Diet for arthritis: can I save joints, eating by all the rules?

Arthritis is a disease in which joint damage occurs. It is manifested by severe pain in the legs and hands during movements, walking or lifting of the weight. This disease brings a lot of discomfort to a person and just makes him live by her rules.

Treatment of arthritis is very difficult and long. Completely eliminate the inflammatory process in the joints is possible only in isolated cases. But do not despair, as today there are a huge number of ways to slow it down and improve the patient's condition a little. And one of these methods is a special diet for arthritis.

Basic principles of diet

Many believe that a diet for joint arthritis is not effective. However, this is not the case. After all, our body exists and works at the expense of food, or rather all those elements that are contained in it.

For arthritis, products that contain omega-3 fatty acids are useful. They, penetrating the body, as if lubricating the joints, slowing down the inflammatory process and improving their motor activity. Therefore, in the diet of the patient should be a lot of fish (you can eat absolutely all varieties) and vegetable oil.

But since this disease can not gain weight, because it only increases the burden on sick joints and worsens their condition, dietitian doctors still recommend eating fish with a minimum amount of fat.

Fish can be eaten not only in its pure form, but also prepare various dishes from it. In this case, it is best if they include vegetables rich in antioxidants. These are leaf salads, Bulgarian pepper and broccoli.

Drinking with arthritis

Diet with rheumatoid arthritis suggests a plentiful drink that prevents the accumulation of salt in the body, which provokes swelling. Therefore, you need to drink a lot and often. Naturally, it is best to give preference to ordinary drinking water, since it best promotes the excretion of salts. But it can also be replaced with natural juices.

With arthritis, orange, pomegranate and pineapple juices are useful. They contain a lot of antioxidants, which not only remove all the harmful from our body, but also contribute to the removal of the inflammatory process and the elimination of the pain syndrome.

Particularly well eliminates joint pain pomegranate juice. It is recommended to drink it daily on 2-3 tablespoons. If in its pure form you can not drink it, then dilute it in cold water or tea.

Are spices allowed?

When it comes to therapeutic diets, the use of spices is often limited or eliminated altogether. But not in this case. With arthritis, the use of spices is even considered useful.

Especially useful are ginger, turmeric, cloves. They can be added to various dishes. They will not only improve their taste, but will also reduce pain in the joints. By the way, these seasonings are perfectly combined with fish, which is very useful in arthritis.

What is not possible with arthritis?

During the treatment of arthritis, the most important thing is to prevent "misses" that lead to a relapse. And this means that you need to do everything possible to ensure that the condition of your joints remains at least on the same level. And the diet in this case will also come to your rescue.

There are foods that are strictly forbidden to eat with affected joints. It:

  • corn oil;
  • fatty meat;
  • lard (smoked, salted, fresh, fried, boiled);
  • red meat;
  • egg yolks;
  • by-products;
  • all products made from whole milk.

These products contain the omega-6 substance, which is very harmful in arthritis. It contributes to the aggravation and the appearance of severe pain in the joints. Therefore, their use should be simply deleted.

In a limited number you can eat and drink:

What can I do on a diet with arthritis of the hands?

The diet for arthritis of hands and feet permits the following foods and dishes to be eaten:

  • otrubnoy bread;
  • all kinds (dairy, vegetable, meat);
  • fish and articles thereof;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • various cereals and pasta.

It is allowed to use boiled eggs, but not more than one and without yolk. All dishes should be prepared with minimal salt addition. If possible, it is better to abandon it altogether. Salt promotes fluid retention in the body, which is fraught with the appearance of edema. Therefore, its consumption should be minimized.

Remember that it is impossible to cure arthritis, only by adhering to a diet. An integrated approach is required. Strictly follow all the recommendations of the doctor, regularly conduct medical procedures (exercise therapy, massage, etc.), stick to a diet and only then you can feel how your illness recedes!


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