Diet Bonn soup – menu for the week


Diet Bonn soup - menu for the week

The desire of men and women to lose weight, to look more attractive, and most importantly to be healthier is fully understandable in the age of striving to be better and more beautiful. It is not always weight loss concerns a huge weight, it also happens that you need to lose only a few pounds. Then the diets are tasty and useful, helping to lose weight without pain. One such is the Bonn diet.

Bonn soup is just soup. It includes exclusively fresh vegetables. Brewed on water and without potatoes, so its use is not limited. In addition, it is a ready-made diet by the days, which is painted on which day what other foods can be eaten. It consists directly of a soup of cabbage, carrots, tomatoes or juice, onions and celery. This is the main set, which can be diluted with other vegetables within reasonable limits.

Bonn diet for weight loss

The main principle of the Bonn soup diet is that you can eat soup in unlimited quantities, while before lunch and during lunch you can eat any vegetables and fruits, with the exception of some of them, for example potatoes and bananas. Also eliminated all milk and fats. But from the fifth day in the diet includes boiled meat. Dinner always consists of soup alone. This is the main principle of losing weight!

Water, teas and unsweetened fruit drinks – as many as you like. The amount drunk per day (soup does not count) – up to three liters of liquid.

The menu is quite diverse, especially if you take this diet in the summer. But in winter the menu can be made extensive, because in our time there are no problems with vegetables and fruits outside the season. So in the winter, you can add persimmon, quince, pineapple and citrus fruits to the diet, vegetables, root vegetables, frozen asparagus and asparagus beans, broccoli, Savoy cabbage, and, of course, mushrooms.

In addition to soup, we also eat any fruit! For breakfast you can eat fruit salad, and for lunch a berry variety.

For breakfast, you can treat yourself to baked vegetables, they can also be added for lunch. Well, actually the soup.

Saturday: Any vegetables and fruits other than prohibited. Raw or baked. Breakfast can consist of baked aubergines and salad.

Thursday: All the same. For breakfast, you can bake apples in the oven. And for dinner, except soup, whisk one small zucchini in a blender to mash, and bake it in silicone molds with garlic and herbs. The walls of the mold can be greased with a drop of olive oil, so that the souffle does not burn.

Friday: You can say a holiday – the diet includes meat. Veal or chicken for a total of a pound a day. And the same tomato. Breakfast – boiled meat and tomatoes. Lunch – soup, steamed meat or baked, and a tomato salad without salt and dressing, but you can with garlic and basil – it will add flavor.

Saturday: as well as on Friday, but instead of a tomato green salads – leaf fat, spinach, arugula, celery stalk and cucumbers. And of course the greens. Breakfast can consist of meat and stalks of celery, in the afternoon to celery, add a salad.

Sunday: To the soup during the first half of the day, add brown rice.


This dish is prepared very easily and is suitable for weight loss, so the main thing to remember is that potatoes are banned, but otherwise complete freedom.

The main recipe for Bonn soup for a diet

Diet Bonn soup - menu for the week

  • Purified water – two liters;
  • Cabbage is common (white or green) – one average head to one kilogram;
  • Root Celery – one medium fruit;
  • Fresh tomatoes, canned salted or unsalted juice – 300;
  • a bulb and a carrot – one big, or two medium;
  • olive, or any other vegetable oil – one spoonful.

Boil the water, add the crushed celery into it. While it is boiling the rest of the chopped vegetables allowances in oil in a frying pan, after which add to the pan. In the last turn we put tomatoes.

Note: because the dish is brewed without salt, then for the taste you can add dried herbs. For example, coriander, basil, thyme or rosemary.

Bonn soup with broccoli, color or savoy cabbage for delicious slimming:

Diet Bonn soup - menu for the week

The main recipe is distinguished by a smaller amount of ordinary cabbage. Take half the head, and as much broccoli, colored or savoy cabbage. Do not fry them, just add them at the end of cooking and let the dish for five minutes to puff.

Bonn soup with celery and sweet pepper:

Diet Bonn soup - menu for the week

To the main recipe, add a bunch of cauliflower celery and a fleshy sweet pepper. Cut stems, peppers and greens. The dish has a more spicy and sour taste, and it will look more appetizing.

In the vegetable soup can also add green peas, or a few mushrooms. But remember that for every 300 g of ingredients, you need to add a half liter of water, so that the soup is not too thick.

Correct exit

How to get out of the Bonn diet? The way out of the Bonn soup diet is longer than the diet itself. In fact, according to the recommendations of doctors, you will continue to adhere to the diet, gradually introducing prohibited products. These are:

First week: we introduce milk. In the first days we start with sour cream in the soup, until the end of the week we reach the milk for breakfast and kefir before going to bed.

Second week: we introduce eggs and biscuits. Boiled or steam eggs for breakfast. Soup is eaten with biscuits, by the end of the week from the biscuits you can go to a piece of rye bread.

Third week: we introduce carbohydrates. We start with the alternation of breakfasts from eggs and cereals. Until the end of the week we reach the baked potatoes for lunch.

Fourth week: In the morning we add a little banana to the oatmeal. Next we continue to eat baked vegetables with potatoes. We refuse soup for dinner, we turn to protein dinners with vegetables.

Then gradually introduce legumes, mango and butter for breakfast, vegetable oil in the main diet.

Despite its apparent ease and effectiveness, the diet is not suitable for everyone. So, for example, if you have cholelithiasis, colitis, gastrointestinal problems, ulcer or cardiovascular disease, you should be very careful about this method of losing weight. Best before trying to lose weight and lose weight, consult a gastroenterologist.

According to people who are obese, this diet, although it looks quite hungry and quite severely restricts some foods, still leaves no place for hunger. The whole secret is that hot liquid food allows a person to get enough for a long time. In addition, the recipe feature is that even if you eat soup every hour, its calorie content is very low, and will fit in any calorie corridor.

How much can throw? According to reviews you can lose weight from five to ten kilograms per week, depending on the initial weight.

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