Diet "five tablespoons" for weight loss

The "five tablespoons" diet is gaining popularity. Adhering to the simple principles of this method, you can not only lose weight without harm to health, but also to keep the result achieved. With strict adherence to all the rules of the diet, it will be possible to normalize metabolic processes in the body, reduce the volume of the stomach, which will affect the reduction of the portion consumed at one meal and thereby lose weight.

Diet "5 table spoons"

Many people trying to get rid of excess weight, are interested in the question – how to eat on a diet 5 table spoons, what is its principle, and what rules should be adhered to for stable weight loss? In fact, everything is very simple. This method of nutrition does not imply strict restrictions in the choice of products – on the contrary, the menu should be quite diverse and balanced.

The main principle of the diet is that the total amount of a portion eaten at a time should not exceed 5 table spoons. In the opinion of nutritionists who developed this method, it is just so much food that a person needs to fill up and fill the body's need for vitamins, minerals, trace elements. Eating is often, at least 4-5 once a day with an interval of 3 hour between meals. With an acute sense of hunger, you can even have a snack even for the night. During the day, you need to drink 1,5-2 liters of water. It is allowed to drink tea and coffee, but without sugar. It is recommended to exclude from the diet products that enhance appetite: salted, spicy, pickled dishes, spices, sauces, carbonated drinks. To achieve a quick result with a diet of 5 tablespoons, it is better to exclude fatty, fried foods, pastries and sweets, or reduce their use to 1-2 once a week.

Most full people have too much stomach, which is constantly increasing and requires more food to satiate. If you significantly reduce the amount of food consumed, the stomach will gradually decrease in size, and the body will require much less nutritious food.

The "five tablespoons" diet It is intended to reduce the stomach and accustom it to fractional nutrition. The most pleasant thing in this method is that there are practically no banned products. This means that a person who adheres to this diet can always indulge himself with his favorite treat. But only in the allowable ration volumes (no more than 150 grams per 1 meal intake).

The "five tablespoons" diet is a great way to lose weight, which can be observed throughout life to maintain an ideal shape. It is recommended to prepare before beginning weight loss with this method. Three weeks before the diet should eat 1 10 food intake of table spoons of food, for 2 weeks – 7, gradually accustoming your body to small portions. Adhering to this method of losing weight in one week you can reset 5 kg. The result can vary in smaller or larger side, depending on the initial weight of a person, age, sex.

What can and can not be?

What can and can not be done on a diet of "5 table spoons"? Products with a diet 5 table spoons are not limited to, which can not please, because there is no need to abandon their food preferences. There is everything, but for a little bit. Meals should be frequent, 4-5 once a day at an interval of 3 hours. However, the serving volume should always be unchanged – just 5 tablespoons at one time or 150 grams.

It is recommended to consume a day of 1,5-2 a liter of water without gas. It should be drunk in small sips, half an hour before meals and an hour after eating. Drink water with food should not be, because it provokes stretching of the walls of the stomach. In spite of the fact that there are no petals as such for the 5 diet, to achieve the maximum weight loss result, it is necessary to exclude or minimize the consumption of fatty, fried foods, sweets, and soda.

List of prohibited foods with 5 diet tablets:

  • Confectionery, fresh pastries;
  • Fatty grades of meat and poultry (pork, duck, goose);
  • Sausages;
  • Fried and smoked dishes;
  • Sugar;
  • Carbonated drinks.

As exceptions (for example, during holidays) it is allowed to use prohibited products in the menu, but not more than 1-2 servings per week.

How to drink alcohol?

The "5 table spoons" diet means the maximum restriction of alcohol consumption. They have a high calorie and increase appetite, which leads to the opposite effect – a set of weight. However, the complete elimination of alcoholic drinks method of weight loss "5 tablespoons" does not imply.

How to drink alcohol on a diet of "5 table spoons"? The permissible dose of alcoholic beverages per week is one serving, the volume of which should not exceed 100 ml. Preference is given to weak alcohol – for example, red or white dry wine. If you choose cognac, whiskey, vodka or other strong drinks, then the portion decreases to 50 ml per week.

