Diet before colonoscopy

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Visual inspection of the inner lining of the entire large intestine and colon is called a colonoscopy. You can find the phrase “colonoscopy of the intestine”.  Diet before colonoscopy of the intestine – one of the main points in the preparation of the body for examination. And it has a greater impact on the result of the diagnosis.

Since for the unimpeded advancement of the colonoscopy, the intestine must be cleaned to the state of “pure water” (with defecation, water comes out from the anus. It is permissible if it has a slight yellowish tinge, an admixture of solid particles is considered unacceptable.

Complete cleaning is performed the day before the colonoscopy, more precisely, on the last day before the procedure. After the procedure, it takes several days of diet to restore the intestinal mucosa and prevent complications from a sharp change in diet.

Basics of a diet before colonoscopy

Preparation for a colonoscopy of the intestine begins with a slag-free or highly digestible diet. In this case, the word “slag” is used as a definition of undigested food residues, of which the feces consist. The main task of highly digestible diet is to reduce the process of calorie formation and increase the percentage of assimilated foods. The slag-free diet facilitates defecation and allows a more qualitative cleaning of the intestine.

The main elements of a highly digestible diet

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If you have a colonoscopy, for the time of preparation, it is better to refuse dinner, replacing it with pleasant drinks (green tea with honey if you are not hypotonic). The diet before colonoscopy is based on the restriction of the consumption of bakery products, whole grains, fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds, dried fruit or fresh fruit. It is:

  • selection of products;
  • use of gentle cooking methods (cooking, baking, steaming);
  • fractional food up to 5 once a day;
  • reduction of each portion;
  • mechanical bowel movement (food is rubbed off).

The value of food such methods do not reduce, the taste qualities with the appropriate approach will be satisfactory or excellent, and the food will be easily absorbed, with minimal stool formation.

In open source information, the time required for pre-training ranges from 3 to 7 days. Sometimes an average of 5 days is indicated. With a formal approach to the procedure, a colonoscopy can be performed within 3 days after the change in the diet. With an informal approach, it is necessary to take into account the state of the organism (the presence of constipation), the abnormality of the development of the intestine – the pathological lengthening of the sigmoid region.

What to do with medications?

If the patient takes medication on an ongoing basis or undergoes an examination at the time of treatment of a chronic or acute disease, the coloproctologist who ordered the examination should know about it. The possibility of drug cancellation is considered in each case separately. On the presence of chronic diseases, in which the patient cannot refuse to eat (diabetes), the coloproctologist should be informed before the procedure is appointed.

Corn porridge before colonoscopy

Perfectly cleanses the intestines of corn porridge, it relieves the body of rotting products and is excellent for nutrition in preparation for colonoscopy. Lactic acid products without additives help to maintain strength and restore the balance of the intestinal microflora; with this, bio-yogurt and kefir are well-managed in their pure form.

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You are allowed to eat dietary curd, low-fat sour cream, and hard cheese without spices, crackers or crackers without additives. Buckwheat and rice in the diet should be limited. Manna porridge and pasta from durum wheat are allowed in small quantities. You can include rice vermicelli in the menu.

You can eat lean meat (low-fat pieces) in boiled form or cooked for a couple, and eggs (boiled soft-boiled or in the form of a steam omelet). But it will be better if the patient can refuse meat dishes for several days. Since protein food is digested in the intestine and it takes a long time to process it.

Permitted: jelly, chocolate in the form of a drink or tiles, cocoa, lemon juice with honey, any juices without pulp, teas, any non-colored drinks without gas. Liquids need to drink at least 2 liters per day. Despite the fact that the table is poor, food should not be completely fat-free. All kinds of vegetable oils and some animal fats (sunflower, olive, butter, and mayonnaise) are allowed.

