Diet during menstruation

No process in the body occurs autonomously, a failure in one of its sites entails a malfunction in the other. Malnutrition can have a profound effect on what is happening in the reproductive field. That’s why diet is so important during menstruation and not only during this period. The necessary products will facilitate the passage of critical days, improve well-being. And the lack of important nutrients can cause problems with menstruation.

What happens with appetite and flavors

Most women notice an increase in appetite a few days before menstruation. As a result of the spasms characteristic for this process, it can disappear for several hours, but when the pain goes away, it comes back with renewed vigor. This is due to an increase in the amount of male hormone testosterone before menstruation.

Diet with the monthly can also change due to the appearance in this period of other taste preferences. Pulls on sweet, spicy, salty, that is, food to which a woman outside critical days could be indifferent or love, but eat moderately. The fault is another hormone – progesterone. It affects the body in such a way that substances are generated in the brain that provoke a bad mood, irritability. The easiest way to cope with negative emotions is to increase the concentration of serotonin. Do this without getting up from the sofa, you can, with food, mainly high-calorie, with a high sugar content in all its forms.

The effect of a diet on menstruation can be determinant for the well-being of women particularly in critical days and her gynecological health in general. The fragile hormonal balance, which “tax” a lot of processes in the body, is very susceptible to third-party effects. Therefore, every woman should know how to eat on critical days, so as not to break this balance, to ease the symptoms of PMS and the subsequent period, not to count the extra pounds collected during this time.

For a diet during menstruation, diversity and a sufficient number of foods are important. The menstrual fluid contains blood, which must be replenished. Poor health, a decline in strength in critical days are due to unusual iron deficiency in the body. To increase hemoglobin will help:

This same food contains magnesium, the deficit of which stimulates an increased craving for sweets. In addition, in such products, a lot of protein, which gives satiety, does not allow the appetite to take over the mind and gain extra for 3-5 critical days.

Menstruation is accompanied by a fluid retention, which causes swelling of not only the limbs, but also the internal organs. And this adds pain, provokes a general malaise. Therefore, a diet during menstruation does not hurt to supplement the broths of diuretic herbs, or even better by the use of seasonings:

In addition to removing excess fluid, they have a mass of vitamins, in which the body badly needs this period, painkillers and soothing properties.

From what for the time of menstruation should be discarded

Among the foods that many women love, there are those that can strengthen all the negative manifestations of menstruation. Therefore, for the time of critical days, it is better to abandon:

  • Salty. Such delicacies are forced to drink a lot of water, which then lingers in the tissues, causing a feeling of bursting, intensifying headaches, worsening the overall well-being;
  • The sharp. Seasonings, sauces cause a rush of blood to the small pelvis, which makes the monthly more intense and prolonged in time, intensifies abdominal pain. This is the question: can the diet affect the monthly directly;
  • Fatty. In critical days, the intestines tend to rebel. This is expressed by flatulence, diarrhea, which will also increase pain and general malaise;
  • Sweet. Increased sugar in the blood provokes an increase in appetite. In addition, on critical days, many women discover that hair and skin have become greasy, there are pimples. Sugar plays in these troubles not the last role. It interferes with the work of the vessels, which causes a headache. It is also important that sugar participates in the processes of fermentation in the intestine, increases bloating, increases unpleasant sensations in this area;
  • Alcohol. Its use means vasodilation, that is, increased bleeding;
  • Coffee. All components of the product increase the excitability of the brain, provoke irritability, increased pressure, headache.

Can I lose weight with menstruation

Women tend to take care of appearance, limit themselves in nutrition. And some people use the diet for a long time, in the course of several cycles. This desire for an ideal weight is commendable. But health is more important, and therefore most of the girls are not sure, you can sit on a diet during menstruation or it is worth interrupting.

The fact that the appetite increases in critical days has already been said. And in connection with the characteristic irritation, characteristic of this time, hunger will become much more difficult. It is necessary to add a deficiency of iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium, caused by blood loss. Therefore, a strict restriction in nutrition can provoke fainting, but simply lay on a hospital bed.

Diet during the monthly for weight loss should be balanced, that is, include the necessary amount of nutrients. All the products already mentioned, which are useful for menstruation, are low-calorie. If you do not absorb them continuously, and make meals in fractional, small portions, the figure will not suffer from this. So losing weight during the months is real.

To reduce weight, nutritionists recommend drinking plenty of water to speed up the metabolism. With menstruation, it makes sense to replace it with diuretics to reduce swelling and maintain weight. But do not overdo it, because calcium is also necessary for the body.

Several secrets of losing weight with menstruation

If a woman is preoccupied with reducing excess weight, the arrival of critical days should be prepared in advance:

  • A week before their offensive, increase the amount of food rich in fiber in the diet. This cabbage, beans, apples, buckwheat. They will get rid of excess fluid in the tissues;
  • Move a lot. Menstruation will not allow you to exercise, it is not useful in critical days. But for some time before them, physical activity will saturate the blood with oxygen, which will help to transfer the monthly and not excess;
  • Do not get upset if the arrow on the scales shows that the diet does not work during the monthly weight does not go away. It can be slowed down by swelling and forced absence of physical activity. It will pass with the end of menstruation, if from despair do not begin to absorb kilograms of chocolate and bananas;
  • Do not drink water for an hour after a meal. The rule will help keep the size of the stomach and soon get used to the regime of proper nutrition;
  • Do not eat sour milk products at the same time as food containing iron. Together they are not digested, which can cause a breakdown and a desire to stop the diet. The break between their use should be two hours. Then the diet will be effective and harmless for health, because the body will get both calcium and iron;
  • Increase serotonin and improve mood with the right foods. This substance is found in corn, bananas and tomatoes. Their caloricity is much lower than chocolate, and the effect on the brain is just as effective.

