Diet after cholecystectomy: menu with recipes

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Cholecystectomy – removal of the gallbladder. The gallbladder is, albeit an auxiliary, but an important organ of the digestive system. It produces bile, which is released into the duodenum when food arrives. After cholecystectomy, the risk of stone formation does not go away. With malnutrition, they can form in the bile ducts, which is why it is important to follow a specialized diet after cholecystectomy. The 5 table on Pevzner is aimed at normalizing the digestive system and protecting against the formation of new stones in the future.

What is the diet after cholecystectomy?

Postoperative diet after cholecystectomy is an important component of treatment and recovery of the body. After the surgery to remove the gallbladder, you must follow the diet Table 5 Pevzner throughout the rest of his life. Diet 5 is aimed at shaking the organs of the gastrointestinal tract and preventing stone formation in the future.

Diet after cholecystectomy in the early days does not allow stagnation of food and does not overload the digestive organs. After the operation to remove the gallbladder, you can drink loose tea, diluted with water, fruit juice. Later in the menu include yogurt, boiled beets, carrot soufflé. In this case, after cholecystectomy, you should drink plenty of water without gas to dilute bile. In the first week after the operation, food is allowed only in liquid form to avoid constipation (liquid porridge, soups, souffle, smoothies). Bread is completely excluded from the diet after cholecystectomy, with the exception of rye. In the second week after the operation, meat, fish dishes, steamed, and then ground through a sieve are allowed.

Diet after laparoscopic cholecystectomy must be observed for at least a month. From the diet are excluded fatty, fried, spicy, spicy dishes, light carbohydrates, alcohol and carbonated drinks. New products should be introduced gradually into your diet. The removal of restrictions on prohibited foods with a diet after cholecystectomy is possible only with the permission of the gastroenterologist.

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Diet 5 after cholecystectomy – the basic rules:

  • Daily diet with a diet after cholecystectomy should consist of 50% of complex carbohydrates (cereals, vegetables, fruits), 25% of easily digestible proteins (poultry, meat, fish) and 25% vegetable fats (vegetable, flaxseed oil).
  • Fractional power. Eat should be at least 5 once a day, preferably at the same time;
  • Portions should be small;
  • Food should be thoroughly chewed;
  • The last meal should be no later than 4 hours before bedtime;
  • Food should be in a warm form. Too hot or cold dishes are excluded;
  • Products containing fats of animal origin are limited;
  • Excludes frying. Dishes with a diet after cholecystectomy can be boiled, stewed, baked, steamed.

Permitted and Prohibited Products

Diet after cholecystectomy Table 5 for Pevzner – allowed products:

  • Low-fat meat and poultry (beef, veal, rabbit, turkey, chicken);
  • Lean fish (preferably sea);
  • Low-fat dairy and sour-milk products (cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, yogurt);
  • Cereals and cereals (oats, buckwheat, rice, millet);
  • Vegetable soups, weak meat broths;
  • Bran;
  • Eggs;
  • Greens (especially turmeric and bay leaves with a diet after cholecystectomy);
  • Vegetables (especially carrots and pumpkins);
  • Sweet fruits and berries;
  • Vegetable, linseed, butter;
  • Dried fruits;
  • Honey, marshmallows, marmalade are allowed in limited quantities with a diet after cholecystectomy.

Diet after cholecystectomy Table 5 for Pevzner – Prohibited products:

  • Fatty meat and poultry (lamb, pork, duck, goose);
  • Oily fish;
  • Salo, beef and mutton fat;
  • Sausages;
  • Fried, spicy, smoked, pickled, sour dishes;
  • Spices and spices;
  • Garlic, onion, radish, radish;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Sauerkraut;
  • Beans, peas, lentils;
  • Coarse bread;
  • Rich meat, mushroom and fish broths;
  • Bread, sweets, desserts;
  • Ice cream;
  • Jelly;
  • Carbonated drinks;
  • Alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden in the diet after cholecystectomy.

