Diet for arthritis and arthrosis

Diet for different types of arthritis

This disease, unlike arthrosis, has a variety of subspecies – traumatic and osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, juvenile rheumatoid (Still’s disease), reactive, gouty, psoriatic. Accordingly, a diet with arthritis may have some differences.

With this disease, the diet is quite diverse, but experts recommend gradually moving to vegetarianism, but not to randomly exclude all meat products in a row.

It is best to choose the option from Southeast Asia. This vegetarianism focuses on seafood, rice, fish, vegetables and fruits.

In doing so, do not forget about the food allergy – go through the survey, inadvertently not include in the menu products that will provoke an exacerbation of the disease.

Additionally, enter in your diet vitamins – group B, if you decide to abandon the sour milk products, and vitamin C, if the basis of the diet will be the grain.

Go to vegetarianism gradually. The best option is 3 months. Do not include exotics in the diet. Stop your choice on vegetables and fruits, typical for your area and habitual for the stomach.

Use a therapeutic diet, balanced according to the recommendations of Scandinavian doctors. It is quite tough, but allows for a short time to achieve a stable remission:

  • First week. It is allowed to eat vegetable and potato soups, mashed potatoes, parsley, vegetable broths, herbal tea, carrot and beet juice, garlic.
  • The second and subsequent weeks up to 3,5 months. In the diet, all vegetables and fruits are introduced, for which the patient lacks allergy, berries, rice, soy. The consumption of salt is necessarily limited. At this time it is forbidden to eat all dairy, meat and fish products, any bread, eggs, wheat and oatmeal, alcohol, coffee.
  • After 3,5 months. In the diet, you can enter the majority of cereals, cheeses, sour-milk products.

Juvenile arthritis (Still’s disease)

The disease is typical for children, adolescents, adolescents (hence the name – juvenile). With juvenile arthritis, a physician should be engaged in the preparation of a therapeutic diet, since it will depend entirely on the drugs that are prescribed to the patient.

So, with increased hormone therapy, calcium and vitamin D preparations must be included in the diet, or the cod liver and dairy products are injected.

With the appointment of drugs will have to eat as if in an anamnesis there is a peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum.

The following products are compulsorily excluded:

  • All sweets (chocolate, what, condensed milk and stuff).
  • Any alcohol, including beer, punches.
  • Rhubarb, spinach, sorrel, green onions, broth from cauliflower.
  • White bread, salt.
  • Offal (kidneys, brains, liver).

Diet must contain a sufficient amount of protein, berries, vegetables and herbs (except forbidden), unsweetened fruit.

With juvenile arthritis you can not smoke. This is fraught with a sharp exacerbation of the condition.

Has an allergic nature. Therefore, the essence of such a diet is to maximally limit or completely exclude from the diet all allergens.

Usually it is saffron – tomatoes, potatoes, aubergines, Bulgarian pepper. Also, all spicy, salty and smoked products are excluded, but necessarily added are oily sea fish, linseed or rapeseed oil.

One of the unpleasant forms of arthritis, especially for men. To exclude attacks of gout, you will have to remove from your menu all fatty meat dishes, fried foods, mushrooms, smoked products, as well as sorrel, beans, alcohol.

You can eat lean meat – chicken breast, turkey, rabbit, quail, boiled fish, eggs.

From the first day meat is allowed (turkey, lamb, chicken, fish), albeit in limited quantities; any fruit / vegetable juices (except those for which there is an allergy); many types of cereals (rye, wheat, rice, barley, oats); vegetables; fruits (apples, melons and bananas), but separately from the main meals.

For a diet with arthritis and arthrosis should choose products in which the leading role is played not by the taste of the acid itself, but by the acid that is formed after digestion.

It turns out that the vital processes in our body are better in a neutral environment or with a slight shift to the alkaline side. It is interesting that not only vegetables, but even sour fruits have the ability to create alkalis.

But meat and grain products, on the contrary, form acids. This of course does not mean that they should be completely abandoned, just do not forget about moderation. Meat and grains are irreplaceable with respect to the content of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, the excess of alkali benefits will not bring exactly.

Proper nutrition with arthrosis and arthritis will not do without restrictions, among which there can be a ban on such food:

Try to at least one week without this list of products. Also do not forget about walks in the fresh air and full sleep.

What foods should be preferred? Meals should be rich in the following products:

  • white rice;
  • lettuce leaves;
  • raw vegetables (carrots, beets, cabbage);
  • eggs;
  • chicken meat;
  • whole grain bread.

The use of hot water throughout the day will improve digestion and will facilitate the fastest departure of slags.

Drinking enough fluids is a must for a diet for arthrosis or arthritis

If the disease was caused by physical overexertion, trauma or a violation of your diet, you should adhere to a full and balanced diet, which must contain fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in the required quantities.

