Diet for diabetics: the French method of losing weight

Diabetics very often suffer from excess weight, but they find it very difficult to find a diet for themselves that would allow them to lose a few pounds and at the same time improve their health. However, there are such diets, and one of them is the French diet for diabetics, developed by the world-famous dietician Pierre Ducant.

In fact, the French diet is a protein diet, which is now very popular. It is based on the use of foods that contain a lot of protein, but they practically do not have fats and sugar, which are contraindicated in diabetes.

Initially, Pierre Duacan developed this nutrition program specifically for people with diabetes, but several years later, after she helped millions of sick people, she began to use completely healthy people. At the same time, weight loss was observed in some and in others.

So, what is the essence of the French diet for diabetes? As mentioned above, this diet is based on the use of protein foods of animal origin, which quickly and permanently alleviates hunger, but at the same time contributes to weight loss. How? Everything is very simple. Proteins are digested for a long time digestive system, due to which the hunger is quenched for a long time.

To digest the body needs energy, which it receives from fats and carbohydrates, coming to it with food. And since they are very few in the diet, the body is forced to spend energy reserves, which it takes from fat cells. That is, he spends almost twice as much energy on digesting food, rather than receiving it. This is how the process of losing weight occurs.

However, it is worth remembering that the French diet for diabetes is designed for a long term (at 2 – 3 months) and for a gradual weight loss. So you will be able to adjust the digestive tract, normalize blood sugar and not put the body in a lot of stress, as is usually the case with more strict diets.

The French diet of Pierre Ducan has several phases, or rather 4, thanks to which you can not only lose those extra pounds, but also keep the achieved results for many years.

Phases of the French diet for diabetics and its menu

Phase One: Attack

During this phase, rapid weight loss occurs. And this is due to a change in the usual diet, that is, the organism is at this time in a small stress. The duration of this period depends on excess weight. If the excess weight is less than 10 kg, then this phase should last no more than 3 days. If the excess kilogram is more than 10, but less than 20, then the duration of the phase is 5 days.

With excess weight in 20 – 30 kg, the phase should last up to 7 days. If the excess kilogram is more than 30, then follow the rules of this phase follows 10 days.

During the "Attack" phase, you can consume only exclusively protein foods, that is, eggs, meat, fish and dairy products that contain little fat. Also it is necessary to drink as much water as possible and eat 1 art. l. oat bran.

Thus from a diet it is necessary to exclude completely sugar, salt, various spices and spices, and also oil. All food should be either boiled or cooked for a couple.

There are no restrictions on the volume of food. There is need before full saturation, thus it is impossible to pass any food intake. A meal should be a minimum of 4.

Phase Two "Cruise"

The duration of this phase can reach several months, that is, until the desired results are achieved. It is necessary to alternate the days when you eat only protein foods, and the days when you can eat whatever you want.

However, it is still necessary to refrain from fried, salted and sweet food, it is also better to refrain from baking. Do not completely exclude them from the diet, just reduce their use to a minimum, because our body, whatever one may say, still needs fat and carbohydrates. It is also required to consume daily oat bran and drink plenty of liquid.

Phase three: "Fastening"

The duration of this phase directly depends on the lost kilograms while observing the French diet for diabetics. For every 1 kg weight is relieved – 10 days of diet. That is, if you dropped 4 kg, then the duration of this phase will be 40 days, if 15 kg – 150 days.

Phase Four: "Stabilization"

This phase should become your lifestyle, well, if, of course, you want to maintain weight. There is anything you can and whenever you like. The main thing every day is oat bran and 1 once a week and two arrange unloading days.

Here is a French diet for diabetes, which will allow you not only to lose weight, but also to improve your health!


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