Diet for cleansing the body of toxins and toxins

Why do we need a diet that cleanses the body?

Why do we need a diet that cleanses the body? Many faced the problems of severity in the stomach, discomfort and a host of other uncomfortable processes associated with digestion. The reason for all this is the frequent use of refined food, which is completely free from all the useful substances so necessary for our body, the use of foods saturated with dyes, preservatives and flavor enhancers. After eating these foods, they begin to rot in your intestines, releasing toxins, which then fill the entire body and settle in different tissues, especially fat. Chronic diseases, overweight, swelling are all consequences of eating the foods mentioned above. Therefore, the body must be cleansed! As a treatment, and as a preventive measure! Constant heaviness, unreasonable bad mood, fatigue – they say that it's time to sound the alarm, that the body requires unloading.

Ways to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins:

  1. What does our body do at night? He digests, and therefore, so that he does not digest, and cleared, you should make your dinner as light as possible or refuse it altogether.
  2. Unloading days. A couple of days a week will be more than enough. In these 2 days, you need to eat light foods and maximize the use of clean water.
  3. It is recommended that 1-2 once a month sits down on a cleansing diet. It must be remembered that this diet is cleansing, and it is not obliged to lead the body to lose weight, but if several times to go through similar diets they will help to normalize your weight. After such diets, the body is cleansed of toxins, the digestive system improves, the mood improves, the excess water gets rid of, and the whole body tones up.

The rules of cleansing diets:

  1. In order to remove toxins from the body, water is needed, so you need to consume 1,5-2 l of pure mineral water a day;
  2. Prepare yourself and on a double boiler to increase the daily diet of fiber;
  3. It is strictly forbidden to consume a lot of salt: salt retains water in the body, and with it toxins;
  4. After the termination of a diet it is necessary to behave in hands, it is impossible to immediately attack the products for which you have become bored. You should listen to your body, he always asks for something. Maximize the amount of vitamins, proteins in your menu, and carbohydrates (in moderation);

Pros of diets for cleansing the body:

  • You cleanse your body of toxins, and therefore improve your health, appearance, and most importantly – you prolong your life.
  • During diets, the body eats fat reserves, so the next plus is weight loss.
  • Improvement of well-being.

Disadvantages of cleansing diets:

  • Stress. In the first days of the diet, you will be irritable and you will have a bad mood. You need to wait a little while the body and you get used to a new diet for you;
  • Rapid weight gain: after many diets, there is a rapid return of weight, which affects the moral state of a person;
  • If the intestines are heavily clogged with slags, constipation can be a problem.

Cleansing from toxins and buckwheat diet

The simplest and most effective diet is buckwheat, plus everything else is inexpensive, too. buckwheat can be easily bought in the store for a small fee. Buckwheat diet is very useful: it helps to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, and also lose weight and restore the nervous system to people who often have stresses, however, this property is not just a buckwheat diet. Buckwheat diet gives an excellent result for getting rid of extra pounds, if you strictly adhere to a diet, you can lose up to 8 kg of fat! The use of buckwheat helps reduce the cholesterol level, neutralizes and removes all toxins. So, now, more about the buckwheat diet.

Rules of buckwheat diet:

  1. Salt, spices, sweets, sugar – should be completely excluded from your diet during the diet.
  2. Buckwheat porridge, which you will eat throughout the diet should be well welded or even boiled, so as not to harm the intestines. For this, you need to soak the rump in the evening with warm water, and in the morning cook, or boil the croup for a long time and over low heat.
  3. You need to drink only clean water without gas.

These are all the basic rules of cleansing buckwheat diet, which must be observed, but, there are several types of buckwheat diets, namely:

  1. Buckwheat and nothing else: a whole week in the morning, at lunch and in the evening you need to eat only buckwheat and nothing else. In the evening, you need to eat for 4 hours before bedtime.
  2. Apple – buckwheat diet: the essence of the diet is simple, all the same, as in the first case of "Buckwheat and nothing else", you can still eat 3-4 apple a day, or drink apple juice.
  3. Kefir – buckwheat diet: all the same as in the first method of "buckwheat and nothing more" only plus everything, before consuming buckwheat you need to drink kefir, no more than 1l per day. And also, you can pour buckwheat porridge with kefir and eat, if it is already hard for you to transfer constantly the same diet, then you can add a couple of fruits. Experts believe that this diet contributes to the cleansing of the body: the removal of toxins and toxins. During kefir – buckwheat diet it is desirable to take a multivitamin.
  4. And at the end of the CLEANING GREEKNEVA DIET: previous diets cleanse the body, but they are not directed specifically at cleansing, in contrast to this diet.
  • Breakfast – a serving of buckwheat porridge (small), low-fat cottage cheese (about 150g), yogurt, a slice of cheese.
  • Dinner – salad from cabbage, greens, cucumbers, boiled chicken breast 100g
  • Afternoon snack – a couple of jars of yogurt, an apple or pear
  • Dinner – a portion of buckwheat porridge, a couple of glasses of kefir

And finally, a small aphorism: the body – the baggage that you carry all your life. The heavier it is, the shorter the journey.

Video about diets for body cleansing

Video with recipes for body cleansing

Reviews about a diet to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins

I sat down on a diet of dyukan, I thought I would lose weight. but in the end, only constipation started (((

Rita, there was no need to give up the diet. You just had to solve the problem with constipation. For example, when I was on the diet of the dyukan, I also began to have problems with going to the toilet, so I turned to the nutritionist. She advised me to take one packet per day of Lavakola. You know, it does not affect the microflora of the intestines and at the same time it helps. So my diet went, in the future without constipation.

Any diet is good because it assumes a moderate intake of food, rather than overeating. And if there is not a lot of food, then the body can finally start cleaning itself, from the inside, we have the same clever organism.

I do not trust diets in terms of losing weight, from them, then the weight comes back a hundredfold, I just stick to the right diet, try at least. And if something has been stuck in something harmful, or as it is now, you need to bring yourself to form in spring, then do the cleansing of the intestine, Lavakol is just very good for this purpose, because it is the deep purification that turns out, and together with toxins and toxins go and kilograms.

I would something like this "created" . We urgently need to get rid of the extra three kilos, and preferably without special victims)

Lida, then you definitely will not interfere with the intestines to clean for a start. Here are the girls Lavakol mentioned – an excellent assistant in this, take a closer look. I myself did not know about this method of cleansing before, but it turned out that it's easy and simple, without nerves, it's safe for one time from a kilogram, or even a half to get rid of (in the form of slags and other). Then I sat on kefirchik with apples for about a week – and as much kaege as there was

And I'll support the girls about Lavakola. I also clean them periodically. I am satisfied with the price, since our drug is domestic, it is not expensive, but it cleans very well, and at the same time it is safe. By the way, after every cleaning, I get up on the scales and I see that even up to one and a half kilograms goes away, here and imagine how many of us in every nasty sits. Therefore, cleaning is mandatory.

But I helped everything in the complex, I sat on the diet of Dyukan and took Ovesol, and then the load on the liver is also strong from an overabundance of protein, and so even though it is safe and can be cured))


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