Menu for the week

Diet 5 tablespoons – menu for a week (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner):

  • Oatmeal with banana;
  • Chicken broth with pieces of meat;
  • Orange;
  • Beef medallions. Mashed potatoes.
  • Cheesecakes;
  • Green borsch;
  • Kefir;
  • Slightly salted salmon. Salad with cabbage and onions.
  • Omelette with herbs and tomatoes;
  • Pasta with cheese;
  • Grapefruit;
  • Fish with grilled vegetables.
  • 2 hard-boiled eggs;
  • Okroshka;
  • Berry cocktail;
  • Baked turkey with vegetables.
  • Fruit salad;
  • Soup with mushrooms;
  • A pineapple;
  • Seafood cocktail.

Making the menu for a week, you must follow the most important rule of the diet – the volume of one meal should not exceed 5 tablespoons. It is compliance with this principle ensures a reduction in stomach volume and leads to a stable weight loss.


Oatmeal with banana

A few tablespoons of oatmeal flakes pour boiled hot milk so that it completely covers them. Give the cereal to infuse for at least 15 minutes, then add to it half of the sliced ​​banana. If desired, you can add nuts and finely chopped dried apricots.

Start your day with a diet of 5 tablespoons correctly. Oatmeal with a banana – not only a hearty and tasty dish, but also useful, contributing to the improvement of the gastrointestinal tract.

Vegetable stew

Peel the onion. Dice the cubes, carrots, tomatoes, onions, lightly fry in olive oil, then put into a saucepan and pour water so that it covers the vegetables lightly. Stew on low heat for half an hour, for 10 minutes until ready to add tomato paste, bay leaf, salt and spices to taste.

Nutritious vegetable stew can be used as an independent dish, and as a side dish with a diet of 5 table spoons.


Cottage cheese mash with a fork, add a little oatmeal, one egg, a little sugar, cinnamon, knead a not too thick dough. Form small cutlets, fry them in a heated frying pan with olive oil. You can serve with sour cream, berries or fruit.

For breakfast, following a diet of 5 tablespoons, you can treat yourself to delicious cheese cakes.

Chicken cutlets

Prepare minced meat from chicken fillet. Bread soak in warm milk. Mix the minced meat with bread, add an 1 egg, salt and pepper to taste. Form small cutlets, roll them in breadcrumbs and fry in vegetable oil until a ruddy crust.

Delicate chicken cutlets can be included in your diet of 5 diet table spoons.

Berry cocktail

In a glass of natural yogurt add blueberries, cut strawberries, a little vanilla. Beat the cocktail in a blender, before serving, decorate it with a leaf of fresh mint.

The tonic berry cocktail will quench thirst and saturate the body with vitamins while observing the 5 diet of table spoons.

Macaroni and Cheese

Boil the pasta in salted water, strain them through a colander. Put the pasta in a bowl, put a piece of butter, then sprinkle with grated cheese on top and put a few pieces of mozzarella.

Macaroni with cheese is a hearty dish. Include it in the diet menu 5 tablespoons for lunch or dinner.

Fruit salad

Cut the apple, pear and banana into slices, add slices of blueberries and raspberries, season with natural yogurt, and decorate with fresh mint leaves. You can sprinkle with cocoa or cinnamon at will before serving.

Light, juicy fruit salad will suit as a dessert with a diet of 5 tablespoons.


If you believe numerous reviews, then the diet 5 tablespoons the results are thin provides excellent. Depending on the initial weight, some can reset to 5 kg in one month.

In order not to fail and keep the result achieved, it is necessary to ensure a smooth exit from the diet, gradually including in your diet favorite treats, but keep the portion size. To maintain your figure in perfect shape, it is recommended that you learn all the time to eat fractional, 4-5 once a day. This method of nutrition will not allow the stomach to stretch again, and the body will not need a lot of high-calorie food for satiety.

How much can you lose weight in a month?

According to nutritionists, adhering to this method of weight loss in one month can get rid of 5-7 kg. In fact, the exact result always depends on several factors: the initial weight of a person, his constitution and state of health. However, at least 6 kg per month with a diet 5 tablespoons usually goes away at all.

To achieve this result, you should follow all the prescriptions of this method of weight loss and in no case increase the portion of food. In this case, do not limit yourself to foods, it is worth including in your diet your favorite dishes, reducing their volume to 5 tablespoons.

Diet "five tablespoons" – the results of weight loss:


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