Diet and proper nutrition with prostatitis in men

The diet with prostatitis in men is designed to ease the manifestation of painful symptoms. It has its own characteristics and dietary rules. The menu is made taking into account the allowed and forbidden dishes. Food should contain vitamins, fiber and vegetable proteins

Prostatitis is a painful inflammation of the prostate that causes patients unpleasant sensations and pain. To treat the disease you need to contact the urologist, otherwise the disease will go to an incurable chronic stage. In addition to drug therapy, the doctor appoints a diet for men, which should be followed constantly. Proper nutrition with prostatitis is an important component of treatment and prevention of complications.

The diet for prostatitis in men is based on the principles of healthy eating and limiting harmful foods. The diet is selected taking into account the severity of the manifestation of the disease and the characteristics of the organism. All products that cause allergies or worsening of symptoms are prohibited. The menu is made individually for each patient, but there are general guidelines and principles for facilitating the course of the disease.

  • refusal of any kind of alcohol and smoking;
  • Exclusion from the diet of spices, preservatives, semi-finished products, spicy and salty dishes;
  • regular intake of food, preferably at the same time;
  • supplementing the diet with exercise and walking;
  • refusal of fatty and smoked dishes;
  • consumption of vegetable salads, greens;
  • adding garlic and onion, mustard to dishes;
  • compilation of the menu taking into account the phase of exacerbation;
  • minimum heat treatment of fruits and vegetables;
  • restriction of salt and sweets;
  • constant maintenance of the diet and rejection of harmful products.

Semi-finished products, spicy spices and preservatives adversely affect the pelvic organs. Long sitting in one place and irregular eating disturb blood circulation in the prostate. Alcohol intensifies inflammatory processes and provokes the appearance of edema.

The use of many products can reduce inflammation and reduce pain, so you must enter them in the menu. Especially it concerns onions, fresh garlic and horseradish roots. Onions increase the weakened potency, garlic has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Horseradish relieves the painful inflammation of the adenoma and speeds up the recovery. The diet also includes the consumption of seafood and vegetables.

The diet consists of prohibited and allowed products

Nutrition for prostatitis in men should be based on the principles of regularity and utility. All harmful products, leading to an exacerbation of the disease, should be surely excluded from the diet. This applies not only to alcoholic products or fatty foods, but also sweets and spices. Refuse from prohibited snacks or semi-finished products will have a long time.

  • wine, beer and other spirits;
  • spicy spices or condiments;
  • fatty, too salty and fried foods;
  • all legumes: lentils, beans, peas and beans;
  • fatty meat soups and rich broths;
  • Any carbonated drinks, including mineral water with or without gas;
  • lamb and pork fat;
  • baking, sweets and jams;
  • by-products;
  • pickles, smoked products and sausages;
  • caviar, fish and meat;
  • mushrooms;
  • greens: radishes, dill, sorrel and spinach.

Dishes with spicy peppers, canned food or fatty meat can lead to severe inflammation of the prostate gland. For the same reason, you should abandon alcohol, fatty soups and baking. Strong coffee and tea is best replaced with fruit drinks, juices or fruit compote.

Urologists recommend that patients with prostate disease limit the use of fried and smoked foods, replacing them with stews or steamed dishes. Vegetables that cause excessive gas formation should also be excluded. Strong flatulence causes stagnation of blood in the organs of the small pelvis and adversely affects the course of the disease.

From roast meat and smoked products should be completely abandoned

Recommended products

To ensure nutrition for prostate adenoma in men did not cause inflammation, you should stick to the diet and include in the diet only useful foods. The list of dishes allowed for prostatitis is quite extensive – every day you can make a different menu. Most of the daily ration should be vegetables, sour-milk drinks and various cereals.

  • vegetable soups;
  • cereal porridge on water and milk;
  • lactic acid foods and beverages;
  • dried fruits with berries;
  • honey in small quantities;
  • vegetables, especially beetroot, pumpkin, tomatoes and carrots with cabbage;
  • vegetable oils;
  • boiled low-fat fish, chicken;
  • bran, grain bread;
  • seafood and lean meat (beef);
  • seeds with nuts;
  • greens: celery, parsley, parsnip and dill;
  • onions with garlic;
  • mustard, horseradish;
  • fruit.

