Diet and nutrition with prostate adenoma

The methodical aids and recommendations of leading nutritionists are devoted to proper nutrition. In the presence of health problems, a therapeutic diet helps restore physiological processes, improves well-being, helps to fill the deficiency of nutrients in the body.

Diet and nutrition for prostate adenoma are aimed at maintaining the performance of the urinary system, which suffers with a significant increase in the prostate gland. Adhering to the principles of creating a useful diet, you can reduce the need for medicines, slow the course of the pathological process, get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of the disease with minimal effort.

The development of benign hyperplasia is associated with an increase in prostate size:

  1. The organ is located in such a way that the proliferation of the prostate gland covers the urinary tract, making it difficult to divert the urine, putting pressure on the bladder, provoking problems related to kidney function. The man experiences painful sensations, night trips to the toilet become more frequent, the urine stream becomes sluggish, intermittent, erectile function suffers – so the first stage of adenoma appears.
  2. The second degree of benign prostatic hyperplasia is characterized by an increase in the normal size of the organ with the involvement of other systems in the pathological process. Gradually, the pathological process spreads to the kidneys, symptoms of insufficient functional activity of the filtration system appear. Signs of disruption of the urinary system are accompanied by an increase in blood pressure, swelling, general intoxication. A benign tumor becomes the cause of constipation if the growth spreads into the intestine.
  3. The further development of adenoma is accompanied by severe renal pathology, which requires immediate medical attention and prompt intervention. Retention of urine leads to extensive swelling, hypertension, renal failure in men.

Often, the course of adenoma is complicated by the addition of malignant pathology, which is formed as a result of excessive stress on the urinary system under the influence of numerous provoking factors.

The main method of treatment is the appointment of conservative therapy in the early stages of the disease, correction of disorders by medicines, inhibiting the growth of hyperplasia. In the future, only surgical removal of the tumor can save the problem, and often save a man’s life.

At all stages of treatment for nutrition with adenoma of the prostate is paid close attention, as changing the habitual harmful diet significantly alleviates the condition, and also helps to facilitate the work of the kidneys.

In the early stages of adenoma, therapeutic nutrition is prescribed for prophylactic purposes, it is required to limit the consumption of harmful products as much as possible, enriching the menu with useful substances involved in the physiological processes of the body. A specially selected diet is prescribed. Due to the optimal amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins in the diet, a man can restore the working capacity of the prostate gland, reducing the impact of one of the risk factors.

Important role of healthy food plays in the postoperative period, when it is required to quickly return a man to a normal life.

The main principles of nutrition and diet in diagnosed adenoma are:

  1. Consuming a sufficient amount of fluid, this serves to prevent the stagnation of urine in the urinary tract and renal pelvis.
  2. Limitation of salt, because sodium provokes fluid retention.
  3. Refusal from alcohol, especially it concerns beer, which has a negative influence on the hormonal balance, and also provokes the formation of kidney stones.
  4. Enriching the diet with protein products needed to restore cellular structures and maintain a normal level of metabolism.
  5. Decrease in consumption of fast carbohydrates provoking metabolic disturbances and complicating the course of adenoma with the development of diabetes.
  6. The increased content of selenium and zinc in the daily menu, these minerals are necessary for maintaining the hormonal background.
  7. Refusal of smoked, salted, marinated dishes, semi-finished products as from products that are ballast, not of any benefit to the body.
  8. Mechanical shchazhenie, that is, the food should be predominantly steamed, cooked, extinguished, due to this, a full assimilation of nutrient components is achieved.
  9. There are men recommended often, in small portions, to reduce the burden on the stomach.

Having received recommendations on healthy nutrition, a man can come to the conclusion that compliance with such a diet will be difficult, uncomfortable, and the food prepared by the proposed methods will seem fresh and tasteless. This is a false idea of ​​dietary nutrition. Diet with prostate adenoma should be observed. The food should be tasty and useful, it will help to delay the period of surgical treatment as much as possible. And the diet should stimulate the desire of men to change their own eating habits.

