Diet for body cleansing

This diet for the purification of the body is based on the daily consumption of certain foods. Its duration should be from 3 to14 days.

The morning should start with a glass of water or herbal tea. During the day you should drink at least 1,5-2 liters of fluid between meals.

Also during the day, you need to eat three portions of brown rice (1 serving = 60 of dry rice), 100 grams of fruit or dried fruit, 300 or 400 grams of vegetables, one tablespoon of olive oil, some natural vinegar for salads. The most important thing in this diet is the vegetable broth.

300 grams of vegetables (carrots, leeks, celery root, small onion, small potatoes, a little cabbage and other vegetables for your taste) cut into cubes.

Vegetables pour one liter of water, bring to a boil, cook over low heat for about half an hour. In the prepared broth add greens (parsley, dill, rosemary, greens onions, thyme, basil). Strain, leave to cool under the lid, store in the refrigerator. For salad dressing, use apple or wine vinegar, you can have unrefined or nut butter.

Breakfast-apple, rice with a small amount of grated peel of lemon, add a few drops of lemon juice.

Lunch – vegetable broth, salad from green salad or stalks of celery with green onions, as a dressing use high-quality vinegar and unrefined oil, rice with vegetable greens, flavored with one teaspoon of unrefined oil.

Dinner – vegetable broth, rice with carrots and zucchini (zucchini can be replaced with celery root), steamed.

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Breakfast is an orange, rice in which add a bit of grated orange peel and one teaspoon of sour cream.

Lunch – vegetable broth with boiled vegetables and a portion of rice.

Dinner – vegetable broth with vegetables and a portion of boiled rice.

Breakfast – pear, rice, sprinkled with cinnamon.

Lunch – vegetable broth, cucumber salad with dressing from high-quality vinegar and unrefined oil, rice in which to add 150 gram of fresh mushrooms, which must first be cleaned, cut and fried in olive oil.

Dinner – vegetable broth, and rice with steamed broccoli cabbage.

Breakfast – fruit salad, in which to add one or two tablespoons of rice flakes, rice with milk or cream.

Lunch – vegetable broth, radish with leaves of green salad, rice with carrots, steamed.

Supper – vegetable broth, rice in which to add a pinch of sunflower seeds, and parsley.

Breakfast – rice with grapes or raisins, add one teaspoon of grated almonds.

Lunch – vegetable broth, rice with steamed vegetables and with lots of greenery add one tablespoon of unrefined olive oil.

Dinner – vegetable broth, rice, in which to add a tablespoon of chopped walnuts, two tablespoons of green onions and two tablespoons of grated celery root or parsley. Steamed spinach.

Breakfast – to the rice add two dates, four walnuts, one or two berries of figs and one cut pear.

Lunch – vegetable broth, rice with raw vegetables (cucumber, sweet pepper, mint and one tablespoon of unrefined olive oil).

Dinner – vegetable broth, rice in which to add one or two sliced ​​thin slices apples, sprinkle one tablespoon of cream or sour cream and half a teaspoon of honey.

Breakfast – rice with chopped apples and pears, flavored with a few drops of lemon juice with one teaspoon of honey, and a half serving of yogurt.

Lunch – vegetable broth, a portion of green salad, rice with one tomato and steamed green beans.

Dinner – vegetable broth, rice with steamed zucchini, one teaspoon of unrefined olive oil, five olives, basil.

Nowadays very often people say and write about the slagging of the body, and whether it should be cleaned. We decided to disassemble the methods of cleansing the body of toxins, the methods offered today for cleaning the body.

Many diseases are the result of the accumulation of toxins and toxins in the body over time. This and the problems with the gastrointestinal tract, and with the system-vascular system, etc. Everything affects everything: from.

In cases of diseases of the genitourinary system or the deposition of salts in the joints in the countries of the East, the body is cleansed with rice. The most suitable rice for this is brown rice, which is eaten in the countries of the East (white refined rice comes to us).

Already from those ancient times about one thousand years ago in Ancient Egypt activated carbon was used for both external and internal use. In the writings of the physicians of ancient Greece, as well as Hippocrates, there are references to him. Purification of the body with birch charcoal in Russia was quite popular.

Enema is an ancient method of cleansing the body. Cleansing of the enema was used even in ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, ancient Greece, ancient India. In India, a treatise was written about how many chronic diseases can be cured using an enema.

Often we have to observe how the city gets rid of snow, how much dirt, garbage was under it. Similarly, it happens to a person, as soon as he starts to worry about various illnesses or decreases efficiency, he starts to wonder if my body is also "polluted".

The use of a large amount of plant food helps to cleanse the body without different procedures and preparations. Freshly squeezed juices accelerate the process of cleansing the body, and makes it stronger.

Lemon is one of the most powerful solvents and detoxifiers, created by nature itself. To begin with, it dissolves the slag, and then has a restorative effect. In addition to all this, the lemon possesses a regenerating ability, on all tissues of our body, the most important thing that fits all.

Healer Nadezhda Semenova collected a wealth of information related to the purification of the body of toxins, chose the most harmless and effective ways of natural healing. All methods of purification, she tried on herself, and guided by the collected material was a consistent system of purification of various body systems, which.

With the ailments to cope will help green: green onions, parsley, dill. However, this is not enough. Do not forget about the collection of medicinal herbs to cleanse the body, which will purify the blood, activate the work of the liver, kidneys, circulatory system.

The first days of cleansing with black radish juice can cause pain, in some cases, quite strong. Do not panic! Do not rush to drugs and do not stop half way. This is a natural cleaning process. The result of such cleaning is usually getting rid of cruel, incurable according to the forecasts of doctors, diseases.

In order to conduct cleansing of the body at the cellular level, I advise drinking decoction of needles. It is necessary to take five tablespoons of young needles, pour pine needles with liters of activated water.

In this article, various recipes of traditional medicine for general cleansing of the body are collected.

About vegetables, I think it's up to you. You can and eat, but you can just drink a broth. This big role does not play in purification, here the broth itself is important.

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