Diet by calories: 1200 per day


Diet by calories: 1200 per day

Often you will meet a person trying to lose weight in the shortest possible time, which calculates the calories of all meals eaten per day. In order to simplify the aforementioned persons life, in this article we will consider an effective universal diet for weight loss with a properly selected average daily calorie rate.

Since many women who try to lose weight with the help of various diets, lead a sedentary lifestyle and do not incline themselves to "burden" themselves, specialists in the field of dietology have embarked on the consideration of a universal amount of calories, thanks to which a person can lose a couple of extra kilograms, without prejudice health. As a result, the number 1200 was received. More details about the principles of such a diet with an approximate menu will be discussed in the following material.

The principle of a diet for calories

Let's look in more detail, what is the essence of the diet for weight loss, designed for 1200 calories a day and what are its basic principles:

Firstly, if you follow a diet, it is very important to respect nutritional balance. For example, the daily fat norm in your body should be about 30%, protein – 15 and carbohydrates – 55%.

Recall that the diet is best suited for complex carbohydrates. And what about fats, most of them should be of plant origin and only 2-3 percent – of the animal.

Secondly, do not forget about contraindications diets for weight loss by calories. If you are in the position, or have not yet reached the age of majority, such restrictions in calories are strictly forbidden to you.

How much should you eat calories to lose weight?

Diet by calories: 1200 per day

Due to physical characteristics, the representatives of the stronger sex spend a day more calories, pumping the muscles in the hall, or performing complex physical work, the norm of calories per day for women and men is different. Based on this, each sex representative needs to calculate the individual caloric value of the dishes for a diet.

In order to calculate, how many calories are needed per day for women to lose weight on the above diet, follow these steps:

  • multiply your weight in kilograms by 10;
  • Then add your height in centimeters, multiplied by 6,25;
  • subtract from the received number the number of years multiplied by 5;
  • then subtract 161.

The resulting number should be multiplied by the number corresponding to the level of your physical activity:

  • 1,2 – a sedentary lifestyle;
  • 1,375 – classes three times a week;
  • 1,4625 – fitness five times a week;
  • 1,550 – increased physical load 5 once a week;
  • 1,6375 – daily exercises;
  • 1,725 – intensive physical activity twice a day;
  • 1,9 – increased daily fatigue in combination with physical activity.

Men to lose weight with the above diet should be calculated number of calories in this way:

  • digit 10 multiplied by weight in kilograms;
  • then add the resulting number when multiplying the growth in centimeters by 6,25;
  • take the number of years multiplied by 5;
  • add 5.

And, as already mentioned above, in order to get the total number of calories for weight loss, you must multiply the figure by the coefficient of your physical activity. The figures for calculating the load level are the same as for women.

Do not forget that the minimum number of calories per day a person needs is 1200.

Menu for the week: 1200 calories per day

In order to save you from this difficult part of making the menu itself, and even counting the calories at the same time, we present you our most effective option diet menu for slimming on 1200 calories per day:

  • Breakfast: omelette – 150 g omelette (60 kcal), a cup of coffee with milk (25 kcal);
  • Second breakfast: apple (50 kcal), 200 ml of natural yogurt (150 kcal);
  • Lunch: fish soup (100 kcal), salad from sauerkraut, seasoned with vegetable oil (70 kcal), 150 ml of tomato juice (30 kcal), 50 g of boiled sausage (300 kcal);
  • Afternoon snack: 150 g fat-free cottage cheese (100 kcal), orange (40 kcal);
  • Dinner: chamomile tea (15 kcal), 250 g cooked turkey meat (300 kcal).
  • boiled egg, toast of black bread and melted cheese, 200 ml of tomato juice – 300 calories;
  • 150 ml of natural yogurt – 100 calories;
  • vegetable soup, cooked on chicken broth – 400 calories;
  • Green tea with a tablespoon of honey – 100 calories;
  • 150 g of boiled chicken meat – 300 kcal.
  • a glass of orange fresh and bun – 350 kcal;
  • green tea and apple – 150 kcal;
  • 200 g of baked cod – 300 kcal;
  • broth of dogrose, apple – 150 kcal;
  • 150 g buckwheat and 200 g of boiled beef meat – 250 kcal.
  • oat flakes with dried fruits and hot drink – 300 kcal;
  • grapefruit, a glass of skimmed yogurt – 200 kcal;
  • 100 g of boiled rice and a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes – 300 kcal;
  • Toast with cheese – 100 kcal;
  • 200 g buckwheat and boiled sausage – 300 kcal.
  • omelette with vegetables and herbs, orange fresh – 300 kcal;
  • green apple – 100 kcal;
  • 200 g of baked fish with vegetables – 300 kcal;
  • salad of dried fruits, 100 ml of skimmed yogurt – 200 kcal;
  • vegetable salad of tomato and cucumber with lemon juice and olive oil – 300 kcal.
  • toast with cheese and ham – 300 Kcalorium;
  • 200 ml of low-fat yogurt with fruit – 150 kcal;
  • buckwheat soup with low-fat chicken meatballs – 350 kcal;
  • orange and green tea – 100 kcal;
  • a salad of carrots, cabbage and cucumbers – 300 kcal.
  • omelette with brynza and sweet pepper – 300 kcal;
  • citrus smoothies – 250 kcal;
  • soup puree from cabbage and broccoli – 200 kcal;
  • pear and broth of wild rose – 150 kcal;
  • lettuce leaves and 100 g skimmed cottage cheese – 300 kcal.

