Diet for adults with dysbiosis. Menu

Dysbacteriosis is a disease of the intestine, in which useful bacteria are not enough, which means there is no deterrent to the development of opportunistic microflora in quantities acceptable to the human body. As a result, the digestive process is lost, immune resources go down, old chronic diseases manifest themselves. Diagnosis of “dysbiosis” can be made by a doctor only after carrying out certain clinical studies and analyzes.

Nutritionists are advised to listen to the following requirements:

  1. In the food must be present fats, proteins and carbohydrates.
  2. Remember the important rule: help in the fight against the disease can natural dairy products, kefir, natural yogurt, leaven.
  3. To exclude dehydration of the body, it is necessary to drink a sufficient amount of liquid daily. In rare cases, constipation is possible, then water will additionally dissolve hard feces.
  4. The daily menu should not include dishes from ingredients that provoke rot and gassing in the intestines.
  5. If you are suffering from dysbiosis with diarrhea – do not overeat fresh fruit, replace them with baked in the oven. Dried apricots, apricots, plums and prunes will only harm you. But here with constipation will help to find a way out of the problem with a difficult bowel movement.
  6. Food should be as gentle as possible. Therefore, it is forbidden to eat spicy, smoked, cooked with sauces and marinades dishes, onions, garlic, irritating the gastrointestinal tract, fried foods. Harm to the intestines of semi-finished products and salads with mayonnaise.
  7. The patient will have to forget about sandwiches, fast food and dry food. For better digestion it is important to accompany each meal with tea or non-carbonated mineral water.
  8. Diet for dysbacteriosis does not welcome too hot or ice foods from the refrigerator.
  9. Food is better cooked by steaming or boiling in water.
  10. Take the rule of taking with you to work porridge, salads and a piece of boiled meat, because now you have to eat every 2,5 hours. If you, of course, want to be healthy.

How to multiply “useful” intestinal bacteria

To speed up this process is real when you use a sufficient amount:

  1. Dietary fiber contained in excess in cereals, fruits and vegetables. They also help get rid of slagging, toxins, reduce the cholesterol level in the blood and lower the sugar level. So, the daily menu should consist of one third of cereals, and the second third – of vegetables.
  2. From fermented milk products.

Specialists have made it easier to select the dishes of a daily diet. Approximate diet for dysbiosis with concomitant diarrhea, looks like this:

Cooked rice cereals, chicken cutlets, steamed, lightly sweetened black tea without additives.

Cut into cubes of 2 slices of bread, dried in the oven, homemade curd of medium fat.

Liquid buckwheat groats on the water, mucous rice porridge with meatballs, soup-puree, which can be replaced with low-fat meat or fish broth with the addition of one hard-boiled egg. For dessert, you can treat yourself to fresh fruit jelly.

Rusks and briar infusion (or black tea).

Steam omelet, rice cereal or potato puree with the addition of butter.

The menu for locks has a slightly different appearance:

Boiled hake or other fish of low-fat varieties, liquefied buckwheat, soft-boiled egg can be replaced with a scrambled omelet, sweetened tea.

A glass of apple or beetroot natural juice, if desired, diluted to a softer taste (can be replaced by a large green apple), 1 tsp. honey.

Potato soup without meat, cooked on the water, a piece of boiled chicken and beets, boiled carrots and potatoes, compote of dried fruits.

Assorted with fresh carrots, grated on a small grater or beet puree, rose hips infusion or home-made grape juice.

Boiled vegetables, curd casserole or pudding, classic black tea.

It is shown to consume 200 grams of kefir before bedtime. During the day it is recommended to eat 2-3 a slice of rye bread. As a dressing, only butter and vegetable oil is used.

The diet for dysbacteriosis is effective only during the period of exacerbation, therefore, in the stage of remission (“damping” of the disease), you can gradually switch to the habitual diet of a healthy diet.


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