Diarrhea in adults. Menu. Foods for every day

The disorder of the intestine is familiar, probably, to every person. In adults, the usual symptom of the disorder becomes a loose stool (diarrhea).

The causes of diarrhea are different, basically different:

  • getting into the body of substandard or poorly matched products,
  • intestinal infection.

In the first case, drugs against diarrhea, which you need to take under the attached instructions, will help. And also – diet. And the next day a person can recover. In any case, you can consult a doctor to make sure the correctness of the remedies used.

Intestinal infection is very dangerous! The doctor should be called necessarily if diarrhea is accompanied by vomiting, high fever, severe palpitation, fever, weakness and other unpleasant symptoms. Otherwise, there is a risk of untimely treatment and the occurrence of serious diseases.

Diet for adults with diarrhea: menu

It is based on several principles:

  • abundant drink to prevent dehydration,
  • small portions at regular intervals (about 3 hours) to facilitate digestion of food,
  • warm food, not cold and not hot,
  • Exclusion of products that irritate the mucous membranes of the stomach (spices, smoked products, canned food, etc.)
  • Exclusion of mechanical irritants (for example, hard crackers),
  • rich with microelements food, so as not to weaken the body even more.

Since many products and dishes fall into the category of banned, there is no point in listing them. It is easier to call what is available with diarrhea and it is necessary:

  • boiled vegetables, perfect zucchini and pumpkin, you can also use potatoes, it is best to cook soup,
  • not strong tea, compotes of fruits, berries and dried fruits, it is very good to use a little raspberries,
  • dry biscuits and crackers, while they need to soak with water (compote), so as not to injure the gastric mucosa,

  • porridge on water and milk, rice is best suited,
  • a small amount of fermented milk products, because they restore the intestinal flora, but in large quantities, the incidence of defecation is provoked,
  • omelet, no more than two eggs a day,
  • pasta, only it is necessary to eat small-sized products (vermicelli, asterisks) in order to facilitate digestion,
  • fish and meat of low-fat varieties in the form of meatballs with a minimum amount of salt and without spices.

Opinions of doctors are divided about the acute period of the disease. Some advise on the first day to eat nothing, but only drink a lot. Others believe that it is better to start diet food from the first day. Look at your health: if you can not force yourself to eat, at least drink more liquid. From the second day it is necessary to eat, otherwise the loss of useful microelements will not be filled up.

Here is an approximate menu for one day (five-time):

  1. oatmeal on water with milk, biscuit with green tea,
  2. omelette on milk, chicken meatballs, compote of berries,
  3. vegetable soup of potatoes with zucchini and carrots, dried bread, green tea,
  4. kefir with biscuits,
  5. boiled vermicelli, meatballs from beef, compote.

Even if the diarrhea was only a couple of days, you need to observe dietary restrictions for a week. And if you have a serious illness – even longer. In this case, the attending physician will indicate the terms of the diet.

However, after stopping frequent defecation, you can make some indulgences in the diet:

  • Include bananas in the menu, they will saturate the body with potassium.
  • Other fruits are introduced gradually, start better with baked apples.
  • You can abandon the wiped food and eat ordinary soup.
  • It is necessary to increase the amount of fermented milk products in order to normalize the microflora more quickly.
  • You can eat bread, it should not be very mild. Ideal bagels, they have a dense, but not a dry consistency.
  • The diet for diarrhea in an adult is an important element in the fight against the diseases that cause it. But treatment with drugs and other methods prescribed by a doctor can not be neglected. Combine both in the fight against diarrhea, and the result will be a complete and quick recovery without negative consequences.


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