Diet for a flat stomach in the home


A flat stomach is the dream of all women, but few people take any action to implement it. Only a few really make an effort to look perfect.

The stomach is the place where fat accumulates the most. And even if you stick to certain diets that are aimed at reducing weight, then extra centimeters, as a rule, disappear first in the hips, arms and legs, and only then on the stomach. To correct this situation it is possible and it will take not one or two days, but several months. To do this, you need a diet for a flat stomach, which implies a balanced diet, with a minimum amount of fat and light carbohydrates.


There are certain foods that we are accustomed to eating every day, even without realizing that they are the main reason for the postponement of fat deposits in the abdomen. These foods include:

  • carbonated drinks, especially alcoholic beverages (sparkling wines, beer, cocktails, etc.);
  • confectionery and other kinds of sweets (sweets, chocolates, cakes, pastries, ice cream, etc.);
  • baked pastry, products made of white flour (buns, white bread, various pies and pies);
  • fast-food and all products that are prepared in deep fat;
  • honey;
  • sugar.

All these products contain harmful substances that have the ability to be converted in our body into fat. This is light fat. That is, this food is easily broken down and quickly transformed into fat cells, which are deposited on the stomach.

Therefore, to use them for food is not desirable. And if you are a lover of junk food (and today, unfortunately, very much), then you can afford to eat them 2-3 times a month and only in small quantities.

Diet for a flat stomach in the home

Your basic diet should be dominated by low-calorie foods that will not put more strain on the digestive organs and will stimulate the bowel, thereby preventing the accumulation of stool in your body, which will also affect the size of your stomach.

The diet menu for a flat stomach

Diet for the waist and flat stomach excludes from the diet all harmful and fatty foods. Therefore, its approximate daily diet consists of the following menu:

  • завтрак – one serving of any cereal cooked on water without oil, as well as some fruit (orange, apple, grapefruit, etc.);
  • lunch – a cup of green tea without sugar, a sandwich made from a piece of black bread and low-fat cheese;
  • lunch – a plate of vegetable soup and a small portion of vegetable salad;
  • afternoon snack – one glass of skimmed yogurt and the addition of fiber (it can be purchased at any pharmacy), any fruit;
  • dinner – a portion of crumbly rice and a small piece of fish or chicken, steamed.

Here is an exemplary menu has a diet for a flat stomach and a thin waist. It can be slightly modified, replacing some products with others. The only thing you should not do is to exceed the daily calorific value – 2000 kcal. At the same time, the food must be five times a day. You can not skip any of the meals, because if you do not eat the right amount of food now, you will still eat it later, but in a larger amount. And besides, the body digests and digests food better when it enters it in small quantities.

And one more very important point. Teach yourself to drink plenty of water. Where you were not, what would you not eat, a day you need to drink about two liters of water, or even more. In this case, it should be only purified drinking water, not mineral water or teas.

How to speed up the process?

If you want your stomach to be transformed in a short time (for 1-2 months), then maintaining diets alone will not be enough. You will need to exercise.

Diet for a flat stomach in the home

Every day you will need to perform basic exercises – swing the press 20-30 times, twist the hoop about 15 minutes, run in place 10-15 minutes, etc. The more you move, the better the results and the sooner you start to observe them.

If you have the opportunity to go to the gym and deal with the coach, then it's very good. After all, only an experienced coach will be able to choose for you a special training program that will help in a short time to make your stomach flat and attractive.

Well, if you do not have such an opportunity, then do it yourself at home. The main thing is do not make favors, otherwise you will not see any positive results even after 3-4 months.

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