Restrictions: in the diet should not be a lot of refractory fats and digestible carbohydrates, because in arthritis and arthrosis is strictly contraindicated overweight.

Diet: It is recommended to eat various broths from bones, which contain an increased content of collagen. Collagen is necessary to ensure the durability of cartilage and bone tissue and for the complete restoration of damaged ligaments and muscles.

Also useful are various jellies containing gelatin in their composition. Be sure to use a variety of dairy products, because it is milk protein is easily digestible body and, in addition, contains calcium in its composition, which is required to strengthen bone tissue.

Include in your diet only lean meat and fish, in addition, very useful different types of cereals: buckwheat, bean and lentil.

In order to prevent the attacks of this disease as much as possible, it is necessary to strictly follow the diet established by the attending physician.

Restrictions: it is forbidden to eat all meat, mushroom and fish broths; all kinds of smoked products; salted and fried fish; caviar; all varieties of legumes (lentils, peas, beans and soybeans); various kinds of spices. Under the ban, any use of alcohol.

Diet: the diet must include only dietary types of meat – lean chicken, turkey, rabbit; Boiled fish and chicken eggs.

If a patient is diagnosed with this diagnosis, which is an autoimmune disease, then the diet is only an auxiliary. But if it is correctly chosen by the doctor, it can greatly alleviate the patient’s condition against the background of drug therapy and prolong the state of remission.

Thanks to a diet, it is possible to significantly reduce the inflammatory process and increase the body’s immune defenses.

Contraindication: it is necessary to strictly limit the consumption of sugar and sugar-containing products, foods high in animal fats, and salt. Under the ban, the use of any meat and fish broth by patients; all kinds of smoked products; various canned food; strong coffee and tea; caviar; dough; ice cream; various kinds of spices and seasonings.

Ration: food, in the first place, should be fractional, not less than 5-6 meals a day. It should be balanced, with a normal or moderate content of proteins and carbohydrates.

The diet requires the presence of a sufficient number of vitamins and minerals. Food must be of medium temperature.

All dishes should be baked or boiled.

The main purpose of the diet is to try to minimize the inflammatory process, all metabolic disorders in your body and reduce the side effects of certain medications.

Contraindication: it is necessary to limit the intake of any fats and easily digestible carbohydrates (sugar, honey). The amount of liquid used is reduced to 1 liters per day and limits the amount of salt in the food.

Proper nutrition in joint arthritis should exclude products that provoke inflammation:

  1. Saturated fats are found in beef or pork, poultry and offal, as well as in whole dairy products (milk, sour cream, cottage cheese). They are also found in palm and palm kernel oil, which are part of any ready-made purchases: biscuits, bakery products, bars, sweets. You need to drastically reduce their consumption, read labels in stores, choose low-fat milk, yogurt, low-fat chicken and turkey.
  2. Trans fats have been developed to extend the shelf life of biscuits. They directly cause the formation of fatty plaques that disrupt blood circulation, including joints. Manufacturers point to the packaging of trans fat in the ingredients.
  3. Simple carbohydrates: sweets, bread and white-flour rolls, white rice, cookies and other refined foods provoke inflammatory reactions in the body, increasing the production of pro-inflammatory substances. Restriction of these products can reduce pain in arthritis and stop its progression.

Osteoarthritis is an inflammatory process in the cartilaginous tissue of the joint, which signifies the pathology of cartilage tissue. Diet for arthrosis is aimed at restoring this tissue in a natural way.

It should be borne in mind that arthrosis most often overtakes people with excess weight, and it also can and should be regulated by nutrition: there are light, non-caloric meals, to eat fractional.

Arthritis is a type of autoimmune disease, that is, with it, a person’s immunity begins to fight against their own joints, causing them to have severe inflammation. In order not to allow the worsening of the problem, all allergens should be excluded from food. A diet with arthritis offers a healthy balanced way of eating.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, containing vitamins, as well as a variety of greens.

All kinds of nuts (not fried) – they perfectly satiate, not adding weight, and allow to reduce the likelihood of inflammation in the body as a whole and in the joints in particular.

Most types of hard cheese, cottage cheese, cheese – they are useful for bones, contain a lot of calcium.

Omega-6 fatty acids, which exacerbate the course of arthritis, should be completely excluded from use. They are in lean oil and some types of fatty meat, which is best removed from the diet.

Arachidonic acid – the main “instigator” of inflammation, the use of products containing it exacerbates the disease. That is why the diet recommends getting rid of egg yolks, beef and offal – there is too much of it.

Too fat meat, fat, corn oil, fatty milk should also be removed from the diet.

Trans fats, which are in synthetic cream, butter confectionery creams, like most confectionery products, can not be.

Compliance with the rules of the diet will help to prevent the worsening of diseases.


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