Diet for acute and chronic prostatitis in men

The diet with prostatitis in men and chronic and acute is a very important component of a successful fight against this insidious disease. Its observance makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of drug therapy and to return a good-sex person good health in a few days after the start of treatment.

In the inflammatory process in the prostate gland, the patient must refrain from eating food and drinks that adversely affect the genitourinary system, and include in his daily menu foods rich in masculine-friendly substances.

Many patients wonder – why do you need a prostate diet and why is it so important? The main tasks of the diet include the following:

  • Exclusion of excessive irritation of the prostate due to a “proper” diet;
  • renewal of blood circulation. As soon as the blood flow is restored, swelling will immediately decrease, nutrients will enter the tissue of the organ in the required volume, which will lead to a faster recovery;
  • normalization of urination, the violation of which brings serious discomfort in the life of a man;
  • restoration of peristalsis.

Diet with prostatitis is based on the principles of using healthy food and limiting the use of harmful. The diet is selected taking into account the severity of the manifestation of the disease and the characteristics of the organism. All that causes an allergy or an exacerbation of symptoms, is prohibited.

The menu is compiled individually for each patient, but there are general guidelines and principles for facilitating the course of the disease:

  • refusal of any kind of alcohol and smoking;
  • Exclusion from the diet of spices, preservatives, semi-finished products, spicy and salty dishes;
  • limitation of sweets;
  • regular intake of food, preferably at the same time;
  • refusal of fatty and smoked dishes;
  • consumption of vegetable salads, greens;
  • adding garlic and onion, mustard to dishes;
  • compilation of the menu taking into account the phase of exacerbation;
  • minimum heat treatment of fruits and vegetables;
  • cooking dishes for a couple, in a multivariate, in the oven;
  • maximum grinding of food;
  • constant maintenance of diet and avoidance of harmful foods;
  • supplement diet exercise and walking.

Semi-finished products, spicy spices and preservatives adversely affect the pelvic organs. Long sitting in one place and irregular eating disturb blood circulation in the prostate. Alcohol intensifies inflammatory processes and provokes the appearance of edema.

The use of many vegetables can reduce inflammation and reduce pain, so you must enter them in the menu. Especially it concerns onions, fresh garlic and horseradish roots. Onions increase the weakened potency, garlic has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Horseradish relieves the painful inflammation of the prostate and speeds up the recovery. The diet also includes the use of seafood and vegetables.

It is not necessary to think that if in the treatment of inflammation of the prostate is recommended to adhere to a diet, then the food will be tasteless, the diet is monotonous. No, no one talks about eating only oatmeal and abandoning meat, which is very difficult for many men. You just need to maximally reduce the use of certain dishes, and saturate the diet more useful food.

To ensure that food does not cause additional inflammation, you should stick to a diet with prostatitis in men and include in the diet only useful ingredients. The list of allowed dishes is quite wide – for every day you can make a varied menu. Most of the daily ration should be vegetables, sour-milk drinks and various cereals.

  • vegetable soups;
  • cereal porridge on water and milk;
  • lactic acid foods and beverages;
  • dried fruits with berries;
  • honey in small quantities;
  • vegetables, especially beetroot, pumpkin, tomatoes and carrots with cabbage;
  • vegetable oils;
  • boiled low-fat fish, chicken;
  • bran, grain bread;
  • Seafood and lean meat (beef);
  • seeds with nuts;
  • greens: celery, parsley, parsnip and dill;
  • onions with garlic;
  • mustard, horseradish;
  • fruit.

Berries and fruits, especially citrus fruits, contain vitamins and trace elements. In dairy dishes a lot of useful protein. Porridge is rich in fiber, and meat – natural fats. Seafood contains zinc and selenium. Vegetables make up for a lack of carbohydrates, a daily dose of vitamins and macronutrients

A special role in the treatment of inflammation of the prostate gland is played by zinc. Almost all of the above food contains this useful element, especially everything related to the sea, as well as honey, ginger. A lot of it is contained in ginseng.

What you can not eat with prostatitis in men

Food for prostatitis in men should be based on the principles of regularity and utility. All harmful ingredients, leading to an exacerbation of the disease, should definitely be excluded from the diet. This applies not only to alcoholic products or fatty foods, but also sweets and spices. Refuse from prohibited snacks or semi-finished products will have a long time.

  • wine, beer and other spirits;
  • spicy spices or condiments;
  • fatty, too salty and fried foods;
  • all legumes: lentils, beans, peas and beans;
  • fatty meat soups and rich broths;
  • any carbonated drinks, including mineral water with gas;
  • lamb and pork fat;
  • baking, sweets and jams;
  • by-products;
  • pickles, smoked products and sausages;
  • caviar, fish and meat;
  • mushrooms;
  • greens: radishes, dill, sorrel and spinach.

