Diet and nutrition in case of rotavirus infection in a child

Rotavirus infection in a child develops due to infection with the virus of the same name. Most often rotavirus occurs in the earliest age category: from 6 months to 2-x years. Therapeutic therapy and the success of the child’s recovery directly depend on the observance of the right composition and diet.

Diet with rotavirus: the main purpose

Diet, which appoints a doctor for the child during and after the disease, is called:

  • significantly reduce the burden on all digestive organs;
  • prevent dehydration;
  • to shorten the temporary stage of recovery.

It is the main method of treatment: in fact rotavirus infection is not eliminated by any of the medications.

The basic rules of a diet of children at a rotavirus

  1. To normalize digestion and prevent vomiting, one must adhere to the split in the diet: to eat in tiny portions, but with a short time interval. Usually, in the first day or two, there are no appetite disorders in patients.
  2. If the child does not want to eat, you can not coerce him by feeding him violently. As an alternative, you can offer allowed drinks (tea, kissel, decoctions).
  3. In no case should you allow even a slight dehydration of the child’s body. In the diet should be a lot of drinking, which compensates for the loss of water and important mineral elements.
  4. Prior to the normalization of the patient’s condition, all products must be grinded, well-cooked, steamed or baked, but without the formation of a coarse crust.
  5. It is necessary to exclude from the ration of the child all the “dangerous” products that are capable of provoking the growth of infection. The diet should be based on nutrition that is useful during this period.

Prohibited products (on 1-2 week after virus infection)

In the acute period of the disease and during the whole stage of recovery, the diet requires the exclusion of such products:

  • milk (as an ideal nutrient medium for infection);
  • fatty sorts of cheese;
  • sugar, honey and any sweets;
  • black and rye bread, any fresh bread and baking;
  • macaroni and vermicelli, dough products (vareniki, pelmeni, manti, dumplings, pancakes, etc.);
  • legumes (peas, lentils, beans);
  • raw vegetables, fruits (except banana) and berries;
  • pickled and marinated products;
  • rich and fatty broths on meat, fish or mushrooms, borscht, cabbage soup;
  • fatty meats, any sausage products;
  • oily, salty or smoked fish and canned food from it;
  • coarse cereals – barley, millet, corn and pearl barley;
  • fungi;
  • fat;
  • chocolate, cocoa, coffee;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • any cold drinks and food.

After the child regains his appetite and the infection begins to recede, you can already offer him:

  • homemade croutons from the pulp of a white loaf;
  • drying, biscuit biscuits;
  • rice, buckwheat, semolina, a little later – oatmeal on the water (without using oil or sugar);
  • fat-free broth (vegetable, secondary on meat or fish);
  • Soups with carefully boiled cereals and vegetables;
  • steam omelet or soft-boiled egg (but not more than 1 eggs per day);
  • steamed meat or fish souffles, meatballs, knels and cutlets (from meat – chicken, turkey, fish – hake, pollock, cod);
  • baked in the oven apples (non-acid);
  • puree from boiled carrots and potatoes (without butter and milk);
  • pumpkin and mashed potatoes – boiled and slightly salted (if there is no liquid stool);
  • rubbed fresh cottage cheese (on 3-4 day);
  • acid-milk products such as acidophilus, activium, lactobacillin, bifidoc, etc. (on 3-4 day).

During the treatment of rotavirus, it is very important not to let the child’s body dehydrate. Therefore, half the total diet will be liquid. The infection is well washed out not only with mineral water without gases, but also with home-made drinks, teas, decoctions, kissels and the like.

Drink often, but a little. At the peak (the first few days), the ideal drink will be a solution of water and Regidron. Due to the specific taste of the drink, not all children agree to it. You can try to prepare such a solution according to a home recipe. It is simple:

– 1 liter of warm water,

Ragged raisins are poured over with water and brewed for about an hour. A well cooled decoction is filtered, add the rest of the ingredients to it and boil over a small fire for a couple of minutes. Sometimes in such home drink add tea from mint or a camomile.

Independently you can cook for children:

  • unsweetened compotes (from dried berries and fruits);
  • Kiseli (from some homemade jam with cornstarch and water);
  • carrot-apple juice (boiled ingredients are grinded or ground with a blender and diluted to a liquid state with warm boiled water with the addition of a small amount of sugar);
  • rice broth;
  • slightly boiled tea;
  • decoctions of chamomile, mint, dog rose.

When an infant is breast-feeding, it is in no way excommunicated from the breast at this time. Mother’s milk consists of all the nutrients necessary for crumbs and immunoglobulins, which best help to defeat rotavirus.

During the period of exacerbation of the disease, you should not introduce additional complementary foods. If the baby eats artificial mixtures, it is temporarily transferred to dairy-free cereals and lactose-free mixtures.

Diet for each child will be special: because kids often do not eat any food at all or simply because of their young age they are not yet able to perceive any food. Parents should independently develop a menu for the child during the period of his illness and immediately after it. The basis for them will serve as food, forbidden and allowed foods and drinks and, of course, the taste preferences of the baby. Only so the infection of rotavirus can be destroyed.


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