Observing the above menu diet for calories, you will certainly lose weight, while not causing any damage to health.

Recipes for low-fat slimming dishes

In this paragraph we will introduce you to the most useful and nutritious dishes that contain the minimum number of calories. First, let's consider the recipes of the first dishes. So, we present to your attention three nayvkusneyshih recipe low-calorie soup for the above diet:

Let's start with a light dish for a calorie diet, which can be included in the menu three times a week.

Soup for weight loss

Ingredients: five small tomatoes, 2-3 onions, Bulgarian pepper, two carrots, a half a kilo of cabbage, a celery stalk, a pinch of dill, a bay leaf, 3-4 garlic cloves.

  • Onion and garlic cut into small cubes;
  • grate carrot on grater;
  • chop cabbage;
  • peel the pepper and finely chop it;
  • cut the tomatoes into cubes;
  • chop celery and dill;
  • Put all the ingredients in a saucepan, fill the bay with water and put a bay leaf;
  • cook for 40-45 minutes.

Diet by calories: 1200 per dayMushroom Soup

Ingredients: a pound of champignons, 100 g of butter, two onions, a clove of garlic, two tablespoons of flour, a liter of low-fat chicken broth, a bay leaf, 5 tablespoons of cream, a pinch of salt.

  • peel and chop mushrooms and onions;
  • melt the butter in a frying pan;
  • put garlic and onions and put out until golden brown;
  • put the mushrooms and simmer for five minutes, stirring constantly;
  • fill the mushrooms with flour and mix thoroughly;
  • pour chicken broth and bring to a boil;
  • add the bay leaves and cook for another 10-15 minutes on low heat;
  • resulting in a homogeneous liquid consistency with a blender;
  • mixed with cream.

The next dish for calories is recommended to be included in the menu twice a week.

Diet by calories: 1200 per dayFish soup puree

Ingredients: a pound of fish hake, five potatoes, carrots, onions, a pinch of greens and salt.

  • boil water and pour into it a grated carrot;
  • cut the potatoes with thin straws and, together with the spices, throw in a saucepan;
  • add a whole bulb;
  • cut the fish into slices and put into a pan;
  • chop the greens and also put in the soup.

Next, your attention will be presented to the light and delicious recipes for dinner for the above diet:

Diet by calories: 1200 per daySalmon steak

Ingredients: half a kilo of salmon, 100 gram of pineapple and mango pulp, 150 g of asparagus, 50 g of ginger.

  • beat the pineapple and mango in a blender;
  • rub the root of the ginger and add to the resulting mashed potatoes;
  • cut the steak into several small pieces;
  • dous each in the resulting fruit mass and fry on both sides;
  • Boil the asparagus and serve as a side dish to the fish.

The above dietary recipe is most suitable for use on Sunday evening.

Vegetarian cutlets from cabbage

Diet by calories: 1200 per dayVegetarian cutlets from cabbage

Ingredients: a kilo of white cabbage, a glass of low-fat milk, 50 g of butter, 150 g of semolina, 2-3 tablespoons of breadcrumbs, a tablespoon of vegetable oil, 150 g skimmed sour cream, a pinch of salt.