Abundant drink with adenoma is the key to the proper functioning of urinary organs. Due to a large amount of fluid, the urinary tract is washed, the concentration, the density of urine is reduced, the risk of development of stagnant processes and kidney stones is reduced. Adjusting the drinking regime, as well as making a decision on the amount of water consumed by the doctor, on the basis of diagnostic data, in the absence of serious violations in the work of the heart.

Introduction to the diet of juices, fruit drinks, compotes, herbal teas helps to get rid of the symptoms of adenoma. An additional advantage of useful drinks is that by washing the urinary tract, the inflammatory diseases are prevented, often complicating the course of prostatic hyperplasia.

Useful properties of natural juices, rich in vitamins and minerals, saturate the body with essential substances, well relieve of thirst. Many plants and fruits have anti-inflammatory properties, helping to reduce the risk of infection.

Compliance with the drinking regime is also subject to the rule that it is not recommended to drink while eating, and also excessively addicted to taking liquids at night.

A list of useful foods needed in the diet of a man with a diagnosed adenoma includes a large list that helps to diversify nutrition.

The main components of the diet:

  • Protein – low-fat varieties of meat, poultry, liver, sea and river fish of all sorts, seafood, eggs are useful. It is important to reduce the consumption of red meat by including in the menu dishes prepared from less fatty and white meat. Preferable beef must be lean beef, turkey, rabbit. Pork is acceptable to use occasionally, preferably in a baked or boiled form, in small amounts.
  • Carbohydrates enter the body with all kinds of cereal crops, beans, vegetables. Useful side dishes are diverse, so there is no need to complain about the scarcity of the diet with a diet.
  • Fats are an important component of the nutrition of an adult male. When adenoma is recommended to reduce the intake of animal fat, replacing it with useful vegetable oils. Olive, corn, linseed, sunflower, sesame are rich in vitamins A and E, contain organic acids, normalize metabolism and hormonal function.
  • Vegetables and fruits are needed as a source of useful fiber. With adenoma, constipation often occurs, and to control them it is necessary to maintain peristalsis of the intestine. Vegetable food is a good prevention of delayed intestinal activity, and besides enriches the body with useful substances.

The list of diet-approved foods for prostate adenoma is large enough, and there are many recipes for their preparation.

Restrictions on nutrition concern harmful products. Nutritionists are of the opinion that if food does not have positive properties, it is absolutely not necessary for a person and is a harmful food habit. Some foods may be prohibited temporarily, but most of the dishes and additives from the list do not have useful properties, so no regrets should be excluded from the diet of men with adenoma.

With benign adenoma, as well as with most diseases of the genitourinary system, a man can not:

  1. Alcohol, alcohol and carbonated drinks.
  2. Canned food, smoked products, semi-finished products, pickled, salted dishes.
  3. Low fiber foods.
  4. Fat meat.
  5. Fried, spicy, spicy dishes.
  6. Drinks with a high content of caffeine – coffee, strong tea.

The list of restrictions on the diet is not so great, most of the food is easily replaced by useful ones.

Eat with adenoma correctly and variously help recipes tasty and healthy dishes, the preparation of which can become a new passion, as well as discover the culinary world in all its diversity:

  • Delicious breakfast, according to dietary rules for adenoma, can be made from cottage cheese, banana, nuts. To do this, mix all the ingredients in the mixer, add low-fat kefir or cottage cheese, a spoonful of olive oil. Nutritious cocktail for a long time will relieve of hunger and will enrich an organism with useful substances.
  • Stew with vegetables is easy to cook even for a beginner. Chicken breast or rabbit should be cut thin slices, put in a bowl multivarka layers with carrots and onions, pour with vegetable oil and stew for 25-30 minutes.
  • For dinner, it is better to eat light meals. Vegetable salad with stewed or baked fish will be an excellent choice.

Men are very useful at night to drink yogurt. A protein-rich drink has the property of restoring the intestinal microflora, is the prevention of constipation, is suitable as a supplement to the diet menu for adenoma.


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