Diet ABC 50 days – smooth and extra weight reduction

The ABC diet, the so-called "Traffic Light", will help anyone who wants to lose weight for a few pounds without hunger strikes and exhausting training. This food program does not prohibit the use of sweets and is after 6 hours of the evening. But still it has its own rules, which must be observed.

Rules of the FAA diet "Traffic Light", diet menu

This diet operates on the principle of a traffic light:

  • green color – products that are allowed to be consumed at any time of the day and in any quantities;
  • yellow light – products that are allowed to be consumed in moderation and up to 18: 00;
  • Red color – products that must be completely excluded from the diet.

In order to really achieve the necessary results, you need to learn by heart what products to which color belong:

  • green color : seafood, yoghurts, kefir, greens, salad, boiled fish, cucumbers, carrots, apples, bread, citrus, eggs (no more than 2 pieces per day), buckwheat and oils (olive and vegetable);
  • yellow: low-fat meat products, lean meat, poultry meat, sausages, non-yeast puff pastry products, chocolate (dark priority), lollipops, fruit, ketchup, coffee, hard cheese, pickles, cottage cheese, macaroni from durum wheat and porridges cooked on water (except semolina);
  • Red color: fatty meat products (including fat); fast foods, mayonnaise, carbonated water, baked goods cooked with the addition of yeast, confectionery with cream and milk.

The FAA diet "Traffic Light" also allows alcohol, but not in large quantities, to be consumed. Namely dry and semisweet wine, martini, vodka and whiskey. During the diet, beer and champagne are excluded.

In addition, this diet implies a fractional food, that is, you need to take food in 5 – 6 receptions. All dishes should be cooked either steamed, or cooked or stewed. After each meal, you should take a walk, at least minutes 15.

This diet allows you to reset from 1 to 2 kg per month. A little, but without harm to health. If you want to lose more, you will have to exercise 3 once a day. They will not only tighten your body, but also contribute to the acceleration of metabolism, which will lead to rapid weight loss.

To find out more about the "Traffic Light" diet, you can learn from the following video:

The ABC diet is presented to the world in yet another more rigid variant – the ABC 50 days diet, which allows achieving amazing results – for 50 days minus 25 – 30 kg. Let's look at it in more detail.

ABC Diet 50 days

Diet ABC 50 days, reviews of which on the Internet suggest that it really works, in fact, starvation. It is radically different from the first option. Her daily menu is very thin, but its calorie content should not exceed the specified number of allowed calories.

This diet is really effective, but it is worth considering the fact that it greatly undermines health. Therefore, before you "sit down", you should go through a full examination in the hospital and consult a doctor.

In the first few weeks, you may experience dizziness and hungry fainting, after a few weeks your menstrual cycle may break, hair loss and brittle nails may also occur.

This diet is prohibited for use by the following persons:

  • up to 16 years;
  • with diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • with weakened immunity;
  • with gastrointestinal disorders;
  • pregnant and lactating.

Reviews on the ABC diet 50 days

Two completely different diets, why they were placed in one article? A traffic light is good, a sparing diet, not fast, but safe, you can try, and ABC is just a nightmare.

I'm talking about my experience, 2 years ago I stayed on ABC 25 or 30 days, I do not remember exactly how much, but I really lost weight very much, but my health was ruined forever! I write and cry, girls, do not take in head to sit on ABC, then you will recover from the air. I'm still flying, and I curse that day when I came across this diet!

Two years ago I really wanted to lose weight, because everyone was saying that I was fat and I should lose weight. I decided to start losing weight with the ABC "Traffic Light" diet. At first it was hard, but then I got involved, I got used to it and started to lose weight. Slowly but surely. For a month, I threw off as much as 5 kilograms, which was an achievement for me, then I started doing sports and now I weigh 55 kg.

