Diet and proper nutrition after a stroke

A stroke is a violation of the blood flow in the brain, which leads to the death of nerve cells or their damage. A rupture or blockage of the artery occurs due to a blockage by its thrombus or the formation of a plaque.

Not always a person is able to avoid a stroke, because there are factors that no one can change: heredity and old age. However, proper nutrition, walking and full sleep can help reduce the risk of stroke in people who are most affected by this disease.

The causes of stroke are several, the main ones are:

high blood pressure, it is believed that it is for this reason that about 40% of seizures occur;

smoking, people smoking in 50% of cases are at greater risk of getting a stroke;

obesity, excessive weight is the reason why the brain does not receive enough blood for full-fledged work, in which case proper nutrition and diet are mandatory;

disease of the cardiovascular system;

the use of certain dietary supplements, amphetamines and other stimulants.

If the cause of stroke is obesity

If the cause of the first stroke is obesity, then to avoid repeated, you need to lose weight. And it must be done correctly and in stages, in order to minimize harm to the body. Revise the diet of your diet and reduce 30% of consumed fats. Try to buy products in which the fat content is not more than 3%. During the day, fatty foods should not exceed 40-60 g (about two tablespoons).

How to make a menu after a stroke?

Making up the menu, you need to consider that you need to prepare food with rapeseed, soy, olive and sunflower oil. The amount of lean meat during the day should not be more than 120 g. It should be remembered that fish and meat contain many hidden fats besides protein, which everyone knows about.

During the week, seafood should be included in the menu at least twice, and also it is necessary to limit the number of eggs to no more than 3 pieces. With dairy products, too, do not be zealous.

Instead of flour products, give preference to black bread, which is baked from whole grains, corn flour or oat bran.

Eat fruit and vegetables, at least 400 g daily.

Water should be cleaned and cleaned at least two liters during the day, but it is better to give up coffee completely – this is not the best drink after a stroke.

What must be present in the menu

Choosing vegetables for making menus, preference is best given to those who are rich in useful fiber and folic acid. In the event that the amount of sugar in the blood is within the norm, then every day you can eat one banana. It contains a lot of potassium.

Potassium reduces the risk of getting a second stroke by about 25%

The most useful berry to restore the body after a stroke is blueberry. It is rich in antioxidants, which help maintain and improve the body.

Potato and meat should be consumed only in baked or stewed. It is better to refuse from their daily intake. Meat and potatoes are best replaced with legumes or soy products. Potatoes and meat should be present in the menu not more often than 2 or 3 times a week.

Legumes contain a lot of folic acid, so they are important for protecting the brain.

Products with a high content of folic acid can reduce the risk of getting a second stroke at 20%

No less important in nutrition will be vitamins A, C, E. They help to eliminate the consequences of an attack and support the body during the recovery period. In order for the body to recover as quickly as possible after the attack, it is necessary to include in the menu bran, brown rice, oats, and wheat, which contain very important elements (phytonutrients) for recovery.

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What you need to exclude from the menu after a stroke

Completely eliminate any baking, bread, biscuits, cakes, margarine, sweet and butter. These products contain a lot of fats, which help increase cholesterol.

High cholesterol increases the risk of a second stroke at 30%. Find out your% risk from the SCORE table

The amount of salt used should also be limited, if it is impossible to completely abandon it.

Refuse alcohol in any form. The only exception that can be made is for natural red wine, namely natural. According to experts, red wine has a good effect on the recovery of the body after a stroke. How much such a drink you can use should be clarified by your doctor.

Proper cooking for people who have had a stroke

Proper nutrition after a stroke involves the exclusion of fatty foods. Therefore, the diet should only include low-fat foods, as well as properly prepare food.

With the right approach to cooking meat or fish, the amount of fat contained in them can decrease by almost 2.

Avoid smoking or frying food. Meat will have more sense, if it is cooked on steam or in the oven, do not add any oils during cooking. During extinguishing or cooking, the resulting layer of grease on the surface should be removed.

