Diet for a couple

Today there are a huge number of different diets that help to lose weight quickly, but, unfortunately, not for long. And, as a rule, they all have strict restrictions on food, and this leads to the fact that a person trying to lose weight with them, constantly experiencing a feeling of hunger.

And this often contributes to the violation of metabolic processes and the appearance of the opposite effect. A person instead of losing weight can watch his gain. That's why today people are increasingly resorting to proper nutrition programs, which are aimed at gradual weight loss. And one of these programs is a couple diet.

What are the characteristics of the diet for a couple?

The peculiarity of the diet for a couple is that you can eat anything. Vegetables, meat, fish, even pastries – all this can be present in the diet of a person who has excess weight. The main thing that all this was cooked in a double boiler.

This device is a real "wand-zashchalochka" for all who want to be slim and healthy. Cooking on it is mostly recommended to people who have problems with the digestive system.

Preparing meals without the use of oil, which affects positively not only on the figure, but also on the composition of the blood. The cholesterol level decreases and the whole circulatory system is improved. Vegetables in steaming are cooked evenly and have an amazing taste.

Of course, for lovers of roast and fat, these vegetables will first not taste, but after a few days of effort on themselves, they will understand what they have been depriving themselves of all these years. After all, vegetables are really delicious and if they are not "hammered" with various seasonings and sauces, they are soft and juicy.

In addition, cooking in a double boiler takes much less time than cooking in a frying pan. And it is much easier to take care of it, because oil is not added to it. And if the steamer is also multi-level, then you can immediately prepare several dishes at the same time, which further reduces the cooking time for lunch and dinner.

What not?

Like any diet, the diet for a couple for losing weight has its own "taboo". These include:

  • use of breadcrumbs when cooking fish and meat (except for breading from oat bran;
  • use of various sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.);
  • use marinades for fish and meat (when preparing them you can fill with lemon juice);
  • the use of soy sauce and oil when preparing dishes, it "clogs" the natural taste of products.

To make the main menu of the diet for a couple can each person himself. To do this, it is important to know how many calories this or that dish contains. The main thing is that the daily calorie intake does not exceed 1500 calories.

Here is an example menu:

  • завтрак – oatmeal in water with the addition of a small piece of butter;
  • lunch – lean meat with vegetables;
  • dinner – vegetable salad with a piece of fish.

In the intervals between meals, the use of raw vegetables and fruits is allowed. You can also eat milk and sour-milk products.

As the reviews show, the diet of couples allows you to lose up to 10 kg per month. And if during the 2-3 months strictly adhere to this diet, you can get rid of 15-20 extra pounds!

Such food should not be an undefined diet for you. To adhere to this diet is recommended throughout life. Only in this case, you can lose those extra pounds and keep the results for a long time.

Video with steamed recipes

Reviews about a diet for a couple

Hello! I would like to share with you my experience about how I was helped by a couple diet. My weight was 98 kg, with the growth of 177 cm. I began to lose weight by running in the morning. Before running I ate a plate of vegetables for a couple, a calorie 102 kcal, so that there were forces to run. After running, I breakfasted snugly, tk. In the morning you need to have a good breakfast, so that there are strength during the day. I ate breakfast exclusively with food for a couple: cutlets, rice, pasta, anything, because you can eat food for a couple without fear of gaining excess weight. In the day I consumed about 1200 kcal. For three months I threw off 26 kg, running in the morning and eating food for a couple!

Hello! I want to share my story of losing weight. Earlier I weighed somewhere 120, tried different diets, but unfortunately my stomach did not allow me to do this, in addition, after all this I got to the hospital and was treated for a long time, my doctor advised me to prepare food for a couple and since that time I often arrange my own days diet products for a couple. I want to say that thanks to this diet, I dumped every day on gram 200 and as a result I lost weight to 80 kg

I never thought she was fat, but she always felt unhappy about her figure. I decided to lose weight, and when, to the ideal weight, there was nothing left, some 5 kg, my body apparently decided that it would not be fed any more, and began to store for future use: (As a result, for a month of proper nutrition, I recovered for 3 kg Diet for a couple is my first diet in life I do not regret that I tried it, because it helped me to drop hateful 8 kg in just 3,5 weeks. I recommend everyone who is aiming for a quick result)


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