Diet after the holidays: a necessity or another fiction?

During the holidays, we often do not think about the harm of the food we eat in huge quantities. We just enjoy the process. But when the holidays come to an end, we suddenly begin to understand how wrong they were. The face is swollen, the stomach is inflated like a ball, and there is a feeling that there is a cobblestone in the stomach.

All this is the result of cheerful days and feasts. Therefore, the diet after the holidays is simply a necessity. It will help us quickly restore the work of all internal organs and eliminate all of the above symptoms in just a few days.

Why is this happening?

Our body is a complex mechanism that is used to working by the clock. He has his own regime. He gives us signals when to eat, and when to sleep. On weekdays we listen to it, so we feel mostly good.

But during the holidays we stop listening to the body and begin to succumb to temptations. We start to eat, even when you do not want to, just because someone has decided to eat nearby. At the same time, this is not an easy meal, but, as a rule, heavy fatty foods (salads dressed with mayonnaise, fatty meat, sausages, etc.).

As a result of this violation of the regime and disrespect for your body, internal organs begin to experience a heavy load. The stomach, due to the receipt of a huge amount of food, begins to produce excess digestive juice, as a result of which its walls begin to become irritated.

The liver also gets under attack. Its main function is the removal of poisons and toxins from the body, after the stomach has given her some of the digested food. But even such a large body can not cope with such an influx of harmful substances, so it begins to increase in size. And this in turn leads to squeezing the stomach and the emergence of all those unpleasant symptoms – heaviness, heartburn, belching, discomfort, etc.

Even during the feast our intestines suffer greatly. And it's not even about overeating, but in the sedentary lifestyle that we lead during the holidays. It helps to slow down the motility of smooth muscles and the appearance of constipation. As a result, the intestines begin to accumulate feces, which lead to bloating.

In the end, after a few days of feasting you become on the scales and notice that you have gained 3-4 kg of extra weight. Of these, approximately one kilogram of fat, 1,3 kg of water and 1,7 kg of stool. Unloading days after the holidays will help to solve this problem and quickly put in your body order. How to conduct them correctly? And what can you eat during the cleansing of the body? Let's talk about it.

Unloading days after the holidays: rules for holding

Unloading days suggest fasting, during which the body begins to experience stress and, as it were, is shaken, after which it begins actively to get rid of all unnecessary things. But after the holidays fasting should not be arranged in any case. After all, you just recently taught yourself to eat tightly and fasting can simply lead to a breakdown, which then leads to overeating.

To prevent this, the food after the holidays should take place according to all the rules. Food should be easy, taken strictly by the hour and in small portions. It is strictly forbidden to eat before going to bed! The last meal should take place no later than 3 hours before bedtime.

As for the food itself, there is nothing new here. Cleansing the bowels after the holidays and restoring the work of other organs can not occur if fatty foods and flour products are used for food, as well as various sweets, pickles and smoked products.

Your diet should consist of such foods and dishes as:

  • light soups, cooked on vegetable broth;
  • Soups cooked on secondary chicken broth;
  • boiled chicken breast;
  • lean boiled fish;
  • lean beef;
  • vegetable salads, seasoned with lemon juice;
  • porridges cooked on low-fat milk or water;
  • whole wheat bread;
  • cereals;
  • kissels;
  • fermented milk products (kefir, natural yoghurts, cottage cheese);
  • puddings and jellies;
  • green tea;
  • herbal decoctions.

But the most important thing during this period is to drink plenty of water. It helps to remove toxins and toxins from the body, and therefore has a beneficial effect on the work of all internal organs.

This diet should be kept for about a week. Then you can start the most that neither is a real unloading day. Their advantages are that they can consist of any food product that you can eat with pleasure throughout the day.

Unloading after the holidays should not last more than two days, otherwise it can lead to a sharp deterioration in well-being. Here are a few options for unloading days:

  • unloading day on kefir – it is allowed to drink only 2 liters of kefir;
  • unloading day on cottage cheese – it is allowed to eat 0,5 kg of cottage cheese and drink a liter of kefir;
  • fasting day on buckwheat – it is allowed to eat buckwheat in any quantity, but without adding oil and sugar;
  • unloading day on dried fruits – it is allowed to eat any dried fruits in unlimited quantities.

Unloading days help to consolidate the results of a weekly diet and completely restore intestinal motility. Especially they are useful to those who suffer from regular constipation and have other problems with digestion.

After the festive feast, our body is in a stressful state and needs urgent help, therefore, it is not necessary to neglect the unloading days. They will not only restore his work, but also prevent the emergence of problems with excess weight that occur in most people.

However, if during the weekly diet you managed to get rid of everything that was scored for the holidays, you can refuse from unloading days. But from the food that you adhered, you should not refuse. It will help you forget about the problems with the gastrointestinal tract and will not allow excess kilograms to come back again.

Video about the diet after the holidays

Reviews of the diet after the holidays

This year I was able to protect my figure from extra pounds. Here finish modeling model thirty plus. He helped me to control my appetite, so I did not overeat at New Year's holidays. And no heaviness in the stomach. In six weeks, almost a little more than five kilograms were gone. So keep in mind how you can restore your figure after endless holidays)

I have been celebrating the New Year for many years in a different way than most of my compatriots. I put the clock on the table to 16-17. Moreover, the dishes there are all from a healthy diet: instead of mayonnaise in olive yogurt with sour cream, and instead of sausage – baked turkey and chicken. Nothing smoked and roasted: lots of fruit and fresh vegetables. By 22 hours, when in our country only sit down at the New Year's table, I have already tasted all the dishes. In 00-00 I can afford to drink a glass of champagne and eat Panacotte – but no more. And in the morning, instead of the so-beloved "coat", I drank a glass of my favorite live yogurt and ate a protein omelet. Nothing superfluous or harmful – all the same as on any other day, except that the dishes are festive. I have long been from the store products, which can replace the home. Yogurt, in particular, I do myself on the probiotic leaven Slim from Bakdzdrav. I've been drinking it for over 2 months and I can say that there is a benefit from it. Firstly, 4 kg left; secondly – it began to feel much better than before, there is more energy. Each person decides for himself what he likes: to be healthy or "to gorge on the belly."


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