Dates – benefit and harm for losing weight


Dates - benefit and harm for losing weight

Assuming that dates help you lose weight, you can only if nothing else but them is not (and only in small amounts). This is a very high-calorie product and in the process of reducing weight you can use no more than 5-6 pieces, solely as a dessert.

Is it possible to eat dates when losing weight?

This type of dried fruit refers to quickly saturated, for example, compared with the same dried apricots or prunes. That's why people who are trying to lose weight choose a date diet. Firstly, it is an ideal option for sweet tooths, as in the process of losing weight the first thing that is excluded is any kind of sweets. Secondly, by eating 5-6 dried fruits you can quickly get enough, and by caloric value this will equal 2-mind apple.

However, using the product to lose weight is not the best option. In addition to carbohydrates, they do not contain useful proteins and fats, and when actually losing weight, in addition to the last kilograms, it is possible to detect sagging skin and pale skin.

  • daily reception of the main product;
  • unsweetened tea, water, juice, diluted in half with water.

You can consume milk, but only with an interval of at least 3-4 hours after eating a portion of fruit or drinking it at night.

Given the feedback of nutritionists, you do not need to deviate from the diet, or you can not get the desired result

It is a sweet dried fruit and it can get bored on the second day of the diet. Therefore, increased irritability, apathy, headaches and nausea – frequent ismptomy according to people who can hear after a diet.

In order to strongly not deplete the body can be on the third day of the diet include in the diet of apples and oranges, but not more than 2 pieces per day.

On the fourth you can add a vegetable salad, but without adding oil or other sauce. Nutritionists allow the use of linseed oil when dressing a salad, because it has a low calorie content and is considered a very useful product for human health.

Duration of the diet should be no more than 10 days and you need to leave it carefully, without harming your health. For example, you can add a new low-calorie dish every day – salad in lunch hours or about 100 grams of low-fat boiled meat, or a boiled egg. In any case, all selected foods will be low in calories and help lose weight.

Useful properties of dates

Dates - benefit and harm for losing weight

Dates contain a large number of useful dietary fiber, which are indispensable for problems associated with the work of the intestines (constipation). If there are them in addition with a lot of water, then you can forever forget about this problem.

Reviews of people: with constipation 2-3 pieces of dried fruit poured a glass of boiling water, allowed to brew and received liquid was drunk. After a week of taking the work of the intestines has improved significantly, and this is the direct way if a person wants to lose weight.

This is a quick, useful snack that satisfies hunger in a short time. Doctors believe that dates not only help to lose weight, but also raise immunity, especially in the autumn-winter period of the year. This is due to the content pantothenic acid. This same acid regulates the work of the nervous system.

The content of potassium helps improve heart function and increase the musculature of the body. In total 100 gram of dates fill the need for potassium, but it costs as much as 500 kcal. Therefore, in addition to the normal level of potassium in the body, you can find excess fat in the most prominent places.

It is worth noting such an important point as dates – benefit and harm for losing weight, as often, dropping excess kilograms, a person loses his health.

The use of dates for weight loss is one – weight goes away, despite the high caloric value and for 10 days mono-diet can lose weight by 7-8 kilogram, depending on the initial weight of a person.

In addition, these fruits help to reduce the toxic load from sugar, which is contained in conventional sweets. The body receives glucose, and this is primarily energy for the body, working capacity for the brain.

What kind of harm can the dates bring in the process of losing weight?

The product can not be used for losing weight if the person has the following diseases:

  1. Diabetes mellitus of any type, as the dried fruit causes a sharp increase in the level of sugar in the blood.
  2. In the presence of a tendency to allergies, as the constituent substances can provoke this reaction.
  3. In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, since the content of cellulose can irritate the inflamed mucous organ.
  4. With obesity due to the large carbohydrate content.

Caloric value

Dates - benefit and harm for losing weight

Caloric content is about 275 kcal per 100 gram product. This is a very high rate compared to other fruits. This number is equal to 65% of the carbohydrates contained.

Also they have in their composition 23 kinds of different useful amino acids, which are absent in other fruits.

Nutritionists believe that dates can be the only source of human nutrition. Nutrition is so great that a healthy human body, indeed, can stick to such a diet for more than one week.

Used for weight loss dates help you cope not only with the problem of excess weight, but also improve your body. It is believed that the daily inclusion of dried fruit in the diet, prolongs a person's life.

When losing weight dates can you eat?

Dates - benefit and harm for losing weight

When you lose weight dates can be eaten, if only adhere to a special diet, calculated for a certain number of days. Only then this useful product can give a tangible result.

In other cases, add to the diet dates can be, adhering to proper nutrition. For example, replacing the usual sugar, sweets and other sweets, a person does not deprive himself of a dose of glucose. However, it also benefits your body. It is allowed to eat no more than 3-4 pieces per day.

therefore dates – this is an ideal option for those who can not say goodbye to sweets, but dreams of losing weight once and for all.

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