The most difficult for the patient is the day before the fibrocolonoscopy. Because on this day you must give up completely on solid food. The day before the procedure should be abandoned coffee, cocoa and chocolate. On this day, you will have to limit yourself to yogurt or kefir for breakfast, a glass of unconcentrated broth for lunch and drinks (preferably transparent).

Lunch is the last meal before the procedure, it should take place no later than 20 hours before the scheduled procedure. Then the reception of a special preparation begins, which will prepare the intestine for the procedure.

Avoid Foods

Prohibited products: for example, legumes

The diet before colonoscopy is designed to release the intestine from the accumulation of large bubbles of gas, feces, solid food particles. Therefore, there are foods that you will have to forget about for a week, even if you love them.

Foods excluded:

  • Increasing gassing in the intestine (all types of legumes in boiled and canned form, carbonated and pulped beverages);
  • stimulating processes of fermentation (bakery and confectionery, cabbage, especially sauerkraut);
  • poorly digestible, which lead to the formation of a large amount of feces, irritate the mucous (fatty, hot meat with lots of cartilage, smoking, pickles and marinades, nuts and seeds, raw vegetables and fruits).

It is not allowed to eat dried fruits, fruits with seeds and peel, which are in compote, fruits rich in cellulose (watermelon), fruits that have membranes in their structure (mandarins, oranges, grapefruits) before colonoscopy. Not allowed fresh apples and pears. From exotics (pineapple, coconut) will have to refrain. In no case can not eat popcorn. Refuse need from pork and lamb fat, nut oil.

Ration selection rules and recommended dishes

At the selection of a ration it is necessary:

  • 1 once a day to drink a glass of biokefir (bio-yogurt);
  • dinner should be the most intense;
  • lunch should include the first dish (soup-mash, soup-noodles on a weak meat broth or vegetable broth);
  • from dinner it is better to abstain or make it easy;
  • portions need to be reduced gradually;
  • if you are concerned about constipation, a gentle laxative is recommended from the 4 day of the diet.

Diet before colonoscopy for two days

As a breakfast in the first 2 days of diet can come manna, rice or buckwheat porridge. Instead of cereal, you can eat an egg, boiled soft-boiled or steam omelet, and cracker with butter. A good substitute for cereals will be vegetables cooked for a couple, coffee, cocoa, still water. The second breakfast can consist of ice cream or tea with cracker and honey.

Lunch is soup-puree on meat or vegetable broth, soup with dumplings or noodles of solid varieties, a piece of poultry, rabbit or fish, jelly, compote without fruit. For a snack, you can drink a glass of biokefir or yogurt without additives.

For dinner – eat a steam omelet or a piece of fish (if it was not eaten for dinner) and drink cocoa or tea with a little honey.

The next two days of serving should be reduced by half.

For breakfast, you can eat breadcrumbs with low-fat hard cheese and tea with honey. If you prefer green tea, remember that it lowers the pressure and strengthens the separation of digestive juices, so you do not need to brew it.

You can eat half an ice cream for a snack, lunch a broth with boiled rice and fish or vegetable soup, jelly, compote.

On the second afternoon, you can drink kefir or yogurt.

Dinner can be a small portion of fat-free cottage cheese. With constipation from the 4 day, a laxative starts taking 5-10 drops overnight. If there is no effect, the dose can be increased to 20 drops.

On the 5 day of abstinence, the permitted product is kefir or yogurt for breakfast, a glass of broth for lunch. In the future, you can drink only water without gas. Before the procedure, it is necessary to empty the intestine.

After the colonoscopy, everything is possible. But this does not mean that you need to immediately run to the refrigerator and poke in yourself, everything that will get by on hand. There is a need for a little bit.

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Miriam Josey
Miriam Josey is an RD and expert in healthy diets and sustainable lifestyles. She has a B.S from Cal State (Nutritional Science) and an M.S. from the University of Southern California (Nutrition, Healthspan, and Longevity). Miriam’s professional chef certificate allows her to develop rich, non-restrictive diets for weight loss.


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