Can I start a diet with menstruation, a woman should decide for herself. Considering everything that happens in the body on critical days, it’s better for some to wait for them to finish. So it is difficult to resist from eating something delicious. How do menstruation affect the diet is not a secret. Because of puffiness, weight can stand still and even increase. But strict dietary restrictions to spur on weight loss are definitely unacceptable. In addition to deteriorating health, they will not give anything. A proper diet will allow you to survive the period with the least moral and physical loss.

Some slimming girls are surprised to find that they do not have menstruation at the right time. Begin to grab the test, understand that there is no pregnancy, and panic. Having come to the doctor, such champions of harmony demand to appoint to them medicines.

Delay of menstruation with a diet is possible if it prohibits many foods. Weight is lost dramatically, at a rapid pace. The organism suffers severe stress, it is forced to work in an emergency mode. The first is the hormonal system, which lacks fat, because cholesterol is responsible for the production of female hormones. The pituitary, hypothalamus, ovaries and other organs in the absence of “building material” for them cease to produce the right amount of progesterone. Endometrium slows down its development, comes ready to reject later than usual. Formation of its new layer is also inhibited.

If the body is forced to save energy for a long time, the woman will have to wonder: can the monthly period be lost because of the diet. The menstrual cycle is the litmus test of everything that happens in the body. Its failure means serious trouble in any area. If during a diet, the periods are lost, a woman can observe other signs:

  • Fragility of the nails and dull, dropping out in larger quantities than before, hair. This signals a lack of vitamin E and calcium. They are found in vegetable oils, nuts, fish, seafood. When this food is excluded from the diet, a shortage of these nutrients is inevitable. And they all participate in metabolic processes, which means that they influence the production of hormones;
  • Dry, flaky skin. Her appearance changes in this way because of deficiency of vitamin A, protein and iron. It happens when restricting animal food, because carotene is absorbed only together with fat. Vegetable food can not replace protein and does not allow absorption of iron in sufficient quantities. So do not be surprised if the diet for a lost month;
  • The decrease in the volume of FSH, LH and estrogens, which is evident from the study of blood on hormones.

The consequences of a prolonged absence of menstruation and when overeating, and because of a deficiency of nutrients:

  • Neoplasms of reproductive organs;
  • Uterine bleeding;
  • Infertility.

How to fight for the return of menstruation

A slender figure will not make you happy when a woman realizes that she has lost her period after a diet. After all, this means a lack of opportunity to become a mother, the acquisition of gynecological diseases and early aging. The body needs immediate recovery. The rapid adoption of measures increases the chance of a full return to the norm with low costs. First of all, it is necessary to restore delivery to all organs and systems of vitamins, minerals and other components. This does not mean only a transition to a high-calorie diet, which will reduce all efforts to lose weight to zero. Quick weight gain will not solve the problem, but add new ones.

The diet should be balanced, contain the necessary amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals. The best way is how to restore the monthly after the diet, the gynecologist will explain. After all, if the balance of hormones is broken, it is likely that drugs will be needed for its normalization:

  • Dyufaston. It is synthesized progesterone, which will fill the deficiency produced by the body;
  • Progesterone. The injections of the drug will quickly restore the reproductive system;
  • Preparations containing estradiol valerate.

Pharmaceutical products are prescribed, based on the results of the analysis for hormones. You can not use them yourself, it can lead to a catastrophe in the reproductive and endocrine areas.

Folk remedies for menstruation

How to return the monthly after the diet, those who are interested in medicinal plants know. Herbs contain vitamins and other substances that help restore the body. Therefore, with the permission of the doctor and no longer than 2 weeks, you can take:

  • Decoction of onion peel. Take 1 tbsp. raw and 1 a glass of boiling water, cook for 3 minutes, infused until brown. A filtered product is drunk once a day after a meal;
  • Melissa tea. The plant calms and restores appetite;
  • Decoction of parsley seeds and mint. The first contains a lot of vitamin C, mint helps normalize the nervous system. Plants take in the ratio 3: 1, fill 0,5 l. water, boil 10 minutes. Cooling, filter and divide the resulting composition into 2 reception. Delay of the monthly after the diet will cease;
  • Infusion of wormwood. 1 / 3 tbsp. the ground grass is placed in 200 ml. boiling water, 4 hours insist in the thermos. The received remedy is intended for 4-fold reception on the day before meals. Infusion increases appetite, stimulates reproductive organs;
  • Infusion of a mixture of chamomile, valerian, mint. Each plant is taken evenly, poured with boiling water and kept, wrapped, in a sealed container 2 hours. Infusion drink half a glass of 3-4 times a day. If after a diet is not monthly, such a broth will help restore the cycle to normal, thanks to a positive effect on hormone-producing organs and the nervous system;
  • Broth mixture of oregano, nettle, yarrow, dog rose. Equal parts of raw materials are mixed, 2 st.l. is placed in 0,5 l. boiling, cook for 5 minutes, insist 1 hour. Strain, drink on 100 ml. 2-3 times a day.

Diet during menstruation should be more focused on the relief of the condition at the moment. This does not contradict the principles of maintaining harmony, if you do not build weight loss on a pedestal higher than your own health.

Before using any medications, you should consult a physician specialist. There are contraindications.


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