Diet 6 petals – menu

Among dozens of diets, it is very difficult to choose the one that suits you personally, and even gives a good result. Today, let's talk about one of these power systems – the 6 petal diet, unique, tasty and simple.

The 6 petal diet menu, recipes

The idea of ​​creating this system is attributed to Anna Johansson, a well-known dietician from Sweden. But it is for certain that she turned the process of losing weight on this diet into a kind of psychological game that helps to motivate herself all 6 days.

Anna suggests painting a beautiful flower with 6 petals, which will correspond to one day on a diet. Everyone needs to sign and tear along with the lost pounds, saying goodbye to them forever. This method makes the diet more creative and more effective.

The basic principle of a diet is in fact, 6 separate mono-diet. A good result of losing weight is achieved through the alternation of carbohydrate and protein days.

6 petals diet: a menu for every day

It is the division of products for each day of the diet that allows the body to consume only fat reserves and not disrupt the digestive tract.

So, on the first day you only need to eat fish. It can be baked, boiled, cooked broth and add spices, herbs. Just be careful with the salt. Its number will have to be shortened somewhat.

A fish day helps to saturate the body with omega-3 fatty acids, a high-grade protein. Thus, the first day of the diet will help prepare the body for subsequent carbohydrate days due to saturation with high-quality protein.

The second day – vegetable. You can even eat high-starch potatoes, but it is desirable – in combination with more "light" vegetables, in particular, in vinaigrette.

This day will help saturate the body with vitamins and quality carbohydrates, as well as significantly reduce the overall calorie diet.

You can eat only chicken breast without skin. It is allowed to bake, boil, stew, cook broth, bring to taste with spices, greens and a small amount of salt.

On this day there is a replenishment of protein starvation from the past carbohydrate day. All the protein obtained on this day goes to strengthen the muscles.

The next "petal" is devoted to cereals. On this day you can eat cereals (boiled on water), seeds, sprouted grasses.

Cereals have a hard shell and are digested long enough by the body. Therefore, it will again use fat reserves to obtain energy.

Cottage cheese day. According to the diet of 6 petals, the approximate menu allows you to eat only cottage cheese with a fat content threshold of not more than 5%.

This product will help saturate with mineral substances and, in fact, the ideal protein, which will split down to essential amino acids and allow the body to get energy not from converted glucose, but from fat stores.

On the last day you only need to eat fruit. Even bananas and grapes are allowed, because the body has not received simple sugars for a long time and it is important to fill this gap. Fruits can be eaten raw or baked with lemon zest, cinnamon.

Polysaccharides from fruits are digested long enough. Therefore, to replenish the energy balance, the body will again use the fat depot.

Diet 6 petals – detailed menu

Despite the apparent severity, this food system can offer a fairly wide range of allowed dishes. So, that's what you can cook on the first, fish day.

  • fatty fish (such as salmon, salmon) with a couple of dill sprouts;
  • Fish cutlets with spices and herbs for steaming or in the oven;
  • fish soup with greens;
  • baked mackerel in foil;
  • fish soufflé (broken fish in a magnificent cream with green onions) on a side dish – spinach.

On a vegetable day you can afford:

  • a glass of tomato juice and vinaigrette;
  • broccoli casserole with carrots and onions;
  • vegetable cream soup;
  • brusochki fresh carrots;
  • vegetables stewed in tomato and garlic sauce.

The third day, as the 6 petals show, the menu reviews, one of the most delicious. And you can cook:

  • Boiled on a steamed chest and on a garnish – a mix from lettuce leaves;
  • broth from chicken fillet;
  • Grilled breast served on a cushion of fresh spinach leaves;
  • chicken souffle (similar to fish);
  • cutlets from fillets.

For a diet, the six petals of the menu for the fourth, cereal day should consist of:

  • oatmeal in water with raisins;
  • buckwheat cutlets with herbs and spices;
  • grain loaves;
  • oatmeal cookies (home-made);
  • pumpkin seeds.

On the cottage cheese day, you can prepare:

  • curd soufflé with honey;
  • cheese with herbs and spices;
  • casserole;
  • cottage cheese patties with garlic;
  • Milk shake with low-fat cottage cheese, milk and honey.

Fruity – the last day of the 6 petals diet. Menu, photos and dishes allowed on that day:

  • fruit salad without dressing;
  • baked apples;
  • fruit chips (self-cooking);
  • various fresh and juices (not from the package).

During this food system it is important not to forget about .

  1. Water balance. You are allowed to drink water, green tea without sugar. You can drink no more than 2 cups of coffee a day without additives.
  2. Exercise and physical activity. It is recommended to reduce the intensity of classes, and change cardiodonations to stretching exercises – yoga, pilates, callanetics.
  3. About cosmetic procedures – wraps from cellulite, contrast shower, various masks and oils for weight loss.

Diet 6 petals – a good recipe for effective weight loss in a fairly short time. But you can not use it more than once or twice a year.


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