Diet after poisoning

After food poisoning is important to restore the digestive tract, cleanse the body and remove harmful toxins. To do this quickly and efficiently, you need to adhere to a special diet that will help stabilize the water-salt balance and positively affect the mucous membrane of the stomach.

Features of food

In the first days after poisoning, it is important to take food in liquid form, puree, milk porridges, fibrous is better to exclude, and it is not desirable to chew whole apples, pears, it is better to make them purees, and if you really want crackers, then they must be soaked before consumption in the liquid.

It is necessary to avoid excessive stretching of the stomach and intestines, food should be consumed in small portions, exclude carbonated drinks, whole milk, beans, cabbage, corn, yeast products.

Diet after food poisoning should include slightly salty rice porridge on the water, because this croup perfectly displays toxins and harmful substances. With the same purpose, oats and buckwheat porridges are perfect.

All dishes should be moderately warm, without an aggressive environment, slightly salted and sweetened. Necessarily – plentiful drink, warm herbal teas, broths. It is forbidden to drink coffee, strong tea, and also alcohol.

Foreign physicians respond well about bananas, fruits contain a high amount of potassium, which is necessary for the body during intoxication. Here is the following list of products that a person needs in the first days after poisoning:

  • rice and oatmeal porridge;
  • wheat rusks;
  • bananas and apple puree;
  • green tea;
  • compotes of dried fruits;
  • boiled or baked vegetables;
  • chopped fish in the form of steam cutlets;
  • soups are puree.

And now I want to name those products, which are strictly prohibited during the poisoning period. These are salted, sour, canned, spicy dishes, pastries, confectionery, semi-finished products, butter, raw vegetables and fruits, dairy products of high fat content in raw form, yeast products, alcohol and carbonated drinks.

Sample diet menu after food poisoning in adults

In the morning drink a decoction of rose hips.

At lunch, eat vegetable soup with homemade croutons, soaked in liquid.

For dinner – 100 g oatmeal porridge without sugar.

Breakfast – vegetable broth with white rice, 2 slices of yesterday's bread.

Lunch – mashed potatoes and low-fat fish fillets for a couple.

Dinner – compote of dried fruits and homemade croutons.

On the third day recovery of the body can be used for breakfast – chicken broth with potatoes, for lunch – steam meatballs with chicken meat, and for evening – crackers with mint green tea.

Such a menu can be adhered to until the mucous membrane of the stomach is completely restored, then it is necessary to gradually introduce the usual dishes from the diet, watching your own well-being.

What kind of diet should children have after poisoning?

When the first signs of poisoning appear, the child should be given warm boiled water, if there is an appetite, then feed the child in small portions every 2 hours, create dishes from the above-mentioned acceptable ingredients. It is forbidden during this period shop juices and other confectionery products.

Warning: it is impossible to feed a baby by force, the main thing is to give him plenty of liquid so that harmful substances can be effectively eliminated from the body. The first two days a child is better to stay at home, walk for a short time, have more rest.

When poisoning in infants and pregnant women it is necessary to urgently call an ambulance in order to prevent the process of intoxication in the body and the violation of the functionality of internal organs.

Diet after poisoning – recipes from folk craftsmen

The first – bread crumbs, are made very simply: bread is cut into strips, dried in a microwave or oven, served on a table.

Compote of dried fruits – pour 2 st. l. raw 5 glasses of water, bring to a boil, add a spoonful of honey and boil for half an hour on a small fire.

Porridge from rice – cook according to generally accepted standards, most importantly, do not add salt and other condiments. Eat small meals, 5-6 once a day.

How to avoid food poisoning?

  1. Strictly observe the shelf life of products.
  2. Follow the hygiene.
  3. Put the raw products separately from the processed ones.
  4. Dangerous products should be carefully heat treated.
  5. Store products at low temperature.
  6. The water must be clean and of good quality.
  7. Disappeared products must be urgently thrown out of the refrigerator.

Such simple rules will help you to be healthy, protect your family from the unpleasant consequences of food poisoning.

Take care of yourself and be healthy!

Video about food poisoning

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Reviews of the diet after poisoning

"On the third day of recovery the body can be used for breakfast – chicken broth with potatoes, for lunch – steam meatballs with chicken meat, and for evening – crackers with mint green tea."


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