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Diet after cholecystectomy Table 5 – menu for a week (breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner):

  • Oatmeal porridge with berries;
  • Bran. Banana;
  • Lenten borsch. Heck for a couple;
  • A glass of yogurt;
  • Mashed potatoes. Steam cutlets from veal. Salad from grated carrots.
  • Pumpkin porridge;
  • Bran. Peach;
  • Okroshka. Meatballs from turkey to steamed;
  • A glass of fermented baked milk;
  • Fig. Beef meatballs. Salad from grated beets.
  • Buckwheat porridge with milk;
  • Bran. Pear;
  • Vegetable soup. Boiled chicken fillet;
  • A glass of curdled milk;
  • Pumpkin casserole. Broth from a dogrose.
  • Cheesecakes with raisins and sour cream;
  • Bran. An Apple;
  • Bouillon. Boiled turkey fillet;
  • A glass of milk. Galette cookies;
  • Pike perch baked in the oven. Salad from grated carrots.
  • Steam Omelette;
  • Orange;
  • Rice soup. Steam meatballs made of veal;
  • A glass of yogurt;
  • Steam chicken cutlets. Vegetable stew.
  • Milk soup;
  • Bran. 2 apricot;
  • Cream soup of celery. Baked turkey fillet;
  • A glass of natural yogurt with greens;
  • Flounder baked with potatoes. 2 the tomato.
  • Cottage cheese pudding;
  • Bran. Persimmon;
  • Beetroot. Boiled chicken breast;
  • A glass of curdled milk;
  • Buckwheat. Fish souffle. Salad of cucumbers and tomatoes.

In breaks between meals at a diet after cholecystectomy you can drink water, diluted vegetable and fruit juices, weak tea, a decoction of herbs and berries.


Pumpkin porridge

  1. Pumpkin is peeled, cut into small cubes, put into a saucepan, poured into water and boiled over medium heat for 10 minutes until cooked.
  2. Grind the pumpkin in a blender to a puree consistency.
  3. We shift the pumpkin puree into a saucepan, fill it with milk, add sugar and butter, put it on the fire.
  4. After boiling the milk, reduce the gas, add millet, mix.
  5. Boil 10 minutes on low heat until cooked. After cooking leave the cereal for about 15 minutes.

Pumpkin porridge is an especially useful dish during the recovery from cholecystectomy. Turn on pumpkin porridge on the diet menu for breakfast.

Fish soufflé

  1. Wash fish, dry, cut into small pieces, put in a frying pan, pour half a glass of water, send to fire.
  2. Carrots peel, grate, add to the fish. Stew on low heat for 10 minutes until the water is completely evaporated.
  3. Grind fish with carrots on a blender.
  4. Pour into a clean frying pan 100 ml of milk, add flour, stir until thick, turn off the gas.
  5. Pour the sauce into the fish mince, add the egg yolk, salt, stir.
  6. Egg white whisk on a blender until the formation of foam, add to ground meat.
  7. Put the forcemeat in the baking dish. Cook in a preheated 200 oven for at least 25 minutes until golden brown.

Amazingly delicate fish souffle is perfect as a main course for a diet after cholecystectomy.

Vegetable stew

  • Potatoes 2 pcs;
  • Carrots 1 pcs;
  • Zucchini 1 pcs;
  • Bulgarian pepper 1 pcs;
  • Tomato paste 2;
  • Vegetable oil 2 item;
  • Salt pinch;
  • Greens to taste.
  1. Potatoes and carrots peel, pepper from the seeds.
  2. Potatoes, carrots and zucchini cut into small cubes, pepper straws.
  3. On a frying pan heated with vegetable oil, put out the vegetables for 7 minutes. Add tomato paste and half a glass of water, add salt.
  4. Stew under the lid for 25 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  5. Before serving, decorate the dish with chopped herbs to taste.

Vegetable stew will enrich the body with vitamins, and therefore it is recommended to include it in your diet with a diet after cholecystectomy.

Steam meatballs from beef

Steam meatballs from beef

  1. We wash the greens, grind them.
  2. We add eggs, greens and salt to minced meat, mix until a homogeneous mass is obtained.
  3. We form small meatballs of round shape. Hand wet the water so that the meat does not stick.
  4. In a multivark, pour a glass of water, set the shape. We spread the meatballs on the form.
  5. Cooking 40-50 minutes on the “Steamer” mode.

Steamed meatballs from beef are useful for a diet after cholecystectomy.


  1. Add flour to the milk, bring to a boil, mix, so that no lumps are formed.
  2. Beat eggs with sugar, mix them with cottage cheese, add vanillin.
  3. In the curd mass send milk sauce, beaten on a mixer.
  4. Put the resulting curd mass in a baking dish. Top with berries to taste.
  5. Bake in a preheated 180 oven for 20-25 minutes until golden brown.

Pamper yourself with curd pudding while following a diet after cholecystectomy.

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Miriam Josey
Miriam Josey is an RD and expert in healthy diets and sustainable lifestyles. She has a B.S from Cal State (Nutritional Science) and an M.S. from the University of Southern California (Nutrition, Healthspan, and Longevity). Miriam’s professional chef certificate allows her to develop rich, non-restrictive diets for weight loss.


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