Diet for adolescent girls: the main rules of losing weight


Sedentary lifestyle and unbalanced diet lead to overweight in adolescents. This problem has already begun to alarm many doctors, because according to statistics more than 50% of children aged 14 years have health problems, the cause of which are excess kilograms. They exert a strong load on the body, which causes disruption of the internal organs and systems, a spinal curvature and a decrease in the immune system, which, as a rule, leads to frequent catarrhal diseases.

Such a problem as overweight in children in 14 years should not be left without parents' attention. It requires a solution and will help in this special diet for adolescents, which for many years was developed by dietitian doctors.

But it should be noted immediately that you, as parents, need to talk with your child about the consequences of overweight and that a balanced diet will only benefit them, while you need to cause them to lose weight, and not just you to please.

After all, even if at home they will eat according to all dietary rules, then outside of it, for example, at school, you can not trace that there is your child. And, as a rule, it will again be various fast foods, chips, soda, etc., which not only have a bad effect on the stomach, but contribute to the deposition of fat cells and all your labors will be in vain, because the weight will not go away.

The diet for teenagers 14 years has two options: a diet for boys and a diet for girls. Their diet is completely different, because for the normal development of the growing body, the girl needs to use 2500 calories per day, and the boy – 3000 kcal.

Find out more about the diet for teenagers, you can from the following video:

In this case, girls at this age there are significant changes in the body – they become "adults". More than 70% of girls in 14 years already have menstruation, and in 30% the body begins to actively prepare for this "event". Therefore, it is extremely important not to break this natural process and provide a small female body with all the vital microelements necessary.

Features of fast diet for girls 14 years

The most important thing in a diet for weight loss for teenagers is a balanced diet, in which the main emphasis should be made on foods with high protein and carbohydrate content. Carbohydrates are necessary for replenishment of energy reserves, and proteins for normal muscle growth.

The daily requirement of the adolescent organism in proteins is 50%, in carbohydrates 30%. The remaining 20% should occupy fats. They can not be completely excluded from the ration of the child, because they are also necessary for the human body, especially at the time of accelerated growth.

An effective diet for teenage girls 14 years ideally looks like this:

Those carbohydrates that are consumed at breakfast will be converted into energy and during the day it is wasted by the body. While the proteins that are consumed at dinner, until the evening meal, will not allow the child to feel hungry, as their stomach digests for a long time.

Diet for adolescent girls: the main rules of losing weight

Diet for teenage girls: what foods are banned?

Like any diet, the diet for teenage girls 14 years completely excludes from the diet:

  • Bakery products made from flour of higher grades;
  • fast food;
  • fatty and fried foods;
  • confectionery;
  • milk and dairy products with a high percentage of fat content;
  • semi-finished products;
  • carbonated products;
  • different kinds of nuts;
  • sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup, garlic, etc.).

These foods are high-calorie, so their use during weight loss is not desirable. But there is one small exception – chocolate. In the day you can eat 25 g dark chocolate. Milk and white chocolate is not allowed.

Diet for adolescent girls: the main rules of losing weight

Diet for teenage girls: what products are allowed?

The list of products allowed for use at the time of weight loss is quite large. These include:

  • lean meat;
  • seafood;
  • macaroni products from durum wheat;
  • cereals and legumes (except lentils);
  • fruit (except grapes);
  • vegetables (except potatoes);
  • olive oil;
  • Dairy and dairy products with low fat content;
  • eggs;
  • freshly squeezed juices and compotes;
  • green tea.

Agree, the list is rather big. These products are quite enough to diversify the teenage menu at the time of transition to a balanced diet.

As mentioned earlier, the daily norm of teenage girls is 2500 kcal. However, it should be noted that if a child is engaged in any sport, then his daily need for calories increases by 20%.

This moment is very important, because during sports, our body spends a lot of energy, so these 20% should be foods with high carbohydrate content. In this case, doctors-nutritionists are recommended to place one carbohydrate breakfast, do two.

All dishes should either be baked or cooked for a couple. Products can not be fried and add a variety of spices. Olive oil, which is included in the list of allowed products, should not be consumed more than 2 tablespoons per day. It is usually used for dressing vegetable salads. Although here, dietitians recommend replacing it with natural yogurt.