Do not eat the same dishes every day, even if they are made from the recommended products. It will quickly get bored and will become disgusting with time, besides the benefits from them will gradually decrease. There are many recipes that allow you to cook a variety of dishes from the same products, which will be useful and tasty.

Use spicy spices, among all the variety you can choose those that you can use, adhering to the necessary diet. They will help to diversify the taste of even the most familiar dishes.

Diet in case of loss of masticatory function

In some people, after a stroke, there are problems with the chewing function, as well as difficulties with swallowing. Therefore for this type of people it is necessary to grind all the food in mashed potatoes. To have such a meal has acceptable taste, it is allowed to add vegetable sauces that do not contain salt. Almost all products can be cooked so that they become suitable for eating people who have problems with the chewing function.

Products are ground with a blender. Of these, vegetable and fruit smoothies, meat purees are prepared. In this case, all products that are mixed should be of medium temperature. Baby purees in cans can be used as an alternative food with the addition of spices for adults.

To give the dish a little flavor, try adding finely chopped cilantro or parsley to it.

Talk with your doctor whether adding ginseng is acceptable. It stimulates the body's resistance to diseases and stresses, and also improves blood circulation, promotes the restoration of memory, dilates blood vessels.

If you eat and eat foods that are prohibited, you may experience dehydration, various infections and other diseases.

To choose the right food after a stroke is necessary individually and only in consultation with the attending physician and an experienced nutritionist. Proper nutrition is a pledge for the speedy recovery and recovery of the whole organism, as well as reducing the risk of a second stroke.

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Strokes are characterized by a variety of causes that cause the disease. It is proved that the etiology of stroke in women and men differs in some cases. The causes of stroke of women, in general, lie in the plane of pathophysiology of the fertile period and menopause, men are associated with occupational risks, bad habits. With the same features are related.

Ischemic stroke (AI) is an acute disorder of cerebral circulation, a consequence of a shortage of blood supply, accompanied by necrosis of the brain area. Another name for ischemic stroke – "cerebral infarction" also reflects the essence of the pathogenesis in the brain. Do not confuse the terms "cerebral infarction" and "myocardial infarction." In the latter case.

Hemorrhagic stroke is a hypertonic hemorrhage in the parenchyma of the brain, accompanied by acute impairment of cerebral circulation, loss of functions of the affected area, development of pathogenesis in the nucleus and perifocal (around the nucleus) zone, manifested by general and local neurologic symptoms.

All patients with suspected stroke, or people with obvious this diagnosis should be treated in the intensive care unit or intensive care unit of a neurological hospital under the supervision of a neuropathologist. In the conditions of the medical institution, all those activities that have been provided continue.

Treatment of stroke patients is a very long and gradual process, which must go through a number of consecutive stages. At first, such patients are treated in the intensive care unit, where they struggle for their lives, then in a neurological hospital where they repair damaged cells. But no less important is the stage.

Pine cones – a source of useful substances that help with various diseases. Thus, phytoncides strengthen immunity, have an antimicrobial effect. Essential oils give to the products from spruce cones a pleasant coniferous aroma. Tannins are also capable of stopping the death of brain cells. Therefore, pine cones are useful in treating and.

Omega-3 refers to the essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. This means that they are not synthesized in the human body and must come from the environment with products containing these compounds in sufficient quantities. Thus, it is possible to provide not only their daily needs, but also to fill the deficit.

The system of assessment of coronary risk SCORE (Systematic Coronary Risk Evaluation) was developed by the Society of European Cardiologists. The table is intended for self-determination of the risk of stroke and death. To determine the use of parameters: age from 40 to 65 years – five pairs of squares (the price of dividing the horizontal scale 40 years.

By the way, after a while, the grandfather went on the mend, and he was discharged. Greenery is still in large quantities. Probably a habit.

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