Diathesis in children

Diathesis is a corresponding reaction of the body to irritants, the disease can be transmitted by inheritance, and can be acquired. This is a fairly common pathology, which manifests itself by excessive rashes on various areas of the child's body, redness and peeling of the covers.

To avoid such manifestations, it is important to properly organize the diet of the child, excluding potential allergens from it. With the introduction of additional complementary foods, add one new product a week, if a rash occurs, remove this ingredient for a while, and then try again.

Diathesis in children

For children with diathesis, a special menu is made. It is recommended not to include in it:

  • fatty fish, caviar seafood;
  • eggs, veal, canned food and smoked meat;
  • whole-milk products of high fat content;
  • vegetables, berries, fruits of red color, citrus;
  • honey, mushrooms, nuts;
  • yogurts;
  • potatoes, legumes, peas, herbal decoctions;
  • bananas, peaches, apricots, cranberries;
  • cereals, buckwheat, corn.

Make different dishes from the following products:

  • cod, sea bass;
  • low-fat pork, rabbit;
  • kefir, fermented baked milk, butter;
  • cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers, turnips;
  • green apples, pears, currants;
  • rice, oatmeal, pearl barley;
  • bread and vegetable oil.

Diet lactating mum for diathesis in a child

The basis of the diet in the correct preparation of foods. For both mother and child, it will be useful to eat food after cooking. Peeled potatoes should be soaked in water before cooking. If there is milk intolerance, then it should be replaced with nutrient mixtures based on soy protein. Cottage cheese and other sour-milk products should be used with caution, in small portions.

You should limit the use of allergens (citrus, chocolate, honey, strawberries), do not lean on food rich in fiber. Nutrition should be frequent and balanced, for a nursing mother a day should be consumed:

All products in the diet of mother and child should be introduced gradually. It is important to maintain a special food diary, where to mark the child's reaction to new lure. An exemplary diet menu should include breakfast for rice or oatmeal porridge, tea with biscuit biscuits.

On the snack you can drink half a liter of low-fat kefir with unsweetened drying, 100 g of cottage cheese, for lunch – vegetable soup, steamed veal cutlets, mashed potatoes and stewed vegetables, compote of dried fruits.

On the snack – green apples, baked in the oven with a small amount of sugar, mom can have supper with a boiled hake with buckwheat porridge, baked with cod and stewed zucchini. To drink before a dream half a liter of low-fat kefir with unsweetened drying.

Diathesis in infants – diet and nutrition

Juices and purees based on fruits and berries are given no earlier than 2-month old, a few drops per day. Egg yolk is offered to the baby after 6 months, starting from a small piece.

Vegetable puree begins to cook from one vegetable, one day – with zucchini, the second day – with cabbage, gradually combining the ingredients, if on them the child did not have allergies.

Kashi starts to be given from 4 – a month old, usually it's oatmeal or buckwheat. In the first half of the year, it is permitted to start introducing meat, beef, rabbit meat, young lamb. Also at this time add to the diet of yogurt.

Warning: Individual nutrition with diathesis plays a huge role. And the child feels fine, because he is not tormented by colic and other disorders of the intestines, and my mother is calm – her baby eats well and does not cry at night!


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