Sample menu for a teenage girl 14 years old

We have compiled for you an approximate diet menu for a teenage girl, so you understand roughly how your child should eat.

Diet for adolescent girls: the main rules of losing weight

The amount of servings depends on how many times a day a teenager eats. If this happens 3 – 4 times a day, then the serving volume should be average, that is, 200 – 250 g, if the food intake is longer, for example, 5 – 6, then it is necessary to reduce the serving volume, but within reason. For calculation, you can use a simple scheme, the daily need for calories divided by the number of meals. This is what the portion volume will come from.

The main rule is that the latest meal should take place 2 hours before bedtime.

So, the menu for a slimming teen looks like this:

  • завтрак can consist of oatmeal with added fruit or omelette with tomatoes and bell pepper, steamed. Also in it you can include 1 banana and 1 glass of yogurt or fat-free drinking yogurt;
  • lunch must necessarily include either lean meat or fish. In this case, they can either be boiled, baked or cooked steamed. Vegetable salad dressed with olive oil or natural yoghurt (carrots, beets, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes and radishes are very useful at this age). Also, you can include in lunch 1 a mug of green tea with lemon or compote and a small piece of dark chocolate;
  • for dinner it is recommended to eat only vegetables, fruits and low-fat cottage cheese. You can drink kefir and drinking yogurt.


You can not sharply limit the adolescent's eating habits. Any changes in the diet, a sharp rejection of your favorite dishes can lead to a depressed state and excessive aggression to the surrounding people, which can negatively affect the learning and communication of the adolescent with peers.

Therefore, it is very important to psychologically adjust the child and support in this difficult period for him. You need to gradually "remove" from his diet harmful food, and you will see how the weight will gradually leave.

Find out about the history of a teenage girl who lost more than 10 kg weight, you can learn from the following video:

Reviews about a diet for teens 14 years

read about this diet and really wanted to try. at home, my mother and grandmother try to feed me very much and do not allow any diets, and such questions do not arise. I try to eat less than any chips and chocolates, gradually grow thin

I daughter persuaded to try a diet for teenage girls. And now the third week and the result began to appear. minus 1,5 kg. The diet is quite affordable and not very strict.

The daughter during the transition period sharply gained weight, because of this complexes and constant tears. Is it possible to lose weight by this method? Is it harmful to the child's body?

Girls, boys, I'm again beautiful! I tried the diet of Dukan Uraa. I do not believe that it turned out, I got better at 30 kilogram in the winter, I only moved a little in the tablet and ate boutiques and sweets. Once I got dressed in school and my pants did not meet me, I started to cry that now I'm fat. At school they began to call me, did not attend any more swimming pools and dances. I did not want anything. I tried different diets, but always broke down, in the evening I sinned with a small piece of bread or sweet. In the end, again the pluses on the scales. I saw a cool transfer on TV, where people were invited who managed to lose weight on 20-30 kg and wanted to try. I started to search the Internet for information. Also has found. Protein diet is what you need. I love chicken, seafood, eggs, cottage cheese, milk and sour cream. I have no problems from my stomach so I started boldly. The feeling of hunger was not excruciated, since in the previous diets, the head did not hurt and did not vomit. In the evenings she ran. Already after one week on scales was less on 5 kg, which gave even more strength to continue. As a result, she threw off 30 kg and again a slim, slender girl. No more hesitate to swim and dance with classmates. Thank you!

I'm 15, but I'm full. At school, no one offends, but I myself am uncomfortable. We talked with my mother, decided to lose weight together. She is on the diet Dyukana, and I'm on a diet for teenagers 14 years. My height is 156, and I weigh 64 kg. But this is the initial one. For 3 weeks, I lost weight by 5 kg, now I weigh 59. I became more confident in myself, go to school with pleasure, began to communicate with a guy who I like. During the diet, I did not feel hunger, the food was delicious and varied. The main thing is useful. During this time, I have lost the habit of chips and crackers, now I will not gain weight from them. In a month I will repeat this diet again 🙂

Sister tried a diet for teenage girls, especially not starving, she managed to lose four pounds in three weeks. I liked its result, here, I want to try myself – I'm 15 years old, and weight is 70 kg (((

Marina, I have exactly the same problem.

