Diet and menu for gastritis

Such a disease, like gastritis, is becoming more common nowadays. The most important condition for a speedy recovery is a diet with gastritis, which consists of consuming sparing food for the gastric mucosa and observing certain rules in the diet. Why it is necessary to adhere to a diet, what is the danger of its non-compliance and what will be the consequences, we will find out in this article.

Why is gastric gastritis necessary to follow a diet?

No medicine can cure gastritis (acute or chronic) until the end. At the moment, pharmacies offer a wide variety of drugs against gastritis, but they are all capable only to eliminate the symptoms of the disease (pain and stomach cramps, heartburn, upset, eructation), rather than undergo a full course of treatment. Without dieting, drugs can not lead to the expected result and will become a waste of money.

The main principle of the diet for inflammation of the gastric mucosa is the observance of rational nutrition, which helps to ensure adequate digestion. Menu with gastritis (both with high acidity and with reduced) implies the use of a certain daily content of useful substances: from 90 to 100 g protein and fat, from 400 to 420 g carbohydrates. At the same time, the calorie content should not exceed the value of 3000. Drinking fluids should be at least 2 liters per day.

Eat often, but moderately.

The diet for gastritis should be serious, but at the same time, the recipes must include nutritious foods that do not irritate the walls of the stomach. Food should be eaten in crushed condition, sufficiently well cooked or steamed. It should be eaten often, food intake should be moderate. Do not indulge in contrasting dishes – the cold is separate from hot ones. At night, it is forbidden to eat, as at night the stomach is obliged to rest, like each individual human organ.

This type of gastritis is accompanied by increased secretion of gastric juice. For him, specially selected first on the list – diet, the main purpose of which – fencing and protection of the gastric mucosa from external stimuli. Therefore, the basis of rational digestion includes products that reduce acidity. The diet suggests eating the following foods:

  • milk porridge (semolina, oatmeal, rice);
  • mashed vegetable soups;
  • skimmed milk and dairy products;
  • Egg omelette, steamed;
  • meat of low-fat varieties (rabbit, turkey meat);
  • fish of low-fat varieties (hake, pollock, flounder, etc.).

Menu in the disease should consist of such vegetables: boiled potatoes, carrots, zucchini, pumpkin. All dietary recipes include dishes from vegetables, which are cooked in boiled, steam and puree form. Of fruit, preference is given to non-acid varieties of fruits: avocado, mango, sweet apples. You should eat sweet berries: strawberries, raspberries, cherries, and melons (melon and melon).

It is useful to drink a glass of milk in the morning and in the evening.

It is very useful in the morning and evening to drink a glass of milk. Inclusion in the meal of animal and vegetable oils will positively affect the stomach and help to eliminate painful symptoms. When gastritis is prohibited there are such dishes that cause excessive secretion of gastric juice. These include:

  • fried, salted, spicy foods;
  • sauces; black bread;
  • fresh baked pastry;
  • canned products;
  • black coffee and tea.

Diet for patients with gastritis categorically prohibits the intake of alcohol, beer, sweet soda.

With diffuse and erosive gastritis, a decreased acidity of the stomach is observed. It is necessary to eat digestible food that does not irritate the walls of the stomach. Examples of permitted food are: stale bread; cereals, the most useful of which will be oatmeal, buckwheat, rice porridge (especially for breakfast). With hypoacid gastritis, you can eat many fruits in the form of mashed potatoes or grated. It is allowed in a moderate amount to eat citrus fruits. Also, compote of berries is useful.

Meat is preferable to eat low-fat varieties: chicken, turkey meat, young calf meat; fish – hake, cod, flounder (exclude only fatty varieties). You can cook meat and fish non-broth broth. Low-fat dairy products and yoghurt desserts are allowed. From flour it is necessary to refuse from baking and fat cookies. Black tea is forbidden, but you can afford to drink kvass, beer, black coffee. Smoked meat and salty-spicy dishes are forbidden to use for food.

