Diet for cirrhosis of the liver

Cirrhosis of the liver is a fairly serious disease that leads to a change in the liver tissue, resulting in the body ceases to function and against the background of this there are disruptions in the work of the whole organism.

Treatment of cirrhosis occurs only if the regime of taking medications and a special nutrition program are observed. The therapeutic diet for liver cirrhosis helps to avoid possible complications that often arise during the development of the disease.

What diet is prescribed for cirrhosis of the liver?

With cirrhosis of the liver, diet No.5 is prescribed. However, it should be appointed only by a specialist, since, depending on the course of the disease, corrections are made to it. So, in the case of a compensated course of cirrhosis and preservation of the ability to neutralize ammonia, a diet is prescribed in which full proteins are present. It:

If the patient has portal cirrhosis, then a diet is prescribed for cirrhosis with a high protein content, because this element is a building material for tissues and allows you to quickly restore the liver.

But with decompensated liver cirrhosis, when there is a violation in the neutralization of ammonia, the amount of protein drops sharply to 20 grams per day. And if the positive dynamics are not observed for a long time, the diet, the protein from the diet is removed completely.

But as for the content of fats in the diet, here the requirements for all types of illness are the same. It is required to completely exclude from the diet "heavy" and poorly digestible fats, which include porcine, lamb and beef fat.

Obtaining fats is best from plant foods, rather than from animal, as they are much faster digested and "evaporated" from the body. But if after eating animal fats a person feels constantly uncomfortable and nauseous, they are completely excluded from the diet until the functionality of the damaged organ is fully restored.

The diet for cirrhosis of the liver should contain a certain amount of carbohydrates – this is the basis of the patient's diet. However, you should limit the consumption of granulated sugar (it is better to exclude it altogether from the diet) and various sweets to 100 g per day.

Patients with cirrhosis of the liver carbohydrates are obtained from the following sources:

Diet with cirrhosis of the liver can quickly restore the liver after destruction and the whole body as a whole. After all, this disease affects the work of virtually all internal organs and systems.

Diet № 5 with cirrhosis of the liver

The diet for cirrhosis of the liver menu is quite boring. But it's not worth to move away from it, otherwise the disease will have to be fought for a long time. So, a patient with cirrhosis should once and for all forget about the existence of such foods as:

  • sharp sauces (mustard, horseradish, pepper);
  • broths cooked on the basis of meat, fish or mushrooms;
  • by-products;
  • canned food;
  • fatty meat varieties (pork, lamb);
  • fatty sorts of birds (duck, goose);
  • margarine and butter;
  • lamb, pork, beef, fish oil;
  • okroshka and soup;
  • beans;
  • mushrooms;
  • salty fish;
  • sausage;
  • chocolate;
  • ice cream;
  • black coffee and cocoa.

This is only half of those foods that can not be eaten with cirrhosis. The complete list should be clarified by the attending physician, who can supplement it with products depending on the course of the illness.

Patients are also advised to drink plenty of fluids (up to 2 liters per day). However, they have restrictions on the total weight of products that are consumed per day – no more than 3 kg.

Diet with cirrhosis of the liver undertakes to adhere to a fractional and rational diet. Eat 5 – 6 once a day. In this case, all food should be boiled, cooked in a steam or in the oven. There are fried foods strictly forbidden!

In addition, it is necessary to reduce salt intake to 8 g per day. And eat only warm food and avoid the consumption of hot and cold dishes.

Chicken eggs are on the list of allowed products. But they can only eat soft-boiled. Eggs fried or hard-boiled can not be eaten. You can cook an omelet out of them, but only for a couple and with a minimum amount of salt.

Alcoholic beverages must disappear once and for all from the life of the patient, since it is alcohol that contributes to the destruction of liver tissue. From drinks allowed to drink weak tea, compote or jelly.

Cirrhosis of the liver is treated very long. But if you make every effort and strictly adhere to a diet with cirrhosis of the liver, then in combination with medicines you can achieve a positive result. The tissues will gradually cease to be damaged, and after that they will act in the opposite direction to recovery.

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Reviews on a diet with cirrhosis of the liver

I, like many girls, are prone to excess weight, but not all diets fit me. I recently discovered a liver cirrhosis, and I intended to lose weight. So I found this article and started to follow this diet. The first time was quite difficult, because all that I love, I was forbidden. But over time, with the observance of a diet for me, it became the norm and even now I do not want harmful. From 65 kg to 63 kg I threw off for a week, but at the same time I went in for sports. For me, this is an excellent result, so I will continue to follow this diet, because it is also more safe for health than debilitating hunger strikes and the like.