Berries and fruits, especially citrus fruits, contain vitamins and microelements. In dairy products a lot of useful protein. Porridge is rich in fiber, and meat – natural fats. Seafood contains zinc and selenium. Vegetables make up for the lack of carbohydrates, the daily dose of vitamins and macronutrients.

The main rule of therapeutic nutrition with prostatitis is a ban on frying and smoking products. Food can only be stewed, boiled or steamed.

Bake vegetables in batter or deep frying is not recommended. It is better to make casseroles, steam cutlets and salads. You can use the oven, adding a little vegetable oil to vegetables or low-fat meat.

In the diet should be vegetables, dairy products and greens

To treat prostatitis was effective, you should follow all the rules of diet and a balanced diet. The menu should be daily vegetable, dairy, fruit and cereal. At any time of the year, fresh herbs, lean meats and fruit and vegetable juices with berries should be included in the diet.

An approximate menu if the prostatitis has passed into a chronic stage:

  1. Breakfast (8.30) – porridge of oatmeal, a salad of grated carrots and sour cream, boiled egg, tea.
  2. Lunch (13.00) – soup with cabbage and celery, rice with boiled fish, compote, rye bread with bran.
  3. Dinner (17.30) – air casserole from cottage cheese and peaches, apple, jelly from berry juice.
  4. Before going to sleep (21.00) – a glass of ryazhenka.
  1. Breakfast – a thick rice porridge from the multivarka, a sandwich of black bread with eggs and greens, jelly.
  2. Lunch – low-fat fish soup, mashed potatoes from vegetables with seafood, salad, tea.
  3. Dinner – soft syrniki, poured with sour cream or yogurt, fruit salad, mint tea.
  4. Before going to bed – unsweetened yogurt.
  1. Breakfast – buckwheat with fresh vegetables, cottage cheese, tea.
  2. Lunch – liquid onion soup, steam cutlets from boiled carrots, rice, kissel.
  3. Dinner – boiled chicken with vegetables, salad of grated beets, compote.
  4. At night – a glass of unsweetened yogurt or warm milk.
  1. Breakfast – liquid buckwheat porridge, boiled egg, fruit jelly.
  2. Lunch – cabbage soup, pasta with boiled fish and fresh cucumbers, beet salad, unsweetened tea.
  3. Dinner – steamed chicken with meat, boiled vegetables, orange, compote.
  4. Before going to bed – yogurt.
  1. Breakfast – oatmeal porridge with the addition of a spoon of honey, sour cream, kissel.
  2. Lunch – liquid vegetable soup with tomatoes, vinaigrette, grain bread with cheese, tea.
  3. Dinner – stewed with tomatoes and egg squash, a small piece of boiled fish, freshly squeezed juice.
  4. Before going to bed – strawberry jelly.

When treating a disease and taking medications:

  1. Breakfast – barley porridge, casserole of their cottage cheese and fruit, tea.
  2. Lunch – chicken soup, boiled rabbit with vegetables, carrot salad.
  3. Dinner – potato and vegetable casserole, tomato salad with vegetable oil, fruit, jelly.
  4. Before going to bed, fresh yogurt.
  1. Breakfast – boiled potatoes with vegetable salad, vinaigrette, tea.
  2. Lunch – meat soup with cabbage and greens, stewed vegetables and fish on broth, seafood salad.
  3. Dinner – air casserole, fruit, compote.
  4. Before going to bed, freshly squeezed vegetable juice.

Menu with prostatitis should be nutritious and balanced

To adhere to the recommended urologist diet for chronic prostatitis should be constantly so that there are no exacerbations. Sometimes you can afford to drink a small glass of beer or table wine, eat a piece of pork. It is desirable to supplement the treatment with special exercises and walking tours.


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