Diet and nutrition for pancreatitis. Diet for acute and chronic pancreatitis

Diet is an important component of the treatment of pancreatitis. Without observing certain rules of nutrition and refusal to eat certain foods, the introduction of medicines into the body will not have the desired effect. In the first days of hospitalization in the acute form of the disease, the patient is generally forbidden to eat anything edible. Drinking water is allowed in any amount, it is better if it is mineral water without gas.

Table mineral water can be purchased in any grocery supermarket. It is believed that undiluted mineral water is produced in a glass bottle. Before drinking medicinal mineral water, which is sold exclusively in the pharmacy, you should consult your doctor, as some of the elements that make up such water can help increase the production of enzymes by the digestive organs, which in no case can be tolerated in pancreatitis. Fasting, on the contrary, reduces the production of pancreatic juice, and also speeds up the normalization of the body.

The development of pancreatitis in most cases leads to eating fatty and fried foods, daily snacks on the run and visits to a variety of fast foods. At the time of treatment of the disease should refuse to visit such institutions and take the rule of daily to prepare fresh food and monitor what it is made of.

The main goal of limiting nutrition in acute pancreatitis is to provide the inflamed organ with complete rest, as well as reduce the digestive juice produced by it. On the fourth day of treatment, the patient is allowed to consume a small amount of food. In this case, it practically should not contain carbohydrates, there should be a small amount of fat and a little more protein. The energy value of a diet for acute pancreatitis is no more than 2700 kcal per day. The diet is made strictly individually, taking into account such factors as the patient’s condition, his state of health, age, weight, presence or absence of complications.

What can you eat with pancreatitis in the acute stage?

Dairy products with acute pancreatitis can be consumed. They should be low-fat and completely fresh. The most useful in this case is home made kefir, which can be purchased from the hands of friends living in rural areas. Milk and kefir, bought in the store, should not have a fat content more than 2,5%.

Nutrition for chronic pancreatitis can be more diverse. Patients are advised to adhere to a special protein diet. Protein is an important component of absolutely all organs and tissues of the human body. With a slow pancreatitis, these substances, which are part of the pancreatic juice, are simply wasted. This diet is designed to make up for a normal amount of protein in the body. It provides daily food intake, which includes 150 g protein, including animal origin, as well as an increased amount of vitamins A, B, B2, B6. The energy value of a diet for chronic pancreatitis is 3000 kcal.

The weekly diet of the patient includes: cereals (buckwheat, semolina, millet, rice, millet), pasta, boiled or baked vegetables, low-fat dairy products, chicken meat, river fish, beef, hard cheeses, steamed cutlets, manti , mashed potatoes, light soups, pumpkin cereals, wheat bread, compotes of berries, natural juices, jelly. In addition, he needs to eat vegetables and fruits in fresh form. It can be carrots, cabbage, corn, strawberries, persimmons, pears, apples. When you want to drink, instead of ordinary water you can use mineral water, sweet kissel, non-acidic fruit juice, tea, freshly squeezed juice from vegetables and fruits. The most useful for chronic inflammation of the pancreas carrot, beet, potato juice. Tea drinking with pancreatitis can be varied with sweet casserole, pudding, cottage cheese. Chocolate is not recommended, instead of it you can add a spoonful of sugar or honey to the tea. Natural honey in pancreatitis is allowed, but in a strictly limited amount and in the event that the disease is successfully treated and does not have a pronounced symptomatology.

Adhere to certain rules of nutrition is necessary throughout the period of treatment of pancreatitis, and the use of certain products should be completely excluded from their lives in order to again not be in a medical institution with any disease of the digestive system.


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