Diet after myocardial infarction in men

The diet after myocardial infarction for men is aimed at making a man quickly recover from this disease. In addition, we must lead a correct way of life: to give up cigarettes, alcohol.

Indicators of blood pressure and cholesterol should be carefully monitored. These measures prevent the recurrence of the disease. Do not forget that infarction often leads to the death of the patient. A balanced menu and diet after myocardial infarction for men activates metabolic processes, enhances the effect of drug therapy. Men should give preference to foods that contain low amounts of cholesterol and make fasting days.

According to cardiologists, a man who in the past suffered a heart attack and stenting, when compiling a daily menu, one must be guided by important rules.

In the diet must be present in large quantities of vegetables and fruits. Fats with heart diseases are harmful to the body, so it is forbidden to use butter, sour cream.

Food should be prepared in olive or sunflower oil. The amount of protein should also be limited. You can eat no more than 200 gram of cottage cheese with a low fat content or a small portion of a meat dish.

The daily menu should include dishes based on recipes containing polyunsaturated acids. It is useful to eat chicken, seafood. Due to polyunsaturated acids, the vascular walls are strengthened.

Salt immediately after a heart attack is not recommended, especially for men with a lot of weight and obesity. In the future, its number is limited. It increases blood pressure, worsens the heart, so the likelihood of a recurrence of the infarction increases.

From the diet it is necessary to exclude canned products, sausage, salted and smoked products. The use of coffee, strong tea, carbonated drinks, baked goods and sweets is also not welcome. These are prohibited foods at any stage: acute, subacute, scarring.

Experts advise people suffering from heart disease to exercise caution in eating foods that contain a lot of cholesterol. Therefore, you should abandon the offal and adhere to the diet.

The use of salmon roe is not recommended. In rabbit meat, turkey, sea fish, egg whites contain a small amount of cholesterol. We must not forget about the fruits, rich in trace elements such as potassium and magnesium. They are very useful for heart disease. Many such microelements contain bananas, raisins and dried apricots. A good effect in heart diseases is the use of zucchini, beets, potatoes. Food on the table should be cooked in a double boiler or stew, then the diet after myocardial infarction for men will be effective.

What you can eat with a heart attack in different periods of the disease

What you can eat with a heart attack is not everyone knows, but in fact the diet is aimed at reducing the level of lipids in the blood. Fresh fruit juices, fresh from fruit are useful. It is necessary to include parsley, almonds, sunflower seeds in your menu. The amount of liquid must be controlled strictly.

It is recommended to use no more than two liters of liquid. Food should be frequent: at least six meals per day are recommended. What can you eat with a heart attack? With this disease, adherence to the right diet is especially necessary. It promotes more rapid scarring of the muscles of the myocardium, this process can last three weeks.

At this time, men need to eat low-fat soups, vegetable dishes and decoctions.

Nutritionists are advised to drink carrot juice, you need to add a spoonful of lean oil. It is recommended to refuse fatty foods. For representatives of the stronger sex, suffering from excess weight and diabetes, the use of these products is particularly damaging.

Do not forget that overweight can lead to hypertension. It promotes the development of atherosclerosis.

With a heart attack, you must abandon flour products, sweet foods. When performing these easy rules, a man can easily get rid of excess kilograms, the cholesterol level will decrease. It is useful to eat dietary cereals, honey. From grapes, smoked products, fried foods, mushrooms, tomato ketchup must be abandoned completely.

If a man undergoes a surgical operation, during which a stent was installed, he needs to eat small meals six times a day. The use of alcohol and chocolate products is contraindicated. The daily calorific value should not exceed 1100 calories per day. Useful fruit dishes, products containing cereals. The amount of salt in cooking should be limited (no more than 5 g per day). If the representative of the stronger sex will comply with these recommendations, he will be able to quickly recover from myocardial infarction.

After the man leaves the clinic, he must still keep to the diet, but the requirements for nutrition are no longer so strict.

If a man has experienced a massive heart attack, carbohydrates and protein should predominate in his daily diet. You should prepare cottage cheese dishes, you can add sour cream and raisins. A wide toning up action is given to the broth from the hips. Useful compotes of dried fruits, vegetable salads.

