Diet and menu for acute gastritis of the stomach

To successfully treat acute gastritis, you need the right and dietary food, regardless of the level of acidity. This will be the key to preventing complications of the disease. An important medical recommendation is fasting on the first day of the attack. Only from the 3 day is it allowed to gradually introduce viscous soups. Gentle and strict diet is maintained until the moment of arresting the acute phase, a variety of the permitted products with gastritis is introduced into the preventive diet.

Acute gastritis of the stomach is characterized by a sudden onset and a complex course. Among the symptoms, patients note heartburn, burning in the stomach, bloating and nausea, which goes into vomiting. Many doctors believe that the cause of this condition is a violation of diet. To facilitate and rapid recovery of the gastric mucosa is necessary to follow a diet. Such therapy combined with drug treatment will help to restore mucous membrane faster and prevent other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Immediately after the diagnosis of “acute gastritis” should begin to observe the correct diet. In the first 2 days, the patient is credited with a complete refusal to eat. You can only drink water, sweet tea or a decoction of rose hips. It is important to refrain from too hot or cold liquid. After 3 days, the patient can enter into the diet of light soups, mashed potatoes, broth, kefir and milk. But it should be remembered that dairy products should be with a minimum percentage of fat. Further, if the doctor finds it possible, the patient is allowed liquid porridge on the basis of buckwheat, oatmeal or rice cereal. Meat food involves the use of light soufflé, and should take chicken, rabbit or turkey. About a week after the start of treatment, jelly and fruit jelly, dishes from eggs are allowed.

With gastritis, not only products are important, but also the mode of their intake. In the period of the hunger strike, a man’s stomach is weaned from his usual work. Therefore after its termination it is necessary to eat the minimal portions. The interval between meals should be 2-3 hours. Therefore, there should be 6-7 meals a day. After reducing or arresting the pain in the abdomen, they begin to observe the prescribed diet. Keep it stands for 3-x months. This is the time it takes to normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Diet for stomach with high acidity

It is known that the diagnosis of “acute gastritis” has two options. The first of them is diagnosed in people with high acidity of the stomach. This type of gastritis is the most common. The menu in this case is very strict, after all it is forbidden practically all sweet, vegetables, fruits, sauces, seasonings. It explains the severity in the choice of products the need to “calm” the walls of the mucosa, and normalize the level of acidity.

When preparing the ration, the products recommended by the doctor are used. As for bread, it is allowed to eat dried pieces of it. And in the composition must be flour of the highest grade. The first is to choose soups based on milk or vegetable broth. The optimal solution at the beginning of the diet will be soup-puree, diluted with low-fat cream. In a moderate amount, gastritis consumes pasta and eggs. Cook cereals better from rice, buckwheat or oatmeal. For meat dishes it is better to choose low-fat meat, for example, chicken, rabbit or turkey. Fish is also better to take with a minimum of fat, for example, hake or pollock.

You may eat boiled, baked or steamed vegetables.

This mode of eating involves the use of cooked, baked or steamed vegetables. Permitted are carrots, zucchini, cauliflower, beets and tomatoes. In this case, tomatoes should be taken ripe and non-acidic. For salads and snacks use dietary varieties of sausage, vegetables and neutral cheeses. As a refueling it is better to take olive or refined sunflower oil. Fruits are not recommended for use in fresh form with gastritis. From them you can make jelly, jelly or mousse. From drinks prefer cocoa, coffee with milk, weak tea and fruit compotes.

Adhering to the dietary diet, take out of use fresh bread and rolls. To prepare the first dishes you can not use meat or mushroom broth. Forbidden include borsch, cabbage soup and okroshka. Such cereals, as corn, wheat and pearl barley, are removed from the menu. Canned, smoked and dried meat or fish ingredients with gastritis are excluded. As for vegetables, the onions, garlic, sorrel and spinach are forbidden. It is important to avoid fruits that contain a high percentage of fiber, as well as unripe fruits. From drinks with gastritis clean strong coffee, carbonated water, kvass and alcohol.

Diet with acute gastritis with reduced gastric acidity

This mode is prescribed for patients with acute inflammation of the stomach with a decreased level of acidity. The main task of this diet is to exclude irritating foods, but with stimulation of gastric juice secretion. Dietary food is more diverse than with increased acidity. The methods of preparation include: stewing, baking, steaming and frying in breadcrumbs (without crust). With such gastritis, foods with a large amount of dietary fiber are selected. As for the number of meals, they should be 4-5 per day. Too hot and cold dishes are excluded.

Patients with this diagnosis are allowed to use flour products and bread, but only from flour I and II varieties, as well as buns. Maximum 2-3 times a week you can eat patty pies. Cook the first dish on a non-concentrated broth of fish or meat. Soups can be with vegetables, cereals or vermicelli. It should be noted that food is allowed with any cereals and pasta. Only corn or wheat are subject to restrictions. As for meat and fish dishes, they should be prepared from low-fat varieties. You can eat vegetables in boiled or baked form. The assortment is rich: potatoes, zucchini, beets, tomatoes, cabbage and peas. All fruits are allowed, but only in the ripe form. In moderate amounts, citrus fruits and food with their use are allowed. As for drinks, fruit juices, tea, cocoa and coffee with milk are allowed.

From floury puff and dough is removed. Concerning the first dishes, it is necessary to exclude okroshka and milk soups. Prohibited food from fatty meat and fish. You can not smoked sausages. Exclude beans, as well as corn, wheat and barley cereals. Poorly tolerated vegetables such as onions, garlic, mushrooms and radish. From fruits with coarse skin and a large number of seeds you need to refuse – figs, raspberries, dates, currants. Prohibited are such sweets as chocolate and ice cream. Drinks in the form of grape juice, alcohol, kvass are removed from the diet.

Given all the recommendations, you can make an approximate diet of the patient for a day. One of the options:

  • The first breakfast involves a piece of stale bread or cracker, with egg decoction.
  • For the second breakfast you can eat a viscous semolina porridge. It should be cooked on water and add a piece of butter when serving.
  • For lunch, you can eat broth. The second can be either semolina porridge or dumplings.
  • The snack consists of jelly and not strong tea.
  • For dinner, an egg, a cracker and unsweetened tea are taken.

The second variant of the daily menu:

  • as a first breakfast mucous rice porridge, an omelette and a glass of low-fat milk;
  • for a second breakfast a glass of milk or kefir is drunk;
  • for lunch: milk soup with oatmeal, meat soufflé and fruit compote;
  • afternoon snack: a glass of milk and a boiled egg;
  • supper can be mucous buckwheat porridge, cooked on milk and boiled egg;
  • before going to bed it is allowed to drink a glass of milk.

In case of an exacerbation of the disease, the diet can be as follows:

  • for the first breakfast you can eat oatmeal with milk or weak tea;
  • The second breakfast involves a baked apple with cottage cheese, coffee with milk or tea;
  • for lunch choose soup or broth with meatballs, steak cooked steamed, buckwheat porridge and fruit compote;
  • for dinner, the best solution would be mashed potatoes from baked vegetables, low-fat cottage cheese with honey or jam;
  • before going to bed you can drink a glass of low-fat yogurt or kefir.

Such food is a good alternative to spicy, sour or smoked. Doctors recommend adhering to the diet during the acute and remission phase. Therefore, using this diet, you can quickly achieve improvement in the gastric mucosa, including wound healing. In addition, such diets contribute to well-being.


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