The main task of the liver in the body is a gorgeous cleaning, so, it distributes "useful" and "harmful" for the organism, including food. With cirrhosis it is not fully performed, but I did not intend to put a cross on myself and my nutrition.

This diet for liver cirrhosis has won me, above all, the literacy of the presentation. The article indicates that you can eat, which is impossible, and everything agrees with the opinion of my doctor. And I decided to take a chance. I will say right away that she watched the food very strictly, not allowing even little liberties. So a year passed. And this year I was given a lot of things-I was cured (diet + drugs give the result), I dropped extra pounds (for girls it's always relevant) well, I cleaned the body-it became very walking for hours, in the body it's light and it's all accompanied by a good mood =)

Girls, do not put a cross on yourself. Move to the desired one and you will succeed! =)

I've been struggling with overweight for two years, tried many diets and ruined my health. Half a year ago passed the examination and I was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. I was very upset, because I had to say goodbye to losing weight. The arrow of the scales went up rapidly, and the self-esteem went down. I read a lot of articles and found a unique diet for myself # 5! This is the diet recommended for this disease. I ate it with great pleasure, because the menu is exactly those products that do not harm health and ensure correct weight loss. Excluded completely such harmful products as sausages, chocolate, fatty meat. Within a month I felt light. Weight began to decline, and health improved. For today I have thrown off 10 kg and are completely satisfied with the result! Girls, do not ruin your health with all sorts of starvation, debilitating diets, because with the help of diet number 5 you can put yourself in order without spoiling your health. All good numbers on scales and the main thing of health!))))

My grandmother was recently diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver .. The body is very afflicted, since the liver performs a very important filtration function. Doctors said that proper nutrition will help the body cope. I seriously took care of this problem, began to look for information and came across this article, suggested grandmother to go on a diet number 5. This diet we liked that the set of products is simple and very suitable for the diet of an elderly person. Grandma has been eating for several months observing the diet No. 5 and feels much better, very cheerful! I can not get enough of myself, I cook her compotes, we make porridge together, we have our own yard – vegetables are always fresh.

My neighbor, also diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. She is a lonely old woman, there is nobody to help her, so I help her in a neighbor's household. Tanya, you are so well done that you prepare your grandmother's menu following the diet No. 5. I'll try and I suggest to my neighbor to adhere to a diet from cirrhosis.

Faced such a problem – began to swell the tongue. since I do not have a gallbladder, I immediately thought that something was not going on with my liver (((I went and made an uzi, the result is lamentable – the liver was enlarged by 2 centimeter . The doctors prescribed this diet.) The diet with cirrhosis is fairly gentle and I I felt relieved, naturally I took more drugs (karsil and heptral) .A side and very pleasant effect – weight loss (as many as 8 kg per month))) For those who are looking for how to lose weight and do not harm the body – I recommend.

I will note the effectiveness of the diet, which I myself witnessed. Fortunately, not in the family disease, with close friends, the man 47 years. That. that really helps it was visible. But he always ate separately, either porridge, or dairy, or meat, but never mixed, so the nutritionist recommended.

I write here on behalf of my mother, grateful and recently healthy! I along with her went a long way of recovery and in its last stages, we finally switched from a strict hospital diet from liver cirrhosis, to the diet described in this article No. 5! Compared with the restrictions that doctors gave us, this diet looks very interesting and appetizing, and most importantly, it's still just to keep the body healthy, without giving the disease a chance to relapse!

Only positive impressions of the diet for cirrhosis of the liver, in our family, cirrhosis was found in the husband, he also had excess excess weight was 30 kg, but I myself wore extra 15 kg. To the husband doctors were obliged to sit down on a diet, if wants, to live up to grandsons. So we decided to sit with the whole family, that would be easier. They searched the Internet and stopped on a diet with cirrhosis. Diet "not hungry" is close to proper nutrition, it's not so difficult to sit on it, fish, cereals, vegetables. For 9 month, we threw off the husband 15 kg and I 9 kg, I think that a good result, the most important thing is that they did not go hungry. The state of health improved, the pains in the stomach disappeared in the evenings. Now more walking, dressing beautiful clothes!

My aunt also had cirrhosis of the liver, but not the first stage. So one diet was not cured. But the diet is the foundation and without it no pills will help. Have appointed or nominated a diet №5, at first the aunt did not wish it or her to observe and concerned to it or this not seriously, but when the status worsened before it has reached, it is how much important at this disease to keep to a diet, and not only to drink tablets.

On the example of my own sister, I know what is cirrhosis of the liver. Probably, many understand immediately how important it is to adhere to a diet for cirrhosis of the liver. Diet № 5 very effective, adhering to her, my sister used only the right foods, the benefit of which was for the whole body as a whole, and the liver separately. Now I got so involved that the diet became her usual way of eating.


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