Diet for cirrhosis of the liver

Cirrhosis is a serious pathology of the liver. Untreated hepatitis and alcohol abuse are the most frequent causes of the disease. With cirrhosis, healthy liver cells die, the organ does not cope with its functions, which leads to inevitable destructive processes that worsen health. You can prevent disease. The study of its features and behavior has long been the responsibility of doctors around the world. The result of serious studies have become special diets for patients with cirrhosis. Their effectiveness is verified and proven. Observance of the rules of nutrition in conjunction with drug therapy contribute to the restoration of damaged cells and prevents complications.

The liver functions as a filter in the body. In case of any violations, the organ is malfunctioning. Dietary nutrition stabilizes the digestive system. Adequate menu and proper selection of products restore liver tissue, normalize the patient's metabolism and general condition.

When cirrhosis of the liver is most often prescribed diet number 5. Its essence is in the exclusion from the diet of products harmful to the liver. They are replaced with more useful, non-irritating digestive tract and liver parenchyma. The body should be enriched with nutrients, while the load on the digestive organs should be minimal. Intestine and stomach can not be overloaded. A full-fledged diet №5 assumes an increase in the intake of proteins and carbohydrates. As for fats, their amount is reduced by 30%.

General recommendation and rules for therapeutic nutrition

Any diet dictates its own rules. The patient will have to seriously revise the way of life, in particular, the diet. The changes are coming cardinal. Unhealthy eating habits will have to be excluded, dietary nutrition should provide the digestive organs rest. The liver will be unloaded, which significantly improves well-being.

Taking into account the type, factors and severity of the disease, the dietician is appointed by the attending physician. By adjusting the diet yourself, without the necessary knowledge and experience, you can damage your health. Chances for recovery are received only by responsible patients who are ready to comply with all the rules of health nutrition and clearly follow the recommendations of the doctor.

With the diet №5, everything is important: a set of products, caloric content, processing and method of preparation, fluid intake. Cirrhosis of the liver proceeds in different ways. Absolutely identical stories of the disease there. This pathology has forms, types and stages, therefore, when the diet is prescribed, the products are selected taking into account all the accompanying features of the disease.

It is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

The diet should be fractional and balanced, the required number of calories per day – 2500-3000. Food is used in small portions.

The amount of liquid drunk per day should not be less than 1,5 liters.

Consumption of salt requires control. With cirrhosis, the use of 1-2 teaspoons and not more is permissible.

Hard, hard products should be eaten in a mashed or chopped form.

It is not recommended to take cold or hot food, it should be warm.

Hide the pans. On fried with cirrhosis, the strictest prohibition applies. From the diet, baked dishes cooked on the grill and in the microwave oven are also excluded. The food is cooked steamed, boiled or baked. Use of stews is allowed no more than twice a week.

To remove toxins from the liver, doctors advise doing unloading periods. To do this, choose a day and eat only vegetable soups, dairy products, fruits from the list of allowed. It remains to find out what products to fill the menu, and which should be discarded.

Bread and flour products: wheat bread made of flour and 1 varieties (stale), unhealthy biscuits, inconvenient pastries with boiled meat and fish, cottage cheese, apples;

Soups: vegetable, cereals on vegetable broth, dairy with pasta, fruit, borsch and vegan vegetarian, flour and vegetables for refueling are not roasted, but dried;

Dishes from meat and poultry: lean or fat-free meat, poultry without skin, beef, young lamb, meat pork, rabbit, chicken, turkey, steamed burgers, soufflé, knels, dairy sausages;

Fish dishes: lean fish, boiled fish, steam fish with a piece or in the form of a cutlet mass;

Dishes from eggs: protein steam and baked omelets;

Garnishes and vegetables: various in raw, boiled, stewed; non-acid sauerkraut, boiled onion, puree from green peas;

Dairy dishes: sour-milk drinks, non-acidic fresh low-fat cottage cheese, mild, low-fat cheese, milk;

Snacks: fresh vegetable salad with vegetable oil, vinaigrette, squash caviar, jellied fish, stuffed fish, soaked lean herring; salads from boiled meat and fish, low-fat ham;

Sweets: ripe, soft sweet fruits and berries in raw natural and grated form; dried fruits, compotes, jellies, mousses, marmalade, pastille, honey, sugar, jam, marshmallows;

Sauces: sour cream, dairy, vegetable, sweet fruit sauce;

Drinks: tea, fruit and vegetable juices, broth of dogrose, jelly, compotes, kissel;

Fats: butter in kind and in dishes, vegetable oil.

What can not be eaten with cirrhosis?

Fresh and rye bread, butter and puff pastry, fried pies;

Meat, mushroom, fish broth, okroshka, green cabbage soup, bean soup;

Fatty meat, duck, goose, liver, kidneys, brains, smoked products, canned food, sausages;

Oily fish, smoked, salted fish, canned fish;

Salty spicy cheese, fermented baked milk, fatty cottage cheese, sour cream, cream;

Fried eggs and hard-boiled eggs;

Sharp and fatty snacks, canned food, smoked meat, caviar;

Chocolate, cream products, ice cream, sour fruits;

Mustard, horseradish, pepper;

Black coffee, cocoa, cold drinks, alcohol;

Pork, beef, mutton fat, culinary fat.

