Diet for acute pancreatitis in adults

Pancreatitis is a disease in which the pancreas is highly inflamed. In this state, the patient is shown a special diet. Let’s consider in more detail what includes a diet for acute pancreatitis in adults, what symptoms can be observed with such a disease, and much more.

Nutrition for acute pancreatitis in adults

In case of an acute attack of pancreatitis, the patient is recommended to observe the following diet:

  1. During the first two days after the onset of an attack, hunger should be observed. It is needed to enable the pancreas to “rest” and relieve inflammation. In this period, the patient is only allowed to drink broths of wild rose, green tea without sugar and mineral water without gas.

In this period, a person is also shown to stay in a hospital and to take medication prescribed by a doctor.

  1. When the symptoms of acute pancreatitis slightly abate (usually on the third day), the patient needs to follow dietary intake for the next two weeks.

Diet in pancreatitis in acute form has the following principles that must be observed:

  1. Dishes should be prepared without salt, sugar, pepper and other additives. In other words, everything must be lean.
  2. Dishes should not be fried and greasy. They should be cooked steamed, boiled or baked. Also, the use of animal fats in any form is forbidden.
  3. The patient should not eat excessively cold or hot meals.
  4. In a day a person should drink at least two liters of liquid. Especially useful is green tea. Also allowed the use of juices from non-acid fruits.
  5. It is better to give preference to liquid or ground foods, which will simplify the process of digestion.
  6. You can eat often, but at the same time in small portions.
  7. You should adhere to a certain diet and eat at the same time.
  8. At night you can not eat. Also it is necessary to avoid overeating and snacks in the dry.

General dietary nutrition in pancreatitis is aimed at the most gentle attitude to the pancreas. This is justified by the fact that any “wrong” food can further aggravate the course of the disease.

An exemplary menu for pancreatitis includes the following permitted foods and dishes:

  1. Vegetables to be cooked for a couple.
  2. Boiled fish and poultry.
  3. Porridges cooked on the water.
  4. Soups from vegetables.
  5. Compotes.
  6. Kissels.
  7. Apples are baked (their different recipes can be viewed in Internet resources).
  8. Omelette from proteins for a couple.
  9. All sorts of cottage cheese casseroles.
  10. Low-fat kefir.
  11. Tea.
  12. Boiled vermicelli.
  13. Light souffle and jelly.
  14. Vegetable mashed potatoes.
  15. Vinaigrettes.
  16. Med.
  17. Cutlets from fish and steamed meat.

It is strictly forbidden to eat the following:

  1. Alcohol.
  2. Fat.
  3. Oily fish and meat.
  4. All kinds of canned food, convenience foods and fast food.
  5. Smoked meat.
  6. Fresh bakery.
  7. Broths.
  8. Fried and fatty foods.
  9. Sour food.
  10. Chocolate.
  11. Coffee.
  12. Garlic, onion, mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup.
  13. Pickles.
  14. Sweet carbonated drinks.
  15. White cabbage.
  16. Sausages.
  17. Herring.

With proper adherence to dietary nutrition, the patient will be able to eliminate the attack of pancreatitis. It should be remembered that in addition to pancreatitis, the pancreas is prone to other diseases, including oncological diseases, which are characterized by a particularly aggressive course. Therefore, do not treat the diseases of this body lightly.


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