Similarly, I think to try this diet)

My girlfriend has a plump daughter, she is certainly uncomfortable both in school and on the street, sometimes laughing at physical education, of course for a teenager it's stress . so mom and daughter decided to try together. A diet for teenagers that suits children from 14 years, most importantly they refused candy, cakes, cookies, etc., and completely changed their diet as indicated in the diet, and a few months later the result did not make us wait))) and my mother and girl visibly built up)))

My daughter is fond of all these diets, although in my opinion, she does not need to lose weight either. I'm printing this diet – it seems like the right food, I will not be so worried about it.

My daughter also decided to lose weight, I supported her and together I chose a diet for teenage girls. I studied the information, read the testimonials and recommendations, consulted the doctor, and so my Lena has been dieting for a month and now she's getting negative minus 3 kg . I think this is a good result, yet the daughter will feel more confident if she drops a few more pounds.

after the application of hormonal drugs, appointed by the doctor, scored 12 kg. since before problems with excess weight I did not feel, I was looking for a diet for a long time, I ran around all endocrinologists. On the Internet I came across a diet for teenage girls, after getting acquainted with the list of allowed products, I realized that it suited me and after two weeks minus 3 kg, but I will not stop since I still need to throw off 8 kg

My niece "fished fat", going on the road from school to a fast food restaurant. In 13 years it weighs 77 kg with an increase of 168 cm.

Became irritable, whiny, refuses normal food.

In general, I took her to me, and now we are trying a diet for teenage girls.

Immediately expelled all prohibited products, but left dark chocolate.

Loved the oven-baked lean beef and flounder with grilled olive oil and a pinch of a large salt of cucumber salad with tomatoes.

We switched to rye bread.

Sweet have been replaced with apples, mandarins, grapefruits (while in unlimited quantities).

From sour milk to go cheerful drinking yogurt.

Savor unsweetened compotes.

While it is difficult to give green tea and cottage cheese, but fortify with fruits and 1-2 cubes of chocolates.

I plan to gradually return the child to lean liquid soups.

We eat on a diet for days already 10. The weight of the girl so far has decreased slightly (at 2 kg), but the fact that it is not typed, that the child's face lightened and a smile appeared, I am very pleased!

For a month now I have been motivating my younger sister to lose weight. She is 15, and she is very unhappy with her appearance, but finally decided to try a diet for teenage girls. We started with a simple one: we removed frankly harmful fast food, baked goods, switched from roasted food to boiled, reduced the amount of salt, completely eliminated ketchup and mayonnaise. Unfortunately, the sister is very fastidious in eating, so the choice of allowed products is small, but I try to diversify our food. What really there, she decided for the company to eat right and get fit in the summer. Willingly eaten porridge with fruit, pasta, cheers are homemade compotes. Hard without sweets, of course. By the way, for me the very revelation was the fact that black chocolate is less harmful than milk chocolate!

The effect is: the sister lost weight on 4 kg, is very pleased with the result and plans to continue in the same spirit. Waiting for the summer, when you can eat more fresh (and cheap) vegetables.

I have a similar situation, my cousin, in her 16 years quite full, and she is not comfortable, wants to be beautiful and slim, but does not do anything for it. In one day, I motivated her to start practicing herself and go on a diet, as well as cleaned all the harmful (although my sister sometimes eats something secretly), while I lost weight by 2 kg, I hope that everything goes on in the same spirit.

The diet for adolescents should be gentle, but at the same time, many products should be excluded.

Also tried this diet, and is completely happy with the result. What is most gratifying is that the diet does not reduce the list of allowed foods to a minimum, and I also tried to diversify it. I fully support you, I think that if you continue in the same spirit, then by the summer will be a wonderful figure!

The main rule in a teenage diet is more useful and natural food, less fast food, well, physical education, of course.

It remains only to somehow convince the teenager to do all this. In McDonald's, one youth is always sitting.

Eve, this is already not so difficult to be, since at this age the first in love, the manifestations of attention of the opposite sex begin. Naturally, a teenager will want to have an attractive appearance. And strongly no one will have to persuade.