Menu for the week with cirrhosis

To a healthy diet will have to get used, but do not think that during a diet the patient deprives himself of all gastronomic joys. With a competent approach, you can always diversify your daily diet. An approximate weekly menu looks like this:

Food and Dishes

Breakfast 1 (8 am)

Cottage cheese with sugar

Oatmeal + dried fruit

Breakfast 2 (11 am)

Baked Apple + Honey

Vegetable soup with pearl barley

Boiled rice + baked white fish

Compote or berry juice

Food and Dishes

Breakfast 1 (8 am)

Breakfast 2 (11 am)

Light potato soup

Cabbage rolls with turkey meat

Food and Dishes

Breakfast 1 (8 am)

Breakfast 2 (11 am)

Casserole from cheese and potatoes

Boiled meat + stewed carrots

Food and Dishes

Breakfast 1 (8 am)

Breakfast 2 (11 am)

Soup from any vegetables

Lean fish + rice

Food and Dishes

Breakfast 1 (8 am)

Breakfast 2 (11 am)

Cottage cheese with sour cream (lean

Mashed potatoes + boiled meat

Food and Dishes

Breakfast 1 (8 am)

Lean fish (steamed)

Breakfast 2 (11 am)

Couple steaks + pasta

Cheesecake + chicken breast

Food and Dishes

Breakfast 1 (8 am)

Breakfast 2 (11 am)

Puree from carrots and apples

Manna or rice porridge

Still mineral water

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We offer a few dietary, mouth-watering dishes, which by taste characteristics are not inferior to traditional recipes.

Potatoes – 400 g;

One dead carrot;

Boiled onion – 1 pcs .;

Do not pass anything and do not fry. Cook potatoes, add onions, carrots. When vegetables become soft, a little salt, put bay leaf, butter.

Potatoes – 7 pcs. medium size;

Egg proteins – 2 pcs;

Salt and greens to taste.

Carrots, cook potatoes and rub on grater. Rice boil. The main products are mixed, add egg whites and a little salt. From the resulting mass, we form cakes and paniruem in flour. Preliminary roasting is excluded, we cook in the oven for half an hour.

Cod fillet – 700 g;

One Bulgarian pepper;

Tresku mine, cut into large pieces, salt. Pepper cut into strips, tomatoes mugs. Vegetables are placed on foil, we put fish on top and wrap. Cook for half an hour at a temperature of 180 degrees.

Semolina – 1 st.l;

Cottage cheese grind with yolk. We combine the semolina with butter. Whisk with the raisins. All the products are mixed, add sugar and put the mixture in a baking dish. Cooking for a couple or in the oven.

Potato starch – 1-2 tbsp.

Cut apples into small pieces and send them to boiling water. Add sugar, mash and bring to a boil. We fall asleep potato starch and cook until the kissel is thick.

How to avoid unpleasant prospects and possible complications. We draw conclusions!

With serious problems with the liver, the only way to save life remains an expensive and complicated transplantation. A natural organ can not be replaced by an artificial one. If the diagnosis has already been made, it is extremely important for the patient to take care of himself.

Unfortunately, cirrhosis of the liver is a prolonged, for many a lifelong disease. If you start treatment in the first stages, the course of the disease can be slowed down, and eventually overcome it. Well-being of healthy cells can be supported by a balanced diet. With cirrhosis this is one of the most important medical measures, it should be supplemented by drug therapy.

Treatment is supervised by the doctor. With any questions, please contact specialists, this is the surest way to the desired recovery.

The author of the article: Diet Doctor, Kuzmina Vera Valerievna, specially for the site

The disease has a different prognosis. With adequate treatment, which was started in time, it is possible to stop the progression of the pathological process. The presence of concomitant diseases, complications, a person's lifestyle, the stage of cirrhosis also plays a role. With the remaining functionality.

Today, cirrhosis is not considered an absolutely lethal disease, with the preservation of the right lifestyle and the passage of the optimal course of treatment (most often we are talking about lifelong admission of medicines) a person can live to a very old age without feeling much discomfort.

With cirrhosis changes the size, shape, density and internal structure of the organ. Fibrous fibers permeate and compress the liver, and the surviving hepatocytes multiply intensively, trying to compensate for the deficit. As a result, the liver becomes small, hard and tuberous, but this is not the worst thing.

There are several dozens of modern varieties of hepatoprotectors, which are prescribed by their properties: to maintain the liver in the treatment of her harmful drugs, to prevent disorders after surgery or a transferred disease, and to restore cells and tissues.

The lifespan of a patient with biliary cirrhosis depends on the stage at which the disease was diagnosed. Often, asymptomatically people live with this disease up to 20 years or more, and do not even suspect they have a billiard cirrhosis. After the appearance of the first clinical symptoms, the life expectancy is about.

Due to the fact that the main disease that causes ascites is widespread and occupies a leading position among the causes of death from gastrointestinal diseases, even ascites itself with cirrhosis of the liver is not uncommon. Statistics indicate that ascites will occur in 50% of patients, within 10 years, after the diagnosis was made – cirrhosis of the liver.

To predict how much a person can survive with such a disease is quite problematic, since it depends on the state of the body as a whole, on the functioning of the immune system, on the presence of concomitant diseases, etc. Nevertheless, the prediction is for alcoholic cirrhosis.

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