Diet for cystitis

Diet in cystitis is a specially selected diet plan, based on the removal of inflammation from damaged bladder tissue. It is based on the introduction of light foods and the observance of a certain drinking regime.

In order to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect, it is important in the formulation of dietary nutrition, guided by the following principles:

Food and beverages should have a diuretic effect;

Salt should be removed from the diet to the maximum;

Any spicy food will be banned;

The content of protein products should be minimized;

Fats should be excluded;

Sugar and any of its substitutes should be removed from the menu;

Diet should not cause constipation;

Processing of all products should be minimal, frying, smoking, canning is prohibited.

Diet during the acute phase of cystitis

Exacerbation of the disease in any form, accompanied by severe pain and frequent urges to empty the inflamed organ. Most often it lasts no more than a week, so at this time the diet should be particularly strict. It is important to ensure maximum washing of the urinary tract, which will help eliminate any pathogens.

Therefore, the power scheme should be built on the following rules:

Drinking fluid should not be less than 2000 ml. It is desirable to bring its daily volume to 2500 ml. This should be not only normal, but also chloride-calcium mineral water. In addition, fruit compotes without added sugar, vegetable juices are useful. Pumpkin juice has an excellent diuretic effect. Remove the inflammation helps berry fruit on the basis of cranberries and cranberries.

Useful vegetables such as: cucumbers, zucchini, spinach, pumpkin, carrots. Of fruits on the table should be present pomegranate and pear. Depending on the season, you can eat watermelons. All this food of plant origin has a diuretic, and, therefore, a curative effect.

Once a day you can drink herbal tea with a spoon of honey, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. As a basis for tea can be used cowberry leaves, corn stigmas, green tea leaves.

The menu should not include dairy products. This is due to the high content of calcium and fat in them. Allowed to use once a day a small portion of cottage cheese, natural yogurt, low-fat and unsalted cheese or milk to choose from.

During the manifestation of the disease, it is worth abandoning meat products and fish. With the subsequent gradual introduction. Preference should be given to low-fat varieties of meat and river fish.

Preventing constipation may be the use of vegetables. Useful cabbage, and any of its varieties. You can enter into the diet bran, cereals, cooked from whole-grain cereals.

It is allowed to fill salads with vegetable or olive oil. Once a day you can eat a handful of pine nuts.

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In order not to provoke an exacerbation of the disease, it is important to avoid certain foods and beverages. To use during illness it is forbidden:

Fruits containing a large amount of fruit acids. They contribute to irritation of the inflamed mucosa and prevent its healing. Among such fruits, especially dangerous are apples, lemons, oranges, pineapples, melons, avocados and peaches.

Vinegar and all the dishes containing it. Even with the remission of the disease, it can provoke its aggravation. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it even after a complete cure, especially to people prone to relapse.

Various sauces, the most popular of which is mayonnaise, soy sauce and ketchup. They are contraindicated because of the high content of fat and salt in them. In addition, the composition of mayonnaise includes egg, mustard and vinegar, which during the disease are prohibited.

Sugar in its pure form and products containing it in large quantities. This is due to the fact that in the body it begins to eat microbacteria. Their multiplication increases, the dose of toxins released by them increases in parallel. They, in turn, exacerbate the symptoms of the disease and impede recovery.

Any canned food should not be present on the table of a patient with human cystitis. The same applies to smoked meats, sausages, lard.

Alcohol. Any alcohol removes liquid from the body, which leads to its dehydration. Urine becomes more concentrated and irritates the inflamed organ more strongly.

Coffee and strong tea. The effect of these drinks is similar to that of alcohol. For a while, you should stop brewing cocoa.

Any sweet and carbonated drinks, tomato juice, energy drinks.

Some vegetables are banned. You should stop consuming asparagus, tomatoes and beans. Do not add onion, radish, radish, sorrel, garlic, horseradish. All these vegetables contribute to an additional irritation of the inflamed bladder.

Given the main recommendations of doctors, you can independently make a menu that does not hurt the patient. In the morning it is allowed to eat any cereal cereals. Vegetable soups, salads with vegetable oil dressings and steamed meat dishes are prepared at lunch. Dinner should be easy and consist, mainly, of the vegetables allowed for consumption.

The menu for one day can consist of the following dishes:

For breakfast, you can cook porridge on the water, a sandwich with unsalted cheese. As a drink, grassy tea based on cranberry leaves is suitable.

As a snack you can use a baked pear.

For dinner prepare beet soup, cutlets for a couple of pikeperch. As a garnish, you can use the stewed broccoli. Drink – cranberry juice.

In the afternoon you can eat a baked pumpkin, drink a glass of green tea.

For dinner, vinaigrette, pasta and boiled lean meat are prepared.

It is important not to forget about the proper drinking regime, with the use of mineral water.

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When it comes to frequent urination, first of all, we mean the excess of a certain threshold of comfort. Symptoms are always noticeable, a woman realizes that a failure has occurred and the body responds to the problem. This process is increasing, going beyond the usual framework and causing concern. Do not expect that.

Broth millet against cystitis. Ingredients (water and millet) are taken from the calculation of 2 tablespoons of millet on 2 glass of water. Wheat groats are poured over with boiling water, then the mixture should be placed on the fire and brought to a boiling state, while stirring lightly, for 5-8 minutes. At the end of heat treatment.

A patient who has signs of an acute stage of cystitis needs bed rest. If there is a high temperature, it is reduced with the use of antipyretics. The volume of fluid must be sufficient to wash the infection out of the body. A patient should drink at least 2500 per day.

The urinary system of any person, including a child, is represented by a pair of kidneys from each of which leaves the ureter. They, in turn, flow into the bladder. This organ is called upon to collect urine and take it out through the urethra. The bladder itself is lined from the inside with a mucous membrane that.

It is important to keep in mind that self-medication, without the participation of a doctor and conducting the necessary studies – is not the best solution. Cystitis may not be an independent disease, it should not be isolated, but in combination with diseases of the genitals, other internal organs.

Information on the benefits of berries, its harm or just uselessness can be found a lot. Therefore, people with cystitis are so important to understand whether it is worth eating cranberries during an exacerbation of the disease. Berry uniquely has the property of reducing inflammation and gives a diuretic effect. It is original.

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