What an abomination, McDonald's. I'm 15 years old, with disgust I look at these McDonald's, I'm trying to wean my friend off this muck.

earlier I was skinny, like a skeleton, but then I started gaining weight to me 14, and the weight with 45 rose to 51. She began to panic. Decided – enough! It's time to lose weight! And so I stopped eating flour and sweet, was engaged in fitness: squat, rocked the press and the result went! Now I'm weighing 46,7 and I'm happy with my weight)

For how many days / months did you regain your form?

I 13 years of growth 173 and weight 95 kg really want to lose weight there is nowhere to disagree to find something better than the drop of 1kg and then typed 3 kg. I want to try this diet.

You can advise even what kind of diet.

I 16, the weight of 85, and the growth of 169, I hope I will succeed, because I really want to lose weight, tried everything you can! If this diet helps, it will be the most unforgettable transformation, wish me luck and patience so as not to break!

And I 13 years, but not that I'm complete, just a little need to pump up the press. And reduce the waist. And she, as far as I know, does not decrease with the help of exercises (waists, there is no such muscle, even!), So only diets will help . I will try this diet. Good luck to all!

I 15, I hang 57 my growth 168. Is this the norm?

This is the ideal weight for your growth

I need the advice urgently! To me 14 years, the growth of 158, the weight is 46 kg.Mesyats ago was 53 like (but removed all the harmful from the diet and somehow lost weight). Is it still on me to lose weight on this diet? In the evenings I actively go in for sports just shake my legs, press). I'm afraid that on this diet I will get better (((

Do not lose weight to you, great weight

Weight: varies from 58,9 to 59,9

Anya, with this growth you need to weigh more

Do I need to lose weight?

No, for your growth, it's a very good weight.

I 14 years and I weigh 86-87 kg with an increase of 170cm, I can not sit on diets. What to do?

It is interesting, as a teenager with simple attachments to leanness. Having an 167 weight gain of 51.5 kilograms and an adequate figure, is it possible to lose weight with a noticeable result with this diet? Relatives, of course, are against me stammering about losing weight, but there is no such thing as loving myself in an uncomfortable form of desire. And, in the end, how to persuade the mother of such a diet? She is a woman, good, adequate, but also not very happy with my desire. At a minimum, this will be the reason to cook more often, instead of lying in bed and lying around looking at the hoop. I will be very grateful if you give an answer.

To me 14, at growth 162 I weigh 63 kg

I really want to lose weight, I plan to try this diet.

But what if my parents do not support me in this? Nobody will cook every day for me cottage cheese, boil meat and fish, buy yogurt and kefir. And the money itself is too small for all this. I 14, the weight of 47, the growth of 153. A week ago my weight was 45 kg, but then something went wrong.

My mother spoils her children, buys a variety of delicious, and so on. But I do not want to eat all this, I want thin, neat legs, flat stomach.

I'm 14. My height is 152 and I weigh 50 kg. I'm terribly shy. I read everywhere that for a girl at this age of norms. I do not eat much harmful. My friends in 2 times eat more than I do, but they look slimmer. And I have a huge ass and stomach. I want to weigh 42. Do I need to do any physical exercises with a diet? And for how many weeks can I lose 8 kg?

And my daughter has already completely tortured herself with these diets. I even fainted once. Then I could not stand it anymore. I consulted with a familiar nutritionist. She advised me to buy the 18 Plus Modelform capsules. They are natural, no harm. So I decided to buy. My daughter immediately began to drink. She lost weight very much, she likes the result. Flies straight from happiness. And he says it's not buying dessert now. I do not want her. And I'm just glad that she is happy with herself. From this and I feel good!

I 14, hang 56 kg, the growth of 165.s with the mind does not say that straight fat, but lashes and stomach are not thin, especially the stomach, sat on diets, and broke, no willpower. began to walk in the rocking chair and abandoned as everything hurt wildly. I do not know what to do now, I really like the boy, and he is thin, and he does not like fat, it's good that now is not summer, and I do not see much what I'm fat / I really like sweet, and when I go to the store I always buy chips or more some kind of muck ((tell me what to do ?!

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