Approximate menu for a week with prostatitis

To treat the disease was effective, you should follow all the rules of diet and a balanced diet. The menu should be daily vegetable, dairy, fruit and cereal. At any time of the year, fresh herbs, lean meats and fruit and vegetable juices with berries should be included in the diet.

  • breakfast – not strong coffee, a sandwich of dark bread with sausage and cheese;
  • dinner – soup with pasta on beef broth, puree without oil, beef steamed cutlets, strawberry compote;
  • dinner – baked vegetables with mackerel, a glass of jelly.
  • breakfast – milk porridge from buckwheat, coffee, a sandwich with cheese;
  • dinner – soup with rice on quail broth, pasta with veal bitovkami, apple compote;
  • dinner – stewed zucchini with baked chicken breast, tea.
  • breakfast – milk porridge from rice, a sandwich with cheese, tea;
  • dinner – soup with meatballs, boiled rice with baked fish, vegetable salad (cucumber, tomato, greens, olive oil), freshly squeezed carrot juice;
  • dinner – cottage cheese casserole with dried apricots, a glass of milk with a biscuit.
  • breakfast – omelet, tea, bread, cheese;
  • dinner – vegetable stew, baked quail, kissel;
  • dinner – steamed burgers with buckwheat, tea.
  • breakfast – two boiled eggs, salad of cauliflower with tomato;
  • Lunch – chicken breast broth with greens, wheat cereal with steamed beef meatballs, tea, marshmallows;
  • dinner – vegetable salad, baked fish, tea with honey.
  • breakfast – oatmeal, coffee, a sandwich with sausage and cheese;
  • dinner – buckwheat soup, boiled veal, pasta, jelly;
  • dinner – pumpkin porridge, vegetable salad, tea.
  • breakfast – baked syrniki with honey, tea;
  • dinner – broth with egg and greens. Seafood salad, rice porridge, tea, biscuit or biscuit biscuit;
  • dinner – fish casserole, a glass of jelly, crimson or strawberry.

In breaks between meals you can eat vegetable salads, bio-yogurt, before going to bed drinking a glass of kefir.

Menu depending on the type of prostatitis

There are several types of prostatitis: acute, chronic, calculous, stagnant, bacterial. All of them are often complicated by cystitis, which considerably burdens the course of the disease. With each type of inflammation of the prostate, the diet has certain characteristics.

When exacerbating prostatitis, you must enter into your diet dishes rich in zinc: nuts, eggs, chicken liver. Vitamin-containing leafy vegetables, bran and vegetable oils are also useful. Sample menu:

  • breakfast oatmeal with nuts, eat yogurt;
  • snack with salad from leafy vegetables;
  • We have dinner with vegetable soup-mashed potatoes, we eat cooked liver;
  • we have two boiled eggs;
  • supper with a spoon of bran, boiled vegetables.

To increase the period of remission, it is recommended to use the following menu during 2-3-x weeks:

  • we have breakfast with cottage cheese, a sandwich with cheese and a cup of tea;
  • in 2 hours we eat any porridge from cereals (oatmeal, buckwheat);
  • We have lunch with soup with chicken liver, vegetable salad, drink with juice;
  • we have an orange, apple or grapefruit;
  • supper with mashed potatoes, a piece of boiled fish, a salad of vegetables.

When stones appear in the ducts, they must be taken out with urine. This is promoted by asparagus juice, and it should be drunk a day in 600 ml:

  • mix the asparagus juice with carrot in the ratio 2: 1;
  • Drink three times a day for 1 a glass.

With stagnation in the prostate it is necessary to eat only healthy food, and the longer – the better:

  • breakfast rice or oatmeal porridge, drink green or herbal tea;
  • have a snack with oranges;
  • We have dinner with boiled or stewed vegetables, soup with lean meat;
  • for a mid-morning snack we eat cottage cheese or yogurt;
  • supper with seafood salad, mashed potatoes and a piece of boiled fish.

In addition to antibiotics in the treatment of bacterial disease, doctors usually prescribe a therapeutic diet lasting about 3-x months.

  • eat breakfast with boiled eggs, a sandwich with cheese and tea;
  • snack with fruit;
  • we have dinner with low-fat soup or borsch without frying, we drink a cup of juice;
  • we have a salad with vegetable salad;
  • dine with boiled veal or chicken, a pair of boiled potatoes.

To adhere to the urologist recommended diet with the prostatitis should be constantly. This is necessary so that there are no exacerbations. Sometimes, as a moral discharge, you can afford to drink a small glass of beer or table wine, eat a piece of lean pork. It is desirable to supplement the treatment with special exercises and walking tours.


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