Diet 6 porridge for weight loss


Diet on 6 porridge has gained popularity a few years ago, with its help you can reset to 10 kg of excess weight in just a week. This is a great way to become slim and fit for the next holiday, and the food system does not dictate starvation and the painful urge to eat something tasty.

Principles of the diet 6 porridge

To achieve maximum effect, follow the following nutrition rules for the next 6 days:

  1. It is completely excluded from the diet salt and sugar.
  2. It is forbidden to drink alcohol in any doses, as well as low-alcohol drinks.
  3. In the morning on an empty stomach you need to drink a glass of warm boiled water.
  4. During the day, it is allowed to use kefir, vegetables, berries, fruit, drink herbal tea, freshly squeezed juices, without the addition of sugar and various sweeteners as additives to porridges.
  5. Before starting the 6 diet, you need to make an enema, which must be repeated every 2 day.
  6. It is absolutely important to exclude from the menu fish, meat, fatty dairy products, eggs, pastries, bread.
  7. And also salted, smoked, spicy, fatty, fried, canned dishes.
  8. It is useful to do sports, do gymnastics in the morning, jog, walk in the fresh air before going to bed, swim in the pool, jump on the rope.

Diet 6 porridge menu is designed to eat a variety of cereals, the body every day will receive useful substances that are so necessary for the normalization of the digestive system.

The first day – oatmeal porridge

It is steamed on water, without additional seasonings, salt, spices. Oatmeal improves metabolism, removes harmful substances from the body.

The second day – buckwheat porridge

Very useful and tasty. Prepare for a couple or steamed before going to bed with boiling water and used in the morning on an empty stomach. Perfectly saturates the body and has a low calorie content of the product.

Diet 6 porridge for weight loss

The third day – rice porridge

Rich in fiber, complex carbohydrates, gives satiety and promotes effective weight loss. Can be a part of days of release.

The fourth day – millet porridge

Natural absorbent, which allows to purify the body of toxins, contains a huge amount of minerals and trace elements.

The fifth day – lentil gruel

It is absorbed by the body easily and quickly, contains amino acids that accelerate metabolic processes.

Its main advantage is to relax the stomach and intestines, speeding up the withdrawal of digestive products. Such soft food helps to prevent constipation and flatulence.

The number of servings of all cereals is unlimited, because they are so satisfying that they can not eat a lot of them all the same.

Reviews and the results of the diet 6 porridge

Introduction to the diet of any cereal has a beneficial effect on the gastric tract, so this diet is very useful and effective.

Vitalina writes: I 33 year, I already understand that starvation will not lead to anything good, but because the choice of diet 6 porridge has become for me a real discovery. For a week of losing weight, I did not feel a sense of hunger, I was always full and happy. And the result pleased me finally – minus 5 kg. It's just a fairy tale, which is hard to believe, but the effectiveness of such nutrition is really surprising!

It turns out that to lose weight on 5-7 kg does not necessarily starve yourself, it's enough to write down the menu of each day correctly and eat delicious and nutritious cereals. The effect will not take long. I lost a week 6 kg. Just before the birthday it was just a gift for me – I wore a tight dress and was the most beautiful at the party. I wish you all good emotions and good health!

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