Diet for arthrosis of joints

Osteoarthritis of the lower and upper extremities is a common disease in people older than 60 years. It is characterized by inflammatory processes in the cartilaginous tissues, which cause severe pain in the joints. The causes of arthrosis are still not established. However, with years of study of this disease, scientists have come to a common opinion that eating here plays a big role. And if it is also correct, it can make the pain less pronounced, and eventually eliminate it completely. Therefore today we will talk about a diet for arthrosis, which helps a wide range of people "make friends" with this disease.

Principles of the diet for arthrosis

A diet with arthrosis makes it possible to achieve a stable remission. It prevents premature wear and destruction of cartilaginous tissues and helps strengthen joints.

Naturally, this diet is low-calorie, because excess weight strongly affects the course of the disease. And this has already been repeatedly proven by scientists from different countries. In the presence of extra pounds, the load on the joints increases, which leads to their premature wear. And besides the statistical data show that arthrosis in 75% cases is diagnosed in full people. Therefore, anyone who has at least a little care for their health, must carefully monitor their diet and, if necessary, reduce its caloric value.

What should I eat with arthrosis?

Diet for joint arthrosis involves the daily use of gelatin-containing products. Gelatin is a natural chondroprotector, which restores cartilaginous tissues and strengthens joints. Scientists observed such a regularity – people who daily included in the diet of gelatin, felt much better than those who tried to avoid this product.

You do not need to eat gelatin in its pure form. Especially the one that is sold in the store to what is written above does not matter. Now we are talking about a real animal gelatin. This is a jelly, jelly, "strong" meat broth, etc. It is also useful to simply eat boiled meat (beef, veal, etc.).

In the diet of patients with arthrosis should also be present marine fatty fish. it contains a huge amount of various minerals that weaken the course of the disease. In addition, there is another element – omega-3, which helps maintain a stable remission.

Diet for arthrosis of knee joints involves the preparation of all dishes for a couple. Frying is strictly prohibited. Because fish and meat are fatty enough, and if they are also fried with the addition of oil, their calorie content will increase in 1,5-2 again. And our task is not to increase the weight, but to reduce it. Therefore, frying dishes is prohibited.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of fish and meat. They must be fresh, and in their quality you must be sure of all 100%. After all, today we all know how a manufacturer achieves a high shelf life of its product, and it is not grown in a natural environment. Therefore, it is best if you buy meat from people you trust.

In addition, the ration of the patient should be present not only animal proteins, but also plant. Especially with arthrosis it is useful to use boiled beans, lentils and beans.

With arthrosis, it is recommended to drink pomegranate juice. It has a beneficial effect on the condition of the joints. Doctors recommend to use it daily in an amount of 100 ml. This is quite enough to defeat the symptoms characteristic of this insidious disease.

As for potatoes and pasta, it is not worth to give up completely, but it is still necessary to limit their quantity in the diet. You can add spices to food, but only in small quantities. Particular attention should be paid to ginger. It reduces inflammation and relieves pain.

What products can not be used for arthrosis?

Diet with knee arthrosis, ankle or hip completely excludes from the diet:

  • smoked products;
  • pickles;
  • fatty meat;
  • fried food;
  • fast food;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • chocolate;
  • semi-finished products;
  • various sauces (sour cream, mayonnaise, ketchup);
  • sausages.

These products contain trans fats, which contribute to weight gain, so you can not eat them in any case.

Arthrosis is a disease that requires special attention. To get rid of arthrosis, you need to put a lot of effort, so be patient. Do not expect from an instant diet. If you follow all the rules, then the first results you can see through 2-3 weeks.

Video about nutrition with pain in the joints

Reviews about a diet for arthrosis of joints

We were helped very much by this diet! My husband and I have always had a problem, even if a little bit of a drink begins to "break down the bones," it coincided surprisingly. They did not know what to do, they turned to the doctors several times, but they all say the same thing, or rather put a contraindication to alcohol. But we are used to celebrating holidays with tasty champagne or wine, and this does not mean that we drank much, but on the contrary, one or two glasses. It was not easy to exclude some foods from my diet, but the main diet helped! I am very happy for my husband, because now he does not suffer from such a problem alcohol and joints!


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