Sitting at one time at the "traffic lights" – losing weight is really smooth, plus cooking for a couple and stew simple and useful. The main thing to remember: from meat you can fish in the afternoon, and chicken in the evening) By the way, I recommend not boiled fish, but do in aerogrill (if not, then look at the purchase, useful thing) – it tastes much, and the product is the same. Well, as you want to eat – make yourself a vegetable salad with olive oil and all) I lost weight on it by 8 kilogram.

I like the ABC diet, itself sat on it and dropped the coveted 5 kilograms for 50 days. Believe me, this is a sparing diet. The advantage of this diet is that you can eat tasty and, at the same time, healthy foods: seafood, boiled fish, salads from tomatoes and cucumbers, etc. Still it is possible to accept meal 5-6 once a day, you will not remain hungry. I advise this diet!

Half a year ago I experienced a hard break with a young man. There was a terrible depression and I gained a lot of excess weight. However, soon decided to pull myself together and my plan of salvation was the "Traffic Light" diet + frequent moderate training. I have carefully researched and systematized information about permissible and prohibited products. The result completely satisfied my expectations. For the first month I dropped almost 5 kg, for the second – 4kg. At the moment I'm hard at fighting with the remaining 3 extra pounds in my body, after which I plan to just maintain my form. Also I will say that overall well-being improved, skin condition improved, more energy became. Dare, girls! Keep yourself in shape and be the most beautiful!

The ABC diet "50 days" was the first, so long, diet in my life. And he pushed her to an accident of parting with a young man. Which suddenly screwed up without explaining the reasons after I for two months against the background of stress scored 8 kg. after forced dismissal from your favorite work. And, who would then have thought that this would simultaneously become my lucky event – losing weight as much as 12 a kilo afterwards. In short, having lost this small dirty girl, I got an almost perfect figure for some 50 days and in the same period of time I met my future husband! And, by the way, no brittle nails were observed, since, I finally taught myself to cottage cheese and other milk

I tried the FAA diet "Traffic Light", because it seemed to me quite simple. I do not like to count calories, keep a diary of the eaten. Here it is simple: eat healthy food from the list of allowed products. By the way, I sometimes drank, and it did not stop me to lose 7 kg without straining. If I still podnapryaglas, all 10 would have gone, but I do not need it.

The main thing is to lose weight with the mind.

Diet Traffic signal actually became my diet. It's been more than two years since I decided to use it. My height was 170 cm, weight was 65 kg. This weight was typed gradually, and when I realized that the sides are hanging, I began to try different diets. But emergency diets that severely limit the nutrition I can not use. When I'm hungry all the thought is just about eating. A diet of traffic lights I liked the fact that at any time of the day you will not be hungry. The only thing, for three hours before a dream strongly did not load up. So, for four months I lost weight on this diet to 54 kg, and since then I have not gained too much. Now, when there is no need to lose weight, but only maintain weight, let me sometimes relax, but not often.

I always had problems with being overweight. I love yummy cakes for the night. And after giving birth, she stopped tracking weight, and the weight crept up very quickly. I felt comfortable enough, but when the child learned to walk, I realized that it was hard for me to keep up with him, my knees started to hurt. And I realized that my baby needed beautiful, and most importantly a healthy mother! From a friend I heard a lot about the diet "Traffic Light" and decided to try too. Of course there were failures, but I forced myself to continue. And the weight is gone. I lost weight by 21 kg.

The problem of excess weight me always torments. I tried all sorts of ways to lose those extra pounds, but the results did not give me what I expected, and I decided to try the "traffic light" diet. She attracted me to those products that you can eat constantly, t. To all of them I love. I used them before, but in conjunction with prohibited products, because of what the weight was not lost. It began to eat right and weight began to decrease!


  1. Yet another who has not realized that it is carbohydrates that are the problem and not fat !!! Plus Carbohydrates are due to all known people diseases, again NOT greasy! Your body burns carbohydrates before fat, so most “diets” do not work … learn a little about Keto, LCHF, Paleo


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