An approximate diet for patients with gastritis with a decreased gastric acidity is not as severe as with a malaise with increased acidity and, sometimes, in a period of absence of exacerbations, even involves the use of fried foods, pickled vegetables.

Treatment for patients with gastritis diet

It is indicated for stomach ulcers, with superficial, diffuse and erosive gastritis. The food is cooked in boiled form or steamed, not crushed. Exclude foods that contribute to the excessive secretion of gastric juice. Diet for those suffering gastritis is aimed at treating the inflammatory process in the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, healing ulcers and erosions, normalizing the work of the stomach. Nutrition is necessary 5-6 once a day, with 2-hour breaks between feedings and there are small portions.

The diet number one has two modifications. The first diet has such a principle: the dishes are cooked in liquid, puree or crushed form. It is recommended very often – 6-7 once a day, while you can not eat vegetables, fruits and bakery products. Such a strict diet is prescribed to patients with diffuse, erosive gastritis, and also in the first week of the postoperative period. The second dietary contains the same principles, but only differs in the composition of substances (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) and nutritional value.

Therapeutic diet is indicated for superficial, chronic gastritis with secretory insufficiency, enteritis and colitis in the process of recovery. Proper nutrition is aimed at providing the body with nutrients, stimulating the secretory function of the digestive system, normalizing the normal functioning of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. With such a diet, it is allowed to cook and eat foods in a boiled, stewed, not very fried form.

It is forbidden to use intractable, irritating gastric mucosa, contrasting dishes.

This diet, which is shown not only with superficial gastritis, but also with other diseases: with hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, chronic colitis, with inflammation of the gallbladder. Dietary nutrition is aimed at supplying the body with a high-grade and high-quality vitaminized composition, normalization of lipid metabolism and normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Food should be gentle for the stomach, with a limited content of animal fats, in a boiled, steam or stewed state. To eat it is necessary often, 4-5 once a day, there are small portions.

Principles of Nutrition for Children and Pregnant Women

When treating a malaise in a child, in order to eliminate unpleasant symptoms, in addition to taking medications, much attention is paid to exactly the observance of the appropriate diet. There are three main principles of diet therapy for a child: diet (timely feeding – at least 4 times a day, with small breaks between them); quality and proper technology of their preparation (the products must be fresh, prepared immediately before the main meal, add salt and flavoring spices minimally); the content in the curative menu of useful and nutritious dishes for the child. The children’s menu for gastritis, calculated for a day, is presented here:

Pregnant women who have a disease such as gastritis, recommended bed rest and strict diet. A simple protein diet is shown, eating 5-6 once a day. All food can be cooked in cooked and steamed form, absolutely you can not eat fried. Diet for pregnant women prohibits the use of sweet dishes, spicy seasonings and salt. The therapeutic effect will be the use of dairy products, steam egg omelets, cereals, mineral water (“Essentuki”, “Borjomi”) and at the same time the rest of the dietary food that is shown for people with a hyperacid and hypoacid form of the disease.

Approximate dietary menu for the day

  • Breakfast: steam omelet, cocoa with milk.
  • Second breakfast: fruit yoghurt.
  • Lunch: chicken broth, rice porridge and steam fish cutlet, berry compote.
  • Snack: one cheese cake and apple jelly.
  • Dinner: a portion of baked potatoes, vinaigrette, tea with chamomile.
  • The second dinner: fermented biscuits and biscuits.

For people, non-observance of a diet with an ailment entails such consequences: the pathology of the gastric mucosa, the formation of ulcers and erosions, the consequence of which will be a stomach ulcer. In addition, there is a disruption in the functioning of all organs of the gastrointestinal tract and the development of their ailments. In the worst case, gastritis can lead to the development of stomach cancer. Therefore, in order to avoid such unfortunate consequences, follow the simple rules of a healthy diet and diet, then nothing will threaten your health either.


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