  • pour the milk into a saucepan and bring to a boil;
  • add butter;
  • finely chop the cabbage and add to the pan;
  • stew for 7-10 minutes;
  • pour semolina into the pan;
  • mix thoroughly to avoid lumps;
  • cover the pan with a lid and cook for another 10 minutes;
  • Add salt and allow to cool;
  • to form cutlets;
  • roll them in breadcrumbs;
  • fry in a frying pan on both sides until golden;
  • use in combination with sour cream.

Then follows the recipe of the dish, which you can prepare every day, if you follow the aforementioned diet for weight loss.

Diet by calories: 1200 per dayBuckwheat soup

Ingredients: 300 г buckwheat groats, 150 г chicken meat, one onions, two carrots, two potatoes, salt and spices to taste.

  • rinse thoroughly chicken meat, pour water and bring to a boil;
  • peel and cut the potatoes into cubes;
  • add it to the chicken in the pan;
  • chop the onion;
  • clean the carrot and grate it on a large grater;
  • Put all the vegetables in a saucepan;
  • rinse the buckwheat thoroughly;
  • add it to the rest of the ingredients;
  • cook for 40 minutes.

Well, where are we without low-calorie desserts in the menu for a diet for calories:

Diet by calories: 1200 per dayMarshmallow cake

Ingredients: half a kilogram of white marshmallow, half a kilo of sour cream, 150 g of sugar, a tablespoon of ground walnuts, 50 g of dark chocolate, 150 g of your favorite berries and 200 g of any fruit.

  • cut thinly marshmallows;
  • to beat up sour cream with sugar;
  • lay on the container a layer of marshmallow cut;
  • grease it with sour cream;
  • lay out the remaining marshmallows and again anoint it with cream;
  • the top of the resulting cake to decorate with fruits and berries.

Diet by calories: 1200 per dayCarrot cake

Ingredients: two carrots, a large green apple, five tablespoons of cereal, a tablespoon of bran, 30 g dates, a chicken egg, 350 ml of natural low-fat yogurt, vanillin and juice of half a lemon, 200 g skimmed curd, 150 g raspberries and a teaspoon of honey.

  • mix flour with bran;
  • to separate the protein from the yolk;
  • whip the protein together with 150 ml of yogurt;
  • combine the resulting mixture with flour;
  • chop dates;
  • rub the carrot and apple on a large grater;
  • mix with the dough and pour lemon juice;
  • knead the dough and put in a baking dish;
  • Ready cake is divided into 4 parts;
  • Beat cottage cheese with raspberries and honey in a blender;
  • anoint the cakes with the resulting berry-curd cream;
  • let it brew 2-3 hours.

The following recipe for a dish with a diet is good for use in the 2-3 menu once a week.

Curd dessert with fruits

Diet by calories: 1200 per dayCurd dessert with fruits

Ingredients: 300 g skimmed cottage cheese, tablespoon gelatin, 100 ml water, apple and orange.

  • Gelatin fill with water and leave for 15 minutes;
  • then pour it into cottage cheese and mix thoroughly until a homogeneous consistency is obtained;
  • slice the apple;
  • orange peel, remove the white skin of its flesh;
  • chop the flesh;
  • put fruit on the bottom of the baking dish;
  • top pour the curd mixture;
  • put in the refrigerator at night.

Exit from low-calorie diet

Like any other restriction in nutrition, a diet for calories requires the right way out, in order to preserve the result and not to damage the health, sharply returning to the usual diet.

With regard to the number of calories, after leaving the diet, to the above number You need to add from 150 to 200 calories per day. That is, gradually enter into the menu your favorite products.

First time at the end of the diet for weight loss by calories are allowed in the diet:

Weekly add to the diet about 10 grams, so-called, pure carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, pasta). Also, the first time after completing the above diet, it is advisable to use liquid or puree dishes (porridges, soups, broths) on the menu.

Limit yourself in the use salt and spicy sauces. Also, if you want the result of the diet to lose weight on calories to last a long time, give up the semi-finished products, fast food, fried, fatty and smoked dishes on the menu.

In order to choose the right dishes when you leave the diet for weight loss, read the following materials on the calorie calculation of soups, salads and drinks.

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