Diet 10 products: minus 4 kg for 7 days!

Excess weight is a problem that more than 40% of the world's population are facing. In order to somehow help them, nutritionists daily develop various nutrition programs that allow not only to lose weight, but also to keep it.

One such food program is the 10 diet, which, as the name implies, includes only 10 products that are allowed to be consumed.

Permitted products

During the course of 7 days, your daily diet should include the following products:

All these products you should eat every day. They can be mixed with each other, preparing a variety of dishes from them. But, there are several basic rules that you must follow: do not eat after 20: 00 and in the day eat no more than 1,5 kg of products. That is, if you eat 4 times a day, then your portion of food should not exceed 375.

In this case, you must drink several liters of liquid a day. It can be either ordinary drinking water or non-carbonated mineral or herbal infusions.

In addition to all this, you need to play sports. Physical exercise has a beneficial effect not only on the condition of your skin and shape, but also on the very process of losing weight, as they contribute to the acceleration of metabolic processes in the body, which leads to rapid weight loss.

Make a menu of these products will not be difficult. From them you can cook as a variety of soups, and salads, so the diet of 10 products is nourishing and tasty.


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