Diet for 500 calories per day – menu for a week

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A diet of 500 calories a day is a way to quickly lose excess weight. The daily rate of calorie intake for everyone is different. It depends on lifestyle, metabolism, height and weight. The average value of calorie intake for a woman per day is 1500-2000 calories. The name of the diet contains the essence of the diet – a day to consume 500 calories.

Purpose: the body, receiving a lower rate, begins to expend its supplies.

As with any way to change your diet, this method has its advantages and disadvantages. Minus diet: will have to calculate the number of calories per serving. In order for the measurements to be accurate, you need to purchase kitchen scales and arm yourself with a calorie table of products.

Lack of methodology – a sharp restriction and a lot of stress for the body, if you stick to such a diet for a long time.

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The advantage of a diet in losing weight in the diversity of diet. If mono-diets quickly get bored with their products, then you can cook something new every day. Accordingly, it is possible to spend a lot of time on such nutrition without disruption.

Diet rules for 500 calories per day

In the diet it is important to keep count of calories consumed. The principle is simple: we count calories and lose weight quickly and efficiently. The diet for weight loss is hard, so try to buy a complex of vitamins in advance, which will protect the immune system.

Reducing energy consumption to 500 calories per day is a sharp restriction. Because doctors do not recommend using the technique constantly. Optimal, in the opinion of nutritionists, is the alternation of days of normal nutrition with days when you can eat only up to 500 calories. They believe that the fasting days should be no more than 2 per week, because this version of the food was called 5: 2. Days with a limited diet should not be in a row, but in between normal days.

Prohibited products

It is recommended that eating foods maximally rich in vitamins and minerals, so that weight loss does not harm the body. In many respects, the limitations of this regime are similar to the usual proper nutrition: it is impossible to fry in oil, fatty, baked and sweet. But this method of weight loss has even stricter scope.

  • all fatty;
  • fried;
  • fast food;
  • sweet soda;
  • smoked;
  • floury, sweet;
  • salt (blocks water);
  • products with a high content of starch (potatoes, corn.).

Sample menu of drinking diet

Another option of losing weight is a drinking diet, where all meals are replaced with drinks. The same principle can be used up to 500 calories per day.

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Drinking diet before 500 Kcal – approximate menu:

  • breakfast: 200 g of natural yogurt 2% (132 Kcal);
  • snack: 300 g carrot juice (84 Kcal);
  • lunch: 200 kefir 1% (80 Kcal);
  • Afternoon snack: 300 g of grapefruit juice (90 Kcal);
  • dinner: 300 g of orange juice (108 Kcal).

An important moment in this diet is the right way out. If you spend on a drinking diet 7-10 days, then the intestines will get out of solid food. Therefore, immediately after the end of the drinking regime, do not attack the food, but gradually introduce into the diet liquid porridge, after soup and meat with vegetables.

Menu for the week

When preparing the menu for a week, subject to two days of unloading, you can imagine an approximate scheme.

Menu for a week for a diet at 500 Kcal per day (breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner):

  1. 100 g of boiled oatmeal on water (88 Kcal), 2 apricot (23 Kcal), green tea without sugar;
  2. 100 g of tomato juice (21 Kcal);
  3. 200 g onion soup (88 Kcal), 100 g cooked quail (134 Kcal);
  4. 100 g of natural yogurt 2% (60 Kcal);
  5. 100 g curd 0% (71 Kcal), 50 g strawberries (20 Kcal).
  1. 100 g cooked porridge on the water (76 Kcal), 500 g blackcurrant (22 Kcal), 100 g coffee Latte (29 Kcal);
  2. salad: 100 g grated carrot (32 Kcal) with 1 orange (36 Kcal);
  3. 100 dorado on the grill (96 Kcal), 50 g spinach (11 Kcal), 2 tomato (30 Kcal), green tea;
  4. 50 g blackberry (15 kcal);
  5. 200 g of yogurt 1% (80 Kcal), 2 of orange (72 Kcal);
  1. 100 g of boiled buckwheat on water (132 Kcal), 50 g parsley (23 Kcal), 100 g apple juice (42 Kcal);
  2. 100 g milk 1% (40 Kcal);
  3. 100 g of boiled fish pollock (79 Kcal), 2 cucumber (30 Kcal), 100 g of carrot juice (28 Kcal);
  4. 100 g fermented milk (40 Kcal);
  5. 100 g curd 0%, 50 g blueberries (15 Kcal), green tea;
  1. 100 g omelet (184 Kcal), 100 g pumpkin juice (38 Kcal);
  2. 1 orange (36 Kcal);
  3. 150 g beetroot (54 Kcal), 100 g lemonade (26 Kcal);
  4. 100 g natural yogurt 2% (60 Kcal)
  5. 200 g of mushroom soup (100 Kcal).
  1. 100 g rice porridge on the water (78 Kcal), 100 g peach juice (40 Kcal);
  2. 100 g natural yogurt 2% (60 Kcal)
  3. 100 g cooked turkey fillet (130 Kcal), 100 g lettuce leaves (12 Kcal), 100 g sweet red pepper (27 Kcal);
  4. 100 g of grapefruit juice (30 Kcal);
  5. 150 g curd 0% (Kcal), 50 g blueberries (15 Kcal);
  1. 100 g oatmeal in milk (102 Kcal), 100 g coffee latte (29 Kcal);
  2. 100 g carrot juice (28 Kcal);
  3. 150 g of celery soup (55 Kcal), 100 g of crab meat (73 Kcal), 1 cucumber (15 Kcal), 1 tomato (15 Kcal), 100 g of lemonade (26 Kcal);
  4. 100 g of yogurt 1% (40 Kcal);
  5. 100 g chicken breast steamed (113 Kcal), 2 tomato (30 Kcal);
  1. 100 g of boiled barley porridge on the water (76 Kcal), 100 g of plum juice (39 Kcal)
  2. 2 tomatoes (30 Kcal);
  3. 150 r rassolnika (63 Kcal), 50 g parsley (23 Kcal), green tea;
  4. 100 g of blackcurrant juice (40 Kcal);
  5. 100 grams of rabbit per pair (150 Kcal), 50 g Arugula (12 Kcal), 1 tomato (15 Kcal), 1 cucumber (15 Kcal), 150 g of dried apricots from dried apricots (81 Kcal);

Weight Loss Results

Nutritionists say that adhering to a diet of 500 calories a day, fast weight is relieved, but in the future, to maintain weight, alternate days with normal meals and limited.

If you deliberately sit on this diet day after day, you can lose weight very quickly in a very short time. But there is a high risk of getting yourself into total exhaustion.

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Miriam Josey
Miriam Josey is an RD and expert in healthy diets and sustainable lifestyles. She has a B.S from Cal State (Nutritional Science) and an M.S. from the University of Southern California (Nutrition, Healthspan, and Longevity). Miriam’s professional chef certificate allows her to develop rich, non-restrictive diets for weight loss.


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