared it, whether still that, but after reception it vomited. I'm afraid of trying it now.


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