Soups should be prepared from low-fat fish, useful and liquid chicken broth. As a side dish, you should use Fig. You can pamper yourself with vegetarian borscht, the recipes of this dish are great. Daily caloric content increases to 2200 calories per day. The number of meals is reduced to three. At night, it is recommended to drink 200 ml of kefir.

The patient must drink plain non-carbonated water (at least 0,6 L). Strengthen the blood vessels after a heart attack possible with the help of seafood. They contain many useful substances and have a beneficial effect on the work of the heart, improve the condition of the body as a whole.

If a man suffers from hypertension, he must carefully monitor the amount of fluid consumed. It should be remembered that eating after a heart attack should be varied, the diet should be carefully thought out.

While the patient was in the cardiology department, his diet was controlled by the attending physician. After the man is discharged from the hospital, he must comply with all the instructions of a specialist. Late dinner is not recommended, we must have supper no later than two hours before the onset of sleep. If the patient is difficult to go to sleep on an empty stomach, you can drink 200 ml kefir. In a week you should eat no more than three eggs.

Nutrition after a heart attack during the rehabilitation period

Nutrition after a heart attack allows the use of bread. You should choose bread from flour of the highest quality, it should be well dried. You can eat and crackers.

Soups need to eat small portions of 150-200 ml. Cook them in this way: in the decoction of vegetables fall asleep a small amount of cereals or vegetables. It is allowed to add egg flakes to the soup. In meat used for cooking, there should be no tendons and fascia. Chicken meat is allowed to use, but beforehand it is necessary to remove the skin from it. From minced meat are cutlets and meatballs.

Milk is recommended, it should be added to tea or meals. Cottage cheese should be well ground and cooked from it curd pasta. From eggs you can prepare a protein omelet. Vegetables may be consumed in the form of puddings. From oatmeal grocery you get a wonderful dietary porridge, you can pour in a little milk, and buckwheat porridge must be carefully grinded. It is useful to eat semolina.

The use of various snacks is prohibited. Sugars should not be consumed more than 30 grams per day. You can replace it with honey. The tea should be brewed lightly. In the tea you can add a slice of lemon, a small amount of milk.

Fruit juices, curative decoctions are well influenced by the state of the cardiovascular system. They are also recommended for men and women in the prevention of ischemic diseases. The recommended dosage of these drinks does not exceed 150 ml per day. The amount of liquid is 700-800 ml.

And what can you eat after myocardial infarction yet?

In the daily menu it is necessary to include kefir, a broth prepared from prunes, milk porridges with an apple. From drinks are allowed: kissels, tea with the addition of milk. It is useful to eat stewed fish, cottage cheese of low fat content, vegetable broths, puree with prunes.

In the second diet per day should be consumed no more than 1800 calories. The total weight of dishes should not exceed two kilograms. The diet should contain fats in the amount of 60 grams, proteins – not less than 70 grams, carbohydrates in the amount of 25 grams. Liquids need to drink no more than one liter a day. The amount of salt is limited to three grams per day.

In the third diet, the recommended weight of consumed foods should not exceed 2,3 kg. In this type of diet, carbohydrates and proteins predominate. The volume of the liquid does not exceed 1,1 liters. Fresh bread is not recommended. In the period of scarring, bread from wheat flour can be eaten in an amount not exceeding 250 g per day. Rye bread can be eaten only in the first ration, not more than 50 grams per day.

In the second and third rations you can cook vegetable soups, soups with the addition of cereals. It is allowed to include in the food after a heart attack a weak meat broth with a low fat content. You can use sour cream, low-fat cheese, vanillin, lemon juice. The use of snacks in the second diet is prohibited. Porridge should be liquid or viscid. They must be carefully grinded. In the third ration you can include snacks in the menu. Useful porridge, puddings of cottage cheese and buckwheat, apple casserole, fruit jelly, carrot puree. It is allowed to use lean herring, ham, ripe